Mind of Mencia

Season 1 Episode 12

Episode #112

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Sep 21, 2005 on Comedy Central



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    • Carlos: You show me a man that trims his nails, and gets manicures and pedicures, and plucks his eyebrows, and I'll show you a man that pees sitting down on the toilet, and dresses like Sharon Knight.

    • Carlos Mencia: Do you understand that? My gay friend walked up to another man and said, "How do you know if you're not gay unless you've tried it?" And this Dee Dee Dee went, "Hey, that's a really good point you're making." (Carlos bends over) "I think I want to know RIGHT NOW!"

    • Joseph Mencia: The turkey says "gobble gobble mother ******"
      Little kid: gobble gobble mother ******

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Speak-n-Say

      This is a reference to the popular children's toy See-n-Say. This is designed to help children learn words and sounds by associating them with pictures.

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