Mind of Mencia

Season 2 Episode 15

Episode #210

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Aug 27, 2006 on Comedy Central

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  • In this hilarious episode of an instantly classic show, Carlos Mencia proves to the audience that classic fairytales like Goldilocks and the Three bears are riduculously retarded! Bears dont eat damn porridge,they eat GOLDILOCKS

    DeeDeeDee!! -- Probably one of the effin' funniest moments in the show, and also the best take on classic FairyTales in comedic history!

    Of course, he completely f**ks everything up again.
    In addition to destroying all of our childhood memories' Fairytales, he also makes fun of the Mexican Anthem, talks about sex with old people, and loads of other sweetness like you would expect from the show.

    Here are some hilarious quotes from the Snow White Portion: "I'm sure at least one dwarf in that little house had to be banging her!";
    "Think about it! The prince did not know that his kiss would bring her back to life...he was trying to get FREAKY, with a DEAD CHICK!!"