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  • Horrible \\\"comedian\\\", horrible racist.

    Carlos Mencia is nothing but a flat out RACIST.

    You say, \\\"oh, he makes fun of everyone\\\", but the constent, constent, CONSTENT use of racial slurs for mexicans, blacks, whites, etc. is unacceptable. That\\\'s just flat out racism. Not even Richard freakin Pryor used \\\'em as much as he does. He\\\'s hiding his racism behind the \\\"jokes\\\" that he makes, which are nothing but old, unoriginal crap. At least when Chappelle or Pryor did it, they had meaning behind using the words, like the N-Word family, THAT had a purpose for using it. Mencia says it just to say it.
    And all his punchlines he has to yell it like a retard in attempt to get a cheap laugh. Does\\\'t work. Spazzing out isn\\\'t funny anymore.

    When will people realize that this guy isn\\\'t funny??? When will people realize that they could make better ethnic jokes in their sleep? What is so funny about doing the same exact tedious thing for 30+ episodes? When will people learn that his pajamas consist of a white robe and a hooded hat??
    America is getting stupided and stupider by watching Mencia. Not only that, but America is going to become even MORE racist than they are now. Mencia\\\'s message is that it\\\'s okay to make racial jokes and say racial slurs at all times, as long as you wrap it up in a joke-format. He\\\'s showing EVERYONE how to hide their racism!!!
    This has to stop...there\\\'s already enough racism in the country, we don\\\'t need it primetime...
  • Deeeeee-Dee-Deeeeee

    This show is one of my absolute favorites! If you've never wrote hate mail to it your crazy. Crazy fan of Carlos Mencia. This show is absurd, hurtful, condisending, racial, contraversal, and completly and totally histariacal!!! To tell the truth T.V. was getting a little boring and then someone comes along and rocks your world. He says what everyone out there thinks but no one wants to say. See there are the thinkers and the sayers and he is most certantly a sayer! Every second of his every show is sooo funny but the thing is it's all the truth!! It's deffenitly influnced alot of people and I'm not so sure for the better. All I know is it just keeps getting better and better.
  • needs to do alittle better...

    Many have called comic Carlos Mencia, the Dave Chappelle of Hispanic comedy and that’s probably true. But that’s not where Mencia stops. He mocks everyone. Whether you’re white, black, Jewish, Asian, Muslim, Persian, Swedish...it doesn’t matter, you’re going to get trashed sometime during his cult Comedy Central show, Mind of Mencia.

    Mencia isn’t always funny. He’s always trying to be as offensive and one-sided as possible and while that is often refreshing, from time to time, it borderlines on derivative and offensive. You can only hear the negative slang term ‘Wetback’ so many times before it ceases to be funny and transforms into genuinely hurtful, or even racist. But, as I said, that’s what Mencia’s out to due: to piss us off. He succeeds, gathering quite a few laughs along the way.

    The biggest problem with Menica is that he’s not a particularly good comic. He’s funny, but a lot of his material gets recycled over and over again. In the first two episodes he made two black Olympian jokes. The next two episodes, he made that same mistake again, repeating an already unfunny joke. Mencia is a limited comic with some slightly unoriginal material. However, he’s the first truly popular Hispanic comic, which is where his credit is earned. Actor John Leguizamo took his shot a few years back, but only earned a slight cult status after a few HBO comedy specials.

    Mind of Mencia is basically split up into three sections: Mencia’s stand-up act, Mencia doing a ‘Jay-walking’ type sketch and real sketches based on stand-up material featured earlier in the show. The stand-up act is tiresome. This is where the show fails. It’s hard for a comic to find fifteen minutes of solid stand-up material each week and Mencia does the best he can, but it can get very repetitive. The ‘Jay-walking’ stuff is hit-and-miss, but usually funny. The sketches, just like Dave Chappelle’s now defunct show, are the true gems of each episode. Very rarely do these miss and they’re basically the only reason to keep watching.

    I hope that Mencia changes the format of his show in future seasons to better accommodate his strengths, otherwise he won’t last much longer as a comic. Rather, he’ll burn out and fade away like so many comics who’ve come before him.
  • Carlos Mencia had some very tough shoes to fill, by being the replacement for Dave Chappelle. So far he has lived up to his promise bringing his unique brand of comedy centered mostly centered on race issues. He's great but he's no Chappelle.

    Like I said, Carlos Mencia had some very hard shoes to fill when he got his own comedy central show. So far his show has been extremely entertaining. Like his predecessor Dave Chappelle he has the ability to control the crowd with his unique brand of humor. Also like Chappelle's show this show deals mostly with race issues, because Carlos Mencia himself is part Mexican and part Honduran. Although Chappelle's show was more loose and more about experimentation, Mencia sticks to his own comedic formula of usng racism as a source of jokes. Though many feel that Mencia is over using the race card to create stronger etnic stereotypes, well they are wrong. Mencia is able to use his racist jokes and try to make fun of racism and try to show, how stupid our society has become. I think Mencia is a genius and a pretty funnny guy and you can see that he really puts his heart and soul into his comedy. He's a great talent, and a great comedian.
  • Great

    This show can only be described by one word "great". Another must see comedy show out there that shows somebody can make racism funny even if the racism is to their own race. It deals with political issues in a way and shows the screw ups in te world today, also shows that free speech still lives on and that comedians can do a tv show(like chelsea handler). Some see it as wrong and stupid and a crime to exist but most people see it as a great tv show that will go on for a long time and go strong.
  • A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

    This the show that I wait for every WEdnesday to watch this show is awesome because he bases his comedy on actual events. You won't believe what comedy Carlos Mencia has stored. Skits, stand-up, and politically incorrect material all add up to a Wednesday that even Animal Planet couldn't make wilder. So grab a chair and watch this show every Wednesday. Even get his edition of Brokeback Mountain. Meet "The King of the Beaners" every Wednesday at 10:30 on Comedy Central. They'll be waiting. And watch his spring break guide. He's awesome. You've got to watch his show. Yeah! Woo-hoo!
  • Who says race isn't funny?

    Carlos Mencia uses free speech as we all should, and isn't shy to say anything. Yes, he makes fun of races. He's not a racist though, he makes fun of each race equally. He encourages people to use their free speech also, and is a great example for the first ammendment. If you're ready to really hear his jokes, then you won't stop laughing for a long time. Honestly, this is one of the best comedy shows I've found. It's also the kind of show that you can watch reruns on. It leaves me waiting for each new episode. Nor recommend for people who can't take a race joke.
  • One of the best shows from a guy who really believes in free speech.

    This is a nice show from a comedian who really believes in free speech. He doesn\'t mess around with political correctness. I have watched pretty much all of his comedy acts or listened to them and I can tell you for a fact he doesn\'t care about what other people think. This is definatly a show to watch one day. Yes it may sound extremly racial, but it\'s all in good fun. He even makes fun of his own race, how much better can it get? It\'s way different, if he couldn\'t even make fun of himself and his race. Definatly give this show a chance.
  • Mind of Mencia quite possibly is the most moronic comedy ever created. I truly see nothing funny, or in any way entertaining about this show. It is definitaley a waste of time. Comedy Central should reconsider airing this show. Carlos Mencia has gone dow

    I would say that this show is funny if, Mencia didn't have to make fun of mentally retarded, and homosexuals. How could this even be remotely funny. All he had to do to win over Comedy Central's heart was to take it to the "extreme" and make fun of illegal immigrants, and disabled people. After watching this show I now realize that Comedy Central is definitaley ruining their shows nowadays. Mind of Mencia should be canceled, or if that be looked at closely by the board of directors at Comedy Central. I agree that some scenes (which is not moronic) are funny, but there are not enough to make this show remotely funny.
  • If you have to constantly talk about how controversial you are, guess what, you're not that controversial. Other than that, great show.

    Stereotypes, the foundation of a great sketch comedy show. Not really, but it works for comedian Carlos Mencia. The fat people who do not do a thing to get thinner and complain about it, the angry black guy, the male friend who only wants sex from his female companion, the illegal mexican immigrant making a better living in america than american citizens, the smart asains, the arrogant and sometimes racist white guy, they're all there and they're all true. Carlos Mencia takes something as worn out and unoriginal as race issues and revives them, making them fresh and funny again.
  • the dude is kind of funny but hasnt he heard of dave chappelle everything about his show reminds me of dave.

    this show is unoriginal bull crap its like comedy central got a mexican dave chappelle everything about his show is a reminder that we need dave chappelle back on tv now agitated every time i watch his show. his a copy catter dave chappelle please dont let him disgrace comedy central like why did you ever leave. this guy is just a wanna be dave chappelle he took dave chappelle idea about addressing things in his community and picking at stereotypes and just made it about mexicans why did comedy central even put this guy up there hes not davechappelle.
  • mind of mencia is a cool show to watch pretty cool jokes and more.

    in my opinion carlos mencia is a pretty good comedian he does make racist jokes and comments but he makes them about all the races he doesnt pick on one race he even makes fun of his own race and a lot i think its the one he jokes about the most because he knows that its okay since he is a mexican himself so he knows jokes, even though i never laugh during 5the show which i dont know why many of his jokes are clever and they are funny i just dont laugh so i guess they are not that funny. definetly worth the time
  • Quite possibly the worst show Comedy Central has put on the air, Mind of Mencia is a one joke show with a one track mind, and with not a bit of originality to it.

    I would like to preface this review with the following quote:

    "That's like going to Compton and finding the only hispanic teenage girl who isn't pregrant."

    That is one of Carlos Mencia's jokes. Here's another one:

    "That's like going to a NASCAR event and finding the only white girl who doesn't have a black eye."

    Now let's examine these two jokes. What do they have in common? Well, first, they're unfunny. They're both unnecessarily loud and obnoxious. They both play off lame, clichéd stereotypes. And they're the SAME #%@$! JOKE!!! We get it, whatever you're describing is rare! I heard these two plus another of the exact same format ("That's like finding a black guy who dates black chicks!") on promos for the show! They're not even trying to hide the fact that they're completely unoriginal. It's like they have a set template for every line. Just fill in the blanks with a group and a stereotype, and PRESTO! You have yourself a mildly offensive, unfunny, and unoriginal joke.

    These jokes exemplify everthing that is wrong with "Mind of Mencia". It's one racial stereotype after another, followed by a lame joke, followed by Carlos Mencia yelling "I think I crossed the line with that one!!!!!!!!!" Well, no, not really. The only thing truly offensive about your show, Mr. Mencia, is that a man with so little talent has one.

    Unlike "Chappelle's Show" (and it's really an injustice to Dave Chappelle to compare the two), this show includes no relevant or thoughtful social commentary with its potentially volatile racial humor. It's old race jokes taken from the Stand-Up Comedian's Handbook and nothing else. Mexicans are gardeners, Asians are either smart or laundromat owners, and Middle Easterners are terrorists. And that's that. There's no irony or true satire to any of it. In fact, I doubt Carlos Mencia or any of his writers know what either of those words mean. Everything is blatant, in-your-face, screamed-at-the-top-of-his-lungs humor meant to shock. The result is not shock, but rather shame upon witnessing such a sad spectacle.

    The popularity of this show is sad as well, and only further indicates the dumbing down of society. While shows filled with intelligent and (more importantly) funny comedy such as Arrested Development get canned, trash like this gets put on the airwaves for the 18-34 year old male demographic to mindlessly lap up.

    This show is depressing. I cringe every time I see or hear a commercial for the show. I have to put the television on mute or change the channel until it passes. It just... it makes me ashamed to be a part of the same society that allows such an idiotic and unoriginal show to thrive.
  • Carlos Mencia, a latino comedian who says what we are too scared to say, he talks about race and sterotypes and don't get made at him for speaking the truth.

    Carlos Mencia is really, my new best friend, I love him. His so funny, he starts his shows off with a really funny 10 minute stand - up and then he goes on the streets and interviews normal people about there thoughts and in the end he does a skit. The show is so funny, I promise you that if you watch just one episode you want stop laughing. The guys great!
  • After South Park is this show. As good as South Park.

    South Park sould marry this show. Now we have two funny shows in a hour ppackage every day... almost. Mind of Mencia isn't for you know... people who hate sterotypes. But since people think im white... but since technaictly i am hispanic.... i am classifed as a real person who can't be sterotyped! Ha ha! Anyways I think this show is great and also never rent this shows jokes. I did and learned that sterotyping isn't my thing. Writing is something I can stick with. Now sterotypes is not what this show only made of. Add laughs, comedy and a tiny bit of news and you get Mencia Soup. And it has 10 points just from me! Mencia truly unpredictable. What he just sterotyped me! Ah man! Well... Mencia your still funny you get a ten out of ten.
  • Some people are afraid to say what's on their mind...

    And then there's Carlos Mencia, he says it how it is and doesn't care what others may think of what he said. He believes in "freedom of speech" and he takes it to the extreme. He may make fun of everyone, and at the same time make fun of himself, but he doesn't mind. As he says at the end of each show "if you ain't laughing, then you ain't living", and it makes perfect sense. Each show he does different skits about what may be going on in the news or something that catches his attention and will make fun of it. He may say something that you may have thought about saying but were afraid too because it would be "politically incorrect", but Carlos says it and makes it funny at the same time. That's the whole idea of the show, to get you to laugh about what is going on in the world and even laugh at yourself. It's a different kind of comedy but it's all good comedy.
  • This show is absolute garbage, not funny, offensive? yes, but not clever.

    Boy is this show just absolute trash, I am not offended by anything, this show is just not good. He is a horrible comedian, the skits are retarded, did anyone see the skit with some old guy defining what bumper stickers mean, that was the most unfunny skit I have ever seen, anywhere, ever, that includes John Leguizamos\\\' House of Buggin. It was just painful to see that dummass forcing out laughs. And the interviews he does are so fake and unfunny, and he has to showcase his hot wife on pretty much every episode, this show will be gone soon, that chick will be gone soon, and hopefully this host will turn up missing.
  • Carlos Mencia says the things that you and I think but would never have the guts to say. I love watching this and it is a guaranteed laugh whenever you tune it in. His antics and humor have brought new life to the sketch comedy genre. It's not the Chapel

    Carlos Mencia says the things that you and I think but would never have the guts to say. I love watching this and it is a guaranteed laugh whenever you tune it in. His antics and humor have brought new life to the sketch comedy genre. And for those of you who think that his show is only a "Temporary" fill in for the Chapelle show I am here to tell you that Carlos is here to stay!
  • "Look, for all you stupid people..." Carlos Mencia is a true beaner. I love wen ppl make fun of everyone and everything and jus speaks da truth.

    Dis show is so damn truthful, yet so freackin funny. the truth could've never been dis hilarious. he makes fun of everyone: beaners, crackers, wetbacks, black ppl, asian ppl, arabs, etc... best thing of all, he has no shame in his game. he has really taught me not to be afraid to speak my mind. for everyone who thinks his jokes go over board, u could kiss mi culo pendejo, y que tu madre te diga como de dee dee dee tu eres. now dat's sum true beaner trash talk. so for all you dee dee dee's, carlos will be more then proud to tell you who screwed your mother.
  • This show is so funny, i'm in love with it.

    This show is great. Mencia pushes everything as far as it can and sometimes a little farther. The show talks about all different people from retard to mexican. Everything Mencia saids is true and that's the funnist part. Sometimes i feel bad for laughing but it's impossible not to. I give this show two thumbs way, way up for Mind Of Mencia.
  • He offends everyone.

    Mind of Mencia is a very funny show. The sketch comedy doesn't hold back. He offends every race and religion equally. The weekly Duh report reviews different news stories of the week. He rewards stupidity. He is not ashamed to use children in his skits to prove a point either.
  • I love this show it not only picks on gays, Jews, and Beaners, but it also makes fun of everyone that some people are scared to be made fun of (i.e. Blacks, Asians, Whites, and Politicians!)

    I love this show it not only picks on gays, Jews, and Beaners, but it also makes fun of everyone that some people are scared to be made fun of (i.e. Blacks, Asians, Whites, and Politicians!) This guy is awesome he does not care about what the hell people think about him. Everyone I know thinks he\'s hilarious and everything he says is true. His main thing if freedom of speech which some dumasses think that it\'s illegal or something to say that retards (or dee-dee-dee\'s) aren\'t made fun of (they are.) Thank God there\'s actually something to look foward to on Wednsday nights!
  • You would never guess he started out as cartoon voice-overs for kids--his biggest role was Felix in "The Proud Family" Now he has an "edgy-ish" show on CC...

    We need more people out there that can LAUGH and celebrate our diffrences, not hide them under a blanket of fake tolerence. Carlos can do this, and in a way that everyone can relate and have fun.
    He's right--
    Political Correctness is putting the world in the toliet....If you can be smart, humorous, and have everyone in on the joke as well, you win.

    Carlos SAYS what everyone THINKS and it is too bad more people aren't as honest yet inclusive as he is.

    He is a sweet man in real life, don't buy his tough act, though ehehe. At least 100%, Heh.
  • DEE DEE DEE!!!

    This is a really funny show. The show stars Carlos Mencia, Carlos is a very funny comedian.
    So many people say this show sucks because it might "hurt somebody's feelings". If someone can't handle the humor than don't watch it.
    This shows great becuase it brings up issues people might be afraid to laugh at because it's "uncomfurtable". Carlos makes fun of everyone, he makes fun of religion, and anything else. Mind of Mencia is a crude show, and the jokes should be made. So, if your sensitive don't watch this show, and if you do it's your choice and don't complain about it. Remember
    in the words of Carlos himself, "If you ain't laughing you ain't livin'.
  • DEE DEE DEE Watch this show it will make you laugh till you shit yourself

    If you think that this show sucks....you pussies can go back to watching retarded Barney reruns and burn in hell, cuz this is the funniest show to hit tv sence Stankervision and is still showing and goin strong. The comedy is as origanal as anybody can get and the profanity.....well you know it's gotta fuckin be in there. So go get the Uncencored Sesson 1 and laugh the shit out of yourself if you hate it, go to hell!!!!!
  • My Friday nights have not been the same without it.

    This show is freaking hilarious. I love it. Mostly the opening stand up, very few of the "Carlos Visits" segments are funny. I hated the gay community one, it was just sick. Most of the others though are okay. But all in all Mencia is hilarious during his stand ups. It can generally make me laugh so hard that I nearly cry and then I begin to feel like a real "deedee dee." If you haven't seen it then I highly recommend giving it a go. You will probably not be disappointed, unless you're like me and prefer stand up routines better than visitation skits.
  • This is my perspective. I hope it doesnt offend. I enjoy comedy, so i try to have an open mind about every comedian.

    The mind of mencia show is refreshing!! He shows us such a different perspective. Its crazy the things he gets away with.....

    He\'s harmless though and ya, he talks a lot of shit, but he\'s no racist.

    Laughter is good for your immune system, skin and brain.....

    You only live once, so laugh......its free

    :) :) :) :)
  • this show rules carlos mencia is one of the funniest comedians in my mind. his comedy is my style read more to find out.

    mind of mencia staring carlos mencia is funny because he is spanish and he does jokes about races in america. not being affencive carlos eases america with his jokes. like the new season episode when he fakes being gay basicly to be funny then go's to a field were he becomes strait mexican by playing mariachy bands and pinata smacking. oh yea joseph mencia is also a funny cast member in this show because he is random and he is crazy. also not many people know that he mencias brother. thats the review mind of mencia is a must see.

    ps: dur durdur
  • I hate this show

    I love shows that make fun with different uses of racism but the Mind of MEncia show just isn\\\'t funny. He yels at everyone in the audience and sometimes can actually be too racist. And the constant use of the \\\"De De De\\\" thign is just very very annoying. Go watch Chappelle\\\'s show if you want to watchy funny racism.
  • Funny!!!

    It doesn\\\'t matter your race, religion, nationality or sexual preference: He WILL make fun of you! And good for him! He uses his comedy to put his thumb right on the foibles of society...then pushes until society screams. He\\\'s incredibly crude and vulgar, but it\\\'s not unecessary. Anyone who is offended by this is too Dee Dee Dee to know what\\\'s funny. Even my mom likes this show, and she doesn\\\'t like any stand up comedy. At all. Or anything that\\\'s even remotely crude. It\\\'s a funny show. Plain and simple. And if your so sensitive that this offends you, then stop your comnlaining and stop watching the show! It \\\'s immensely popular, so your bitching isn\\\'t gonna change that, okay! Sheesh! Aaaaaanywho, it\\\'s funny, yeah...
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