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  • This show is so funny it should have a marathon.

    Carlos my man you are hilarious . With the wetback and beaner jokes . Your gold . I love the episode where you lose your memory and you have to go through the past to remember . My second favorite is the one where you go to the rennesaince fair and the gay part of L.A . Those were most memorable . Kind of like the time you told us how your dad got you to where a seat belt , I almost died laughing . All your jokes do kind of make a point and thats awesome . .
  • One of the best comedians out there.

    The Mind of Mencia is a show that Carlos Mencia hosts and does a comedy routine for 30 mins a week. Carlos Mencia tell jokes about every kind of people: blacks, whites, spanish, jews, christians and many many more. If you are not a fan of those hateful jokes or you are just a good person you will not lke this show, but if you like jokes about other people and don't mind being offend once or twice then I think you will like this show! It is very funny once you get past all of the contoversy and the mean and hateful jokes.
  • Mind Of Mencia is a show where funnyman Carlos Mencia gives us his topics on things such as illegal immigration and Kanye West through sketches and ramblings.

    When Mind Of Mencia premiered in 2005 i overlooked it and never watched it. Thankfully however one day when I was bored I decided to watch it. Thank the Lord I did!Carlos Mencia is nothing short of extraordinary in his hilarious opinions on Beaners among others. Carlos also shows off with his sketches about old people, Kanye West, Brokeback Mountain, The Sopranoes,Desperate Housewives, etc. SInce Carlos talks about differents subjects and people he can't be considered racist or off-color. He also has funny guest stars on his show such as Tony Hawk, Robin Williams and Peter Boyle. So if you want to watch the best comedian out there in action watch Mind Of Mencia!
  • You have to be Dee Dee Dee to not like this show!

    Yeah I admit Carlos Mencia can be racist and stereotypical at most times, but it's not like he didn't warn you. If you can't take this show then don't watch it. I personally think he is hilarious and unlike most people who are afraid to offend someone, he tells it like it is and stays true to himself. He addresses most problems going on in the world today but with a genuine comedic sense. He's original and creative, that's what I mostly like about him. I wouldn't be surprised if I laugh myself to death one of these days while watching his show. I personally am looking forward to many more years.
  • This guy is absolutely hysterical!!!

    Out of all the comedians I've watched on television, Carlos Mencia takes the cake (In a good way!). While Mencia can be extremely offensive to people, your guilty spark ignites and you can't stop laughing. Carlos is a very funny guy and does the stuff that we are too afraid to do. He's always got a funny thing that he'll be doing every single episode. No matter where you jump in to watch an episode there's always something comical that will get a great laugh out of you. I definitely recommend this show for those of you who like comedy. Carlos Mencia will blow you away with his jokes, and make you laugh until your throat gets soar!
  • if you beleve you have a constitotioal right not to be afended dont watch this show!

    in his hold no prisonors stile this show brings a laph to my face even after the 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 time for this show the sky is the limit he has done evrything from picking eminm for supream court justas to steriotipe olimpis he does any thing and dont fret hes and equal opertunity jokester funny being compare a must see show for any one who likes a good laph and doesnt mind a rashal joke hear or there, he will even bring his brother to talk about his " yab" ( job) so if you beleve you have a constitotioal right not to be afended dont watch this show!
  • The Most Honest Comedian On Television

    Carlos Mencia is the most honest man on television, bar none. I have always been a brutally honest person myself, which is why I identify with Carlos' approach to comedy. I believe, as Carlos does, that truth wins out over tact every time. Irreverent, politically incorrect, and offensive to the extreme, Carlos Mencia is laugh out loud hilarious for those of us willing to suspend our disbelief like art requires, but the closed-minded should beware, lest they laugh at a joke that before this they didn't think was funny. That's what makes Carlos Mencia's seemingly divisive comedy so uniting: his unfailing ability to change people's perceptions about certain issues just by saying what they were afraid to. So watch "Mind of Mencia" on Comedy Central. And remember: "If you ain't laughin', you ain't livin'!"
  • DEE DEE DEE!!!!

    VIVA LA BEANER!!! This show puts a new perspective on the terms Political Correctness. Besides Political Correctness just plains sucks in the first place and I don't care who knows i think that. Carlos Mencia is a comic Mastermind. He makes fun of every race and religion and it is some good stuff. Now I am not a racist to any culture, but the stuff that Carlos comes up with, is stuff that no one else could, at least not in that amount of time. Why did I put 'viva la beaner' at the top you ask? Well I have no frickin' clue, besides I am Polish, they are and just as stupid. Why won't Carlos Menica make fun of the Polish people???????
  • Originally a funny show that has recently seemed to be trying to hard to be funny...and isn't succeeding.

    The Mind of Mencia when it first debuted almost seemed like Comedy Centrals way of dealing with the loss of the Chappelle's Show. However, it was more than that. Similar in execution as the Chappelle Show, Mind of Mencia has Carlos Mencia do some stand up bits and talk about things that are "controversial". There are also some skits thrown in which are usually hit and miss.

    When the show first start it was a funny show. The material was somewhat different from the Chappelle Show so it had a somewhat fresh feel. The jokes and topics that were joked about were funny and the skits were also fun to watch. But time has been harsh on the show. The skits have become less and less interesting and some are just plain stupid (example: A wrestling match between all the differnt religions figures, with a Tom Cruise look-a-like intefering for the sake of Scientology; only to have Edge "spear" the Tom Cruise fake and having Carlos cover him.) If you're reading that example and thinking "WTF", it's best to just forget about it. Also the normal stand up that Carlos does either seems to just be rehashed jokes or just too forced to be funny anymore.

    Mind of Mencia in its first season was good; however, its second season has shown a sharp decrease in quality. Some better writers could save the show, but Comedy Central may want to rethink about having a third season.
  • This show is awsome it gets better very season better than dave chapple in my opintion

    this show is so cool I wacth it all the time,carlos tells it like it is he is not afraid to say the truth he is so funny.oh but theres just somepeople who say (in a moking voice) "this show is just a ripp off of dave chapple it copies a lot of pardy sckhes from it".

    hey idots when did it ever copy from dave chapple and in my opintion it does parodys better chaple so I suggest you stop dissing this show and get over yourselfs and besides where is dave chapple huh I dont see him in the comedy central line up anymore so just like carlos says see ya DEE DEE DEEs.
  • This guy has some good points.

    Carlos Mencia takes things that are happening in the world and makes them totally funny. Also, his outtake on theses things make alot of secene. Like the episode where he talks about people wanting to bulid New Orleans. He is totally right, why are we rebuilding New Orleans? He has he is really funny to. I love his show, its so funny. All the jokes, and songs rule. This show is the best, I never really liked to watch Comedians show until I watch Mind Of Mencia. Carlos Mencia Rules!! I give Mind of Mencia a 9.9 for being extremly funny!!
  • I agree with him on so many things.

    Carlos Mencia, he says soooo many things, many of which I agree with for some reason. To answer your question no, I'm not a racist, I'm just saying, most of what he says I agree with, like the many stereotypes (Favorite Example-You put an Asian in the classroom they'll throw the curb, you put them on the road they'll hit the curb. No offense to my Asian and part Asian friends.) But he's also so funny, with his Dee Dee Dee music video, many...odd...news stories, and the midget.

    If you don't watch Carlos, go watch, you will laugh, and you may want to send him some very angry letters at some point, but I sure don't feel like that right now.

    Heres what's wrong with this show: .........
    THERE ISN'T! Yay Mind of Mencia! It is hilarious. Everything! Judge Carlos and ghost of Johnny C? Funny! Dee Dee Dee awards? Great! Stereotype Olympics? Hilarious (and true). All the gay stuff? Very well thought out! This show is awesome, mainly cuz it breaks all the rules! It's hilarious, almost unbeatable! I just can't think of anything else to write! I could write so much, but my mind is clogged with so many quotes! But what about the Kayne West video? AHH! So funny! Wanna know why? Cuz Kayne West is a crazy
  • love this show its verry funny and i know it mean but somethims hes tellind the trut but it makes me lagh 24/7 so that why gave it a 9.something and up so il yall later

    i love this show its very funny and i know its mean making fun of other pealplo but somethimes his telling the tryth so come oneit very funny it always makes me laugh 24/7 so well i love cuz my sis started seeing well you get the picture rigth i love it and it gets better every seosen oso thats why soort if inm ok sorry if i keep aon writing the same thing over and over is cuz i cant think ao any words so lets get back to the topic i just cant wait for the next sesonbye
  • i can't belive some people that i know see this show and damn whats so damn funny about it its just a bunch of crap

    When i first saw this i was like this s*&t is funny, then more and more came out and i watch. Then it started the unfunny came out and hondurans true color came out it was like the whole point of the show is to support racism and the homos be what they are, and as a Latino i think that makes me and my people look bad in front of the world, when i'm in my school the kids are doing the "Dee DEE dee" thing while i'm doing either "I'm rick james *****" or start singing the "Piss on you" song. main point don't see mind of mencia and get it cancelled.
  • Shouldn't be on TV! Not Funny! Lame!

    The show Mind of Mencia is so bad it makes my eyes bleed. Carlos Mencia isn't even Mexican. His real name is Ned, LOL. I am disappointed in Comedy Central for airing this trash, they obviously know comedy for airing shows like The Daily Show, Chappelle's Show and Colbert Report but Mind of Mencia? I gave this show a chance but it would never make me laugh. I bet even the average joe is funnier than Carlos Mencia. For all of you who think the show is funny, listen to Dane Cook, then you'll know what comedy really is.
  • A Hispanic guy that tells jokes mostly based on gender and race, especially discussing stereotypes.

    Eh, sometimes this show is funny, sometimes its just annoying. I mean, Mencia's always going, "I tell the truth" when he almost always spews out outdated stereotypes that I'm not buying. And his skits are just...not entertaining. They drag out so long, make a half bit of sense, and they are just absurd in a bad way. Then his stand up is okay and sometimes really funny, but he delivers it so weird. He just goes too fast and talks too loud. I don't know, something about it is obnoxious to me. I actually prefer it sometimes when comedians are quieter. Cause constant loudness annoys me. And the guy makes fat jokes a lot. That's like me making a black joke. WTF? Has he not checked himself out lately? Otherwise, the show has redeeming qualities in that his "Man-on-the-Street" type interviews are funny, and he does do some funny stuff on that show. So it is okay.
  • I find this show rather stupid than funny.

    Mind of Mencia is a really bad show. The jokes are stupid and not funny. Carlos Mencia was probably on crack when he came up with the idea of this show. He is almost all ways saying the same jokes over and over again. He is a big Stereotyper and I think that his show will be canceled soon because of it, and also because its NOT funny. So, if you want to see real comedy check out the Chappelle Show which is way more funny then this Abysmal show. Trust me its way better than this Show.
  • Funny show, but it can be intentionally racist at times.

    Carlos Mencia does a fine job hosting this show. And its a fine show and all. And can sometimes get me on the ground laffing. But the show has its moments where it can become just plain stupid and mean. At the very first episode Carlos Mencia points out that he does this because of Americas right of free speech. And im cool with that and all but even free speech has its limits. And when you abuse free speech the way the Mind of Mecia does its just hurtful and mean. I know god gave us remote controls for a reason but what about the kids who go to their freinds house who watches this show. And sometimes I think that Carlos Mencia is just pushing the boundries because he doesnt want to be overshadowed by Dave Chappelle. I know Dave left his show in the middle of the season but there was a reason Dave left. Because he thought his jokes wernt just pointing out the racism and the stereotypes anymore but just supporting them. And thats Exacty what Mind of Mencia is doing. Supporting the idea of racism and stereotypes in America. All in all mind of mencia is a great show but it supports racism and i think Mencia should walk out now or turn down his jokes a notch or risk turning America into a country filled with bigots and racists.
  • Carlos Mencia brings America to its knee's with his super funny comedy about Societys flaws and stearotypes.


    I love this show, I love Carlos Mencia!! He is just so funny! A lot of people have said his show is a lot like The Dave Chapelle Show but the Dead wrong! Chapelle is okay but come on, If Chapelle and Mencia ware to have a comedy battle, Carlos would KILL Chapelle, they on two different levels.
    Carlos takes your everyday stereotypes and makes fun of them. Every punch line is a bowl of laughs!
    The sketches on this show are just great! Most of the time Carlos just goes on the streets of L.A and just interviews normal people...OMG the things people say!
    This is a great show!!!! I'm just so sick of the negative reviews for it!
  • This is just a funny show!

    Carlos Mencia takes on every type of person there is in this world.Every joke is so well played and makes me laugh all the way out of my seat.My friend and I really like to repeat lines that we really like and we also like so say,"Dee,dee,dee!" all the time!All of the episodes are good especially the one where Carlos does the skit with him compairing what people do in other contries to what people do in America.And it just made me laugh every time the midget makes a comment of what midgets like him do most of the time.Myself I give this show 10/10 since this show is really cutting-edge and is just so funny!
  • He can't even keep his stereotypes straight.

    Between the predictable skits and the highly offensive rants Mind of Mencia is the worst show offered by comedy central. It really bugs me when people compare Mencia to Chapelle because they are totally different. When Chapelle does a skit on race issues not only is it funny but it is mildly appropriate given the circumstances. When Mencia rants about black people in New Orleans he steps out of line and doesn't return. I'm tired of people who are bigoted saying that they "tell it like it is" because that's not what they are doing they are just playing the "shock jock" to get a cheap laugh from someone just as narrow minded and bigoted as they are. In the first fifteen seconds of a Mencia skit you can tell what the joke is going to be. For example the "stereotype Olympics" where the white guy can skate better than everyone else and the Spanish guy can jump over a fence quickest. That is not good comedy. He can't even keep his stereotypes straight for example in the "convenience store" skit where he plays a supposedly Sikh store clerk who wears a turban and a "dot" on his forehead (only Sikh women wear "dots" as Mencia put it), and worships Hindu Gods (a completely different religion). A good comedian would have done his homework. People who like this show should really pay attention to what Carlos Mencia is saying before their IQ plummets to his level.
  • Delightfully distastefull

    A show that teaches people to laugh at not just at stereotypes of others but teaches them to laugh at stereotypes of themselves. Each show has a new way of making laughing at different stereotypes whether its about races, religions, politics, celebrities, etc. No one is at mercy when Mencia takes the stand.
  • This show is not funny... was it supposed to be the new Chappelle's Show?

    I watched pieces of the show for a while and thought it was terrible. So I finally sat down and watched it and thought it was so offensive and not funny. I can't believe that this show is as popular as it is. When I saw Carlos Mencia on CNN or Fox News he portrayed himself as an intelligent guy with a solid grasp of current issues, but then you watch the show and it dwells in a rut of racial jokes. Maybe if he would've came out before Chappelle's Show, he'd be more likable but right now he seems like a rip off Dave Chappelle, who instead of african american jokes gives awkward racial commentary. No thank you.
  • It is just stinking!

    I use to like the show but now it is starting to suck! I mean now he just is making fun of every thing like gay people and blacks, chinesse mexican whight people witch is just the same joke over and over again. He makes fun of his own veiwers I mean my gosh! I mean makeing fun of people is funny but you can't just have a whole show about that. I mean the simspons is funny becacus it has a plot and jokes that don't just make fun of people I mean he just sweares at all of these people I don't even think he knows half the people he makes fun of!
  • dis show kicks as*

    damn man im a "beaner" and i still think dat dis is some of da funniest sh*t eva to grace my tv screen, eva i mean damn man if albert einstein was still alive hed be walkin round town goin de dede and some crazy sh*t like dat m,an da office pipmp was so funny i almost cried man i mean serriously dude go from piss,... to pimp hahahaha no seriously though man how do you do it dude this show is one of da best dat i have eva seen dawg, well im almost done so peace dawgs, ya boy Juanito

  • Mind of Mencia, in my mind, is one of the funniest shows on T.V.. I show for fans of comedy.

    Mind of Mencia started about a year ago. The show was a hit and it took a break for a bit, but then when it hit it's second season, it became more popular. Mind of Mencia stars funny man, Carlos Mencia. He is ver humorous with his racial jokes and funny skits. This show also, stars Brad the Midget and his Carlos's brother, Joseph Mencia. Carlos has his own catch phrase when ever he talks about some who is kind of stupid. He uses the words Dee-De-Deee. It sounds way funnier when you hear him say it. Mind of Mencia has had multiple celebrities on the show such as, Gene Simmons from the band Kiss and Tony Hawk, the professionsal skateborder. Mind of Mencia is currently on their 3rd season and doing very well. Although many people have complaints about his racial slurs, the show still is a very successful show. Tune into Comedy Central to see Carlos do his thing. This is just an overall, excelleny show. Recommendable to any stand-up comic fan.
  • this show is so NOT Dee Dee Dee

    this show is very funny I'm glad carlos got his ownshow and i enjoy this shoe i love the jokes. Carlos is funnier than George lopez way funnier and i like the products carlos invents he makes fun of asias alot but hey asians are smart. when carlos goes on the streets of LA and asks the queztions its really funny theres alays a laugh nothing is ever ot funny thats about it theres not much to say.

    Carlos Rules, Carlos Rules, Carlos Rules, Carlos Rules, Carlos Rules, Carlos Rules, Carlos Rules, Carlos Rules, Carlos Rules, Carlos Rules, Carlos Rules
  • The best show in whole world never has been never will be a better show

    The best show in whole world never has been never will be a better show i also liked black hawk down as a movie not a show this is alot of words i got to say but ill say mencia is awsome and so is his showok half way there i feel like this is a book reaport lol carlos mencia is so fun and i would support him all the way throgh his career i would always rate him a ten out of ten a 20 out of 20 and a 100 out of a 100 never been a better show ever
  • Carlos is the man. He makes jokes about everybody.

    Carlos Mencia is not afraid to speak his mind. He's hilarious probably the only good comedian that doesn't over do it or sound retarded. It's a wonderful show. I mean come on, Look at the other shows on comedy central. Is David Spade really that funny. South Park and Dave Chapelle are funny, but Mencia is my favorite, except for Mad TV. Carlos makes jokes about everything. Celebrities, Political Issues, potheads, bumper stickers. Everything(emphasise). It's an overall funny show. He's a funny man. I actually get his jokes. I mean they're funny Ha Ha Ha it's just great man. great.
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