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  • Best show on Comedy Central since Battle Bots

    Wow, i liked Carlos' comedy before he had his own show. Mind of Mencia takes it to a whole new level. if more people were like carlos the world would be a better place. a few of the episodes were a little stupid (the one where his relitive and a pro build choppers) but for the most part its one of the best shows on CC.
  • Carlos Menica is a person who is not afraid to speak his mind, he says things we all want to say but very few actually do. He is very funny and a fabulous comedian.

    Carlos Menica is a person who is not afraid to speak his mind, he says things we all want to say but very few actually do. He is very funny and a fabulous comedian. He is like me not afraid to express my opinion, and it seems as if he has an opinion on every topic. He can be serious as well as off the wall crazy, he can do impressions, he can get you thinking, but best of all he can have you rolling on the ground about to piss your pants laughing. You should also check out his stand up comedy on dvd or vhs so far my favorite is "Not For The Easily Offended", unfortunately I haven't got to see all of his although I have seen a few, all have been great but "Not For The Easily Offended" Tops my list. Carlos Mencia is my favorite Comedian and I have seen and heard many comedians in my short time. If you like George Lopez and Dave Chappell you will like Carlos Mencia, and vise versa if you like Carlos Mencia you will like Dave Chappell and George Lopez.
  • De De De!

    Dave Chappelle may have pushed the envelope, but Carlos Mencia shot the envelope out of a cannon. People may think he's encouraging racism (and of course he is), but he attacks every race, and in a way that everyone can get a good laugh at. I truly agree with "De De De," because, as he said, there are too many stupid people in this world.
    Unfortunately, Carlos Mencia's views on some things seem a little misinformed. For example, when he did the bit on destroying outdated technology. Some people can not afford to get rid of them, or see no reason to spend more money on something that will just get outdated later.
    Even though he misses with some information, it pales in comparrison with the times he is right. He's definitly right about homophobics, and showed homosexuals in a better light. And we can all agree that we should be getting more for what we pay for gas.
    And, of course, anyone who writes hate mail to Mind of Mencia is a major De De De, since they show that they have no life or common sense by continuing to watch a show that offends them instead of changing the channel/ turning off the TV!
    Mind of Mencia is keeping things real, but it really unites races. If you can laugh at this show, you have laughed at everyone (including yourself).
  • Mean, crude and funny... just how I like it.

    This show is hilarious. I almost feel too guilty to admit that I watch this show. You see, I am a skinny, teenage, white male. I have no right to laugh at this man's jokes. But they are really funny. That is why The Mind of Mencia is my guilty pleasure. This show can take current news and fads and turn them into extremely funny jokes. It is very clever and innovate that it is a big hit in my books and I think that everyone should, at least, try it. Did I mention that it was extremely funny. Maybe it's not funny. Maybe it's terrible, but it sure is funny and awesome to me.
  • ya, its one of the worst shows ever...

    you call this comedy? all he does is stand there, make fun of people in the audience, and is racist against anything from-mentaly retarded to black to white, who cares? so many other great stand up acts from:

    Dane Cook
    Nick Swandson
    Dave Chappell

    and others, so why waste time on him?


  • lol!.!

    Mind of Mencia is da one of da funniest shows on da television. From callin retards dee dee dee's 2 makin fun of his own race by namin most of 'em beaners, there is nuthin that can protect u from the wrath of Carlos! The only problem with this show is that its all been done b4...by Dave Chapelle.
  • Biggest thing since Dave Chappelle

    I like the order of the Show, Stand up, Interviewing people, then a skit. The catch pharse that been repeated as much as I'm Rick James bitch. "Dee Dee Dee", I'm not really that into my Hispanic hertiage (Im a Vanilla Oreo) but this show is hailiourous. He is now my all time comedian. I'm also glad there is no damn music performance that cut time.
  • How can so many people think this show sucks?! It rocks!! 3 times better than Chappelle's show!

    Why did so many people give this show such a bad review?! It's much better than Chappelle!!! I mean seriously!! He's smarter, cooler and overall, funnier! If the first season was that good, I can't wait for the second season!! Mencia's first couple of episodes were classic. I loved em. But as the season progressed they got worse. I guess they were just running out of ideas. I hope they have a whole new batch of ideas for the second season.
  • Davidio Chepellago!!!1

    Take a famous comedian, add crude humor, and a formula from someone else, and you get...a not very good show. I just feel like the racial jokes are a little tired. I can laugh osmetimes, but overall this show really misses with me and feels just too low brow for my tastes.
  • It good

    I relly think that this is funny.But hes not relly from mexico.They all saying that hes greman his relly name is ned bah bah bah.I still like his show I still laguht.Also the best thing about it is he make fun of everybody else but the porguess.I am porgusse and he dose not make fun of us so my country good.
  • Fresh and Funny Stuff Cant wait for the new season...UNLIKE CHAPPELLES SORRY SECOND SEASON

    It saddens me to see people classify this show with that of Chappelle's show...Chappelle grew tiresome very quickly relying on unoriginal typical stereo types. Ones already heard and joked about. Mencia has fresh ideas, though the model of the show is typical, the writng and the jokes are fresh, hard hitting, and no holds barred. Everyone is at risk to be cracked on in this show, no discrimination here. Adoloescents all around, please quit mentioning Chappelle in the same breath as Mencia...
  • This show thrives on unfair racial stereotypes. However, most of the material is funny, though some of it just tries to shock you

    Mind of Mencia is a show made for one purpose: to say what's on all of our minds. Some of the material is complicated and has to do with politics that you need to be very up-to-date with. However, other material is based solely on racial stereotypes. On the contrary, Chapelle's Show, its predecessor, I find to be much more insulting, targeting only one race: African Americans. Mind of Mencia manages to make fun of every race in the book, therefore it is less insulting to an individual group of people. Mencia's satirization of celeberties is hilarious, but quite dirty. This show has sexual references to the extreme and, though rated tv-14, is quite severe for that rating. Definitely not a family show.

    i really enjoyed the first season of this show and hope that they bring more for the next serving, because i am hungry for some more. Anyway, the way Carlos does his thing really brings this show together, so it makes sense and is funny although to some, very offensive, but not to me. BRIGHTEN UP!
  • This Show is one of the BEST shows ever. when it 1st came out I was a little unsure about watching it on Comedy Central, but was that show so tataly cool. Yeah!! Love that show. Needs more shows in one season thought.

    OMG. Carlos is so funny. I love this show. Me and my dad watch this show every Wednesday that it is on. I can't wait for the new season to start up. You bet I'll be watching every minute of it. To those people who think it sucks. "Remeber people suck." Like you. To my suprise a lot more girls at my school like it that boys do. It is very odd.
    This is a very cool show and how you could not like it. Well that is a mystery. But I love this show.

    O remeber you are a De De De!
  • The guy can be funny when he's telling jokes and not wasting time talking about how offensive he is. A disgrace to Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Lenny Bruce, and Bill Hicks. The rebel comedians who were actually telling jokes.

    Carlos Mencia has the ability to be funny. We all do, but Carlos just seems to not want to even try, or at least be original or entertaining. The show drags and feels days longer than it should. Here's a few reasons for my hate of this show.

    A. Mencia can't stop blabbing on and on and on and on and on about how offensive he is. Carlos, if you're so offensive, prove it.

    and B. All of his "offensive jokes" have been told before on "Chappelle's Show".

    They say he's the next Dave Chappelle. NO, he's not. "Chappelle's Show" was hilarious because every sketch made you say "How in hell is he getting away with this?" Every sketch was shocking and brilliant.

    But that isn't what Carlos Mencia does at all. What Mencia does is read a hate letter (written by who I'd assume to be the Holy Roller type that can't stop blabbering "The End is Near"), talk about something he saw on CNN and repeat what he heard with his LAME comedic timing, and then say how offensive what he just said was.

    He's dumbing his viewers down. It's his viewers that made the "Dukes of Hazzard" movie a hit. Me personally, I like comedy that trusts me enough to let me know what is and isnt't funny, not some guy who points it out immediately after he says it then examines it longer than it even took him to say it.

    Carlos isn't funny. Carlos isn't offensive. Yet, Comedy Central plays his show daily and gets viewers. Come on, if your that desperate for another "Chappelle's Show" buy the DVDs or check out some Bill Hicks, George Carlin, and Richard Pryor CDs and DVDs. They're funnier, more offensive, and respect their audience.
  • ya

    carlos mecia is an awesome comiedian and i pity whoever says hes a racist... if you think so then maybe you should boyycot Dumbo ever notice the crows thats good old family racism!!!!!! He makes fun of bush doesn't every one... it is basically my favorite show out there!!!!! YEAH
  • Rip off of Dave Chapelle!

    The show is a piece of crap he thinks he's funny but not same old jokes Amanda show is better and Amanda show sucks! same old jokes "hey you arab people" oh shut the hell up with the same dumb jokes! i bet barney can make a better comedy show and stuff well he said he is better then Dave Chapple the God of Comedy. Exuse me?! what idiot would laugh at the show if they did sew them and put them to life in prision! well stay away form this crappy show only mentely Retarded people watch it and the best of the best watch Chapelle! and remember the Word "Its a rip off to Dave Chapple!" =(
  • Mencia is an idiont. i hate him. he is not funny. he tells offensive racial jokes on his show like he is the first person to ever be "bold" enough to do it.

    Mencia is an idiont. i hate him. he is not funny. he tells offensive racial jokes on his show like he is the first person to ever be "bold" enough to do it. anyone who watches this show does not know real comedy. that is what i think. mencia is "rah-tardeeeeead"
  • This show is friggin hilarious!

    Intelligent comedy that doesn't pull any punches. Carlos Mencia shows us all how absolutely absurd being politically correct is. It ranks right up there with The Daily Show (maybe even above it) in comedy greatness. Living in Texas, a state where stupidity abounds, I especially love when he calls out all things and people stupid. He's my new hero!
  • Whose more wasted: Carlos Mencia or the people that find him funny?

    After building up his reputation as a pretty good stand-up comedian, Carlos Mencia is determined to soil his name with his new Comedy Central show. Carlos Mencia, basically, shows an unfunny skit, yells, breaks something, and yells at his audience for not laughing. His jokes are on hackneyed material that any stupid third-grader could compose.
  • Irreverent humor from Carlos Mencia. He looks like a younger (and bigger) Tony Danza to me.

    I will admit all I've seen so far is the first episode. This series was highly recommended by my honey so I thought I would give it a shot.

    Carlos Mencia is a racist. Even he admits it. But, so far, he hasn't really said anything really offensive.

    I appreciate the fact that he does not sprinkle his monologue with foul language. I don't understand why some people cannot seem to crack a joke (or even just talk!) without saying **** or some other 4-letter word.

    "Roll on the floor laughing" from start to finish. :) I especially enjoyed the celebrity ticker. I look forward to catching more of his show on Comedy Central
  • Not only rather unfunny, but frankly offensive without any redeeming qualities

    The Chappelle Show broke ground in recent years concerning minorities having comedy shows accepted by all, as most people know. This show is often compared to the Chappelle Show, except Mexican. Unfortunately, this show is nothing like the Chappelle Show, in that Mencia comes off as a racist, hypocritical fool, and the show simply isn't funny or, more importantly, in good taste.

    For example: His views on the prejudice shown towards Arabic people lately in the country. He says he supports it, saying something along the lines of "We Mexicans and the blacks have been dealing with it for years, now it's your turn!" What kind of attitude is that, promoting racism against innocent citizens? He also refers to Arab people as "Achmed" rudely and draws on the old racist adages of Arab taxicab drivers, and so on. It would be one thing if, as Dave Chappelle may do, say it lightly and have it be, you know, actually FUNNY, like a comedy show should be. Unfortunately, this, like many of his skits, falls flat on its face in the humor department. Chappelle would also say it jokingly, while Mencia carried out the whole thing in a serious tone, or a tone that showed that he cared somewhat about what he was saying. This is debatable, but the fact remains that there may be people that actually AGREE with the depressingly racist views on this deplorable show.

    The fact is, there is a great deal of tension about the economic and social implications of having a great amount of Mexican people pouring into the United States. While the issues of black racism have somewhat been left in the past, and Dave Chappelle knows his limits when it comes to joking, the national issue of mass immigration is still very much at large. And Mencia lacks the finesse necessary to make a sharp political and social commentary on this issue. All he says about it is basically, "Screw you, white people, the Mexicans totally own you!" and the like. Not funny, utterly racist, and, it may be said, somewhat detrimental to society. Other people will have different views about the racial implications of the show, of course, but the fact remains that he's just NOT FUNNY. Dave Chappelle is funny. Mencia's seriousness in his jokes takes away from their comedic possibility, and makes him come off as a prejudiced moron. The show's not funny, the jokes (concerning the delicate matters of Mexican immigration and poverty and unemployment, among many other serious subjects) are handled shockingly poorly and with a total lack of finesse, and there are better things to be watching when this is on. There's no reason to do anything besides change the channel when this idiot comes on.
  • No hate email here....common sense ain't common no more - but with the help of Carlos it might come back...Debbie

    Dear Mr. Mencia,

    No hate mail here. I love your show, you bring common sense back into being common. If you ever run for president, this white woman would vote for you. I know how life is in Mexico, yes my ex husband is a wet back…but I did get a beautiful daughter out of it. I don’t blame them in coming here to better their lives, but what I am pissed about is that they get mad at me cause I don’t speak Spanish. Excuse me, but what country are we in? I use to work in a medical clinic and the Spanish patients would get mad cause I couldn’t understand them. Also, have a question for you to ponder at…why is there brail on the drive thru ATM’s? And on my 97 Ford pick up there is brail on the steering wheel for the cruise control. That would explain a lot about all the wrecks in Texas. Once again thank you for your show.

    God Bless you and your staff,
    Debbie Esparza Cogsdil
  • Wow, that's all I can say

    This is not a good show. I don't care what people say, it's not. Carlos Mencia just makes fun of himself and he consists of using the same jokes over and over again. The dee-dee-dee thing gets old fast, it's not even really that funny. I usually don't even crack a smile at this show. I usually just change the channel.
  • Carlos Mencia takes on the world from his own twisted perspective of the world. So how messed up is the world in the eyes of mexican? Watch the show and see.

    Mencia is probably the next best thing after chapelle left. He is just as funny as well as controversial and the retarded thing he does is hilarious. He doesnt care who he offends he just says what he wants and feels. Hey comedy central probably couldnt have found a better show to pick-up the slack that chappelle has left for them.
  • Mind of Mencia is another Comedy Central classic that does not try to be like Dave Chapelle.

    Mind of Mencia has alot of jokes to offer, and I personally think that Carlos Mencia is a unique comedian - he mixes offensive quotes with good old-fashioned stand up comedy.

    I do not like the fact that alot of negative reviews say that this show is a mockery of Chapelle's Show. Chapelle is great and all, but he and his show are totally different from Mencia. While Chapelle has sketches parodying movies and celebrities, Carlos Mencia spits on celebrities and movies, which is one of the reasons I love about Mind of Mencia. But there are some cons as to why the show only gained a handful of viewers, the biggest one being that the show is a little racial.

    Carlos is who I call a walking rant. He keeps talking about things, but he dresses his speeches up with original lines that is certain to get a laugh from you. Mind of Mencia continues to air on Comedy Central, but the show's time slot has been taken over by Drawn Together, another favorite show of mine.
  • Easily said, he isn't offensive.

    No, not offensive at all. Just horrible. The only remotely offensive thing is that he isn't canceled yet. He tries to be offensive and that is worse. Give us back Chappelle, dump this crap.

    I want a classic lineup, Reno 911, South Park, Daily Show, and Adam's show.

    This is worse than Spade's new show and that is saying a lot.

    This is worse than Blue Collar TV, and that is saying even more.
  • All the people hating are just offended by the "Dee-Dee-Dee!" jokes.

    His style is nowhere near similar to Chappelle's. Just compare their catch phrases, Dave has the universal "bitch" joke. (I'm Rick James, bitch; Konnichiwa, bitches)

    Carlos has the decent "dee-dee-dee" joke.There are also some sketches were he goes around and asks people on the street on the subject, and then shows the best (meaning funniest) answers people had. You can see some sketches that would be considered "a normal sketch", like the hillarious sketch about the tapes that teach you how to 'talk like a wetback' in order to get someone else's job. Plus, on the Dave's show, he rarely does stand up. The opposites true with Carols.

    I've heard some people say that Carlos uses the same jokes, which get annoying. This only proved true with the "I'll only put it in for a second"
    joke. It was good the first time during that one specific sketch that the joke was exclusive to, the second it was okay, but the third time, it was annoying. This only occurred once, gratefully.

    Even though I like this show, I still have to admit that this show is not even close to as funny as Chappelle's Show.
  • Carlos knows what he's talking about. Only Dunt-tedees dont get it.

    A great review and wake up call ofr North Americans. Carlos points out what we all know is true but are too afraid to say out load for fear of being judged by our own weaknesses. Always a good laugh, about time he got his own show. How about a nice Canadian joke? We just like to get mentionned once in a while....
  • Best show if seen this year! as hoe the Hate revew's there a bunch of big dummys!

    As far as i Know White people dont get the show. Very sad to here that. the show is very Intertaning and very funny! And is no rip off of David Chappel! If you dont like it just say you dont! no need to hate on Carlos! Keep it up carlos dont let them put you down!
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