Mind of Mencia

Season 3 Episode 2

Episode #302

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Apr 08, 2007 on Comedy Central



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    • Carlos: You never go to a black guy's barbecue, and have a black guy go "It's time? Ight, whip 'em my muthafuckin' man!" And then a white guy shows up "Hibbidy-bobbidy-boobidy-bay!" What the..

    • Carlos: You would never go to Mexico and see a guy go "Tackle when I try to cross border like this. Do it!"

    • Carlos: I was in the south, and I was invited to do something, that I cannot believe I witnessed. Now wars, have been fought throughout the history of time. Now the south, is the only place where they reenact wars, they fucking lost!

    • Carlos: Look at the white people "I'm not that kind of white guy Carlos." Yeah, and I'm not that kind of Mexican. You're not a ding-da-da-ling-da-da-ling (banjo), and I'm not a A, en la casa rea! Hoy hoy! Hoy hoy!

    • (Pretending to talk to himself) Carlos: "Why do immigrants wear pointy boots?" I don't know, why do white people fuck their cousins?

    • Carlos: I just got back from Mazoola, Montana, and those are the "different" kind of white people. You know how there are different levels of people. I just thought there were two levels, but this place is where even the rednecks are like "Hell I ain't like that!"

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