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Mind of Mencia

Season 3 Episode 4

Episode #304

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Apr 22, 2007 on Comedy Central
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Episode Summary

Is America ready for a Female President? That is the question that Carlos hit’s the streets with. Special guests and a poetry event also take center stage.
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      • Carlos: To all the white people, this is how much it sucks to be you. In order for you as a white person to hear the things in America, a country that has freedom of speech. In order for you to hear that stuff you wanna say but can't, you had to tune in to hear a beaner say it for you. You're welcome crackers! I just gained about five-million fans!

      • Carlos: We couldn't even fit that if we put it into an acronym. Look at the stupid-people Acronym? Is that in Ohio?

      • Carlos: What this bumper sticker means, is that I'm proud to live in America, and yeah, we did have slaves, but we don't anymore. And yeah, this used to be Mexico, but hey, the fence isn't electric. And you might say alot of things about America, but Black people aren't moving back to Africa, and Mexicans they're not leaving...they're coming. Say that to them, and you know they'll say "Well that's not what I read. To me that sign says I hate fence-jumping taco monkeys, slanty eyed rice jockeys, and big-lipped porch people!"

      • Carlos (on female president): Let's see what the president has to say.
        George W. Bush (acted out): Grassy ass (gracias) me amigo Carlos. President? Hell, a lady woman can handle all kinds of positions. Laura's favorite's doggy. And the fact is, being president aint' tough! It's so easy, a caveman could do it!
        Caveman (from commercials): I resent that! What an insult! Pardon my, Francais, but that's bull shit! A caveman would not outsource America's jobs, allow border patrol to let illegal immigrants in to America, and get us into a war we can't get out of! It's a quagmire!
        George Bush: I don't even know what the hell a quagmire is, is that some kind of oatmeal?

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