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  • You're being very bashful with this show. I bet the majority of the bad reviews comes from crackers.

    I love this show and I came to this site to give this show a very good review and what I find... numerous hate reviews. I'm not against people giving their opinions, we're in America after all and we have freedom of speech but that doesn't mean we have to write offensive things. If you don't like the show just say you don't like it. You don't have to go and say that Mind of Mencia is a ripoff Chappelle's Show (by the way I love Dave Chappelle and I have both dvd's of his show, bring it back!!!) or that Mencia is offensive against one race only because none of those things in my opinion are true. Overall I love this show. Keep up the good work Carlos!!
  • carlos mencia is a talking turd with arms and legs that crawled out of dave chappelles toilet!

    theres the old saying \"there\'s a little truth in every joke\". carlos mencia thinks he can change the worlds view of mexicans and illegals by teaching us all to lighten up and laugh about what is, in fact, a very real problem in the u.s.. go ahead, call me a racist, whatever. the fact is, mind of mencia is a pathetic attempt to bridge the gap between hispanics, whites, blacks, asians. etc., by offering stupid jokes and crappy rip off sketches. nice try, carlos, but i\'m not laughing. please, comedy central, bring back dave chappelle!!!

  • Carlos Mencia's comedy show not a substitute for Chappelle.

    At times I find Mind of Mencia amusing at other times I find him to be quite annoying. If I see the show then fine if not then I don't feel like I really missed anything. It's a program that I watch if I don't have anything better to do. I find that his skits are predictable and lack originality. It seems to me like Comedy Central wanted a replacement for the Chappelle show because M.O.M. utilizes a similar format. I just don't get the same types of laughs from Mencia. Initially I was quite amused by him because I didn't realize that the material didn't change that much. Perhaps with some work and experience Mencia can fine tune this show and make it into something more exciting. If he doesn't change the format then I will definitely not watch next season.

  • People need to leave him alone and admit that he is good

    Ok every body who is talking crap about Carlos Mencia needs to shut the hell up because obviously somebody thought that he was good enough to have his own show I don’t see all of you on tv so there and all that crap about him being a rip off of Dave Chappelle that’s no t true and another thing about him being racist how in the hell can he be racist when he makes fun of his own race so shut
  • Carlos Mencia is a Mexican comedian who isn't funny in the least...racial jokes, yeah, those are where the real laughs are...too bad Mencia fails at it.

    Every episode on that show is the same...and the material is unimaginative...

    Chapelle's Show, which is compared to a lot, at least makes some outrageous skits that deserves the laughs and applause it gets. Mencia? Let's get a buncha races together and I'll sing a sone with all the stereotypes, and bring in a midget for fun!

    Oh, let's also ask people on the street about how this race is so lazy, or this race steals a lot...and mention the word beaner like 50 times an episode...

    Let's make fun of REEEEETTAAAAAHHHHHDED people and dee dee deee deeeeeee!!! Horrible show, lame 'comedian'.

  • Here's a good tip for the people at Comedy Central - don't try to made cheap copies of shows that have been huge hits for your station.

    I like Chappelle's Show as much as anyone else, and considering that the odds of that show coming back are very slim, Comedy Central is doing whatever it can to create something similar to that. Enter Carlos Mencia and Mind of Mencia.

    While I understand that he is trying as hard as he can to be silly, it fails much of the time. His straight-up standup routines bomb more than they do succeed, and while he does mock stereotypes very well, he does it like the average Saturday Night Live star would do it....very poorly. It sounds like a records skipping at times.

    It's more close to a bad SNL sketch than a unique program.

    So please - either try to make the show a little better and maybe get a larger supporting cast in there, or just acknowledge the fact that you're not getting Dave Chappelle back.
  • This show does not even try to be Chapelle's Show, so why are y'all bitching about it trying to be one?

    Carlos Mencia and Dave Chapelle are different comedians with different styles of comedy.

    Mind of Mencia often makes fun of members of the audience and utters out arguable comments on celebrities like Michael Jackson and Britney Spears. But I find these things funny, because most celebrities here in the U.S.A. are selfish and they usually suck. I'm glad to see Mencia screwing our minds with his view of celebrities and his own race - Mexicano.

    Chapelle's show has sketches that parodies well-known, if not famous, shows/movies while Mind of Mencia goes to places and talk to people, often surveying them what is their favorite food and etcetera.

    I don't think Mind of Mencia is an emulation of Chapelle's Show, and I plan to keep this opinion for a long while.


  • Fresh and hilarious

    Carlos' brutally honest rants target every race equally. Unlike Dave Chapelle (the tv dave, not stand up) he is actually funny and innovative. Great guest stars, no hacky rap music, right up there with family guy and american dad. Good riddance Chapelle, glad they found something good to fill his slot.
  • You don't replace Chappelle's Show with a poorly done rip off which worst of all, ISN'T FUNNY!!! And enough with the race jokes. We get it, you say beaner a lot. Chappelle did race stuff, but was funny about it. Mencia doesn't have the funny part of the e

    Mencia tries way too hard to be "edgy" and offensive. Just because you say beaner and cracker all the time, doesn't mean you are edgy and funny. People laughed at Chappelle's Show not just because it was edgy and made racial joke, but because it was smart and FUNNY. Mencia isn't any of those. He might as well just go on stage and yell out, "I'm trying to be offensive! Aaaaah! Beaner, cracker!"

  • Give Mencia a chance, its funny !

    GIVE Carlos Mencia a chance, he has his own style of comedy and its fun to watch ! The show is great ! Everyone saying how Mencia is not as funny as Chappelle ! Don\'t get me wrong, love Dave Chappelle but Mencia has a different sense of humor and its refreshing to watch.
  • This show is so funny!

    I highly recomend you go watch this show. It is one of the funniest i have seen in a long time. It is a show makeing fun of mexicans and other little stuff. If you are tired of the mexicans then this is the show for you. He is like the dave chapple of mexicans. When the season DVD comes out, I am so buying it! A+ ratting
  • who ever doesnt like this show is a racist and if u prefer that monkey chappel over mencia your just a ni*g*r lover and monkeys are gaaaayy

    mayates suck balllllsss maaan they got pubees on their heads and they were on all fours when god spray painted them thats why they got white hands. F.U.B.U = farmers used to beat us ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah aha ha ah aha ha ha
  • This show is slightly strange, but over-all intelligent humor. Carlos says what everyone is thinking but is too \\\"PC\\\" to admit. Nothing like Chappell- never understood why everyone gets blamed for copying- someone had to go first right?

    Why I like this show:
    It reflects the way I think (only funnier). I am not a \\\"laugh out loud\\\" kind of girl- if I think something is funny I usually just smirk. But I can\\\'t count how many times I have laughed out loud when watching this show. It may not be original to some, but I personally have never seen anything like it.
  • Sterotypes are the name of his game!

    This is one of the 2 shows on COmedy Central I enjoy.(The other being The Daily Show) This show is funny, and you can relate to it too. He touches on everything, not matter if your a Mexican, Asian, or just white trash, he's made fun fo you. That also means this show is offensive to many people. If you can't take it when he's talking about you, laugh at the other jokes he makes about other people! Sometimes it can apply to everyone.

    I think this is a very funny show. I belive this is the kind of show where you either like it, or hate it! So give it a try, if you think it's funny, great. If you thinks it's just too offensive, then thats fine too. At least give it a try. ;)
  • In the words on Carlos Mencia, "Take a joke america!"

    This show is absolutely hilarious! I love a man who speaks his mind, no matter what anyone else thinks. I think he is the next Dave Chappelle (but also look what happened to him). This man will say what others are thinking, and he doesn't even hesitate. Some of his comments are so shocking, they are funny. Like how he commented that his wife was the best he could get, and he's the best she can get. His mind is on a completely different playing field, and that's what makes his show funny. He does border on racism, but you just have to realize it's comedy, and not to be taken serious. Love this show.
  • carlos mencia goes around speaking his mind and it makes everyone laugh the mexican version of dave chappel

    he is a genius an absolute genius last night i was watching the episode with the dee dee dee awards in my room and i was laughing so hard that my mom told me to close the door because i was disrupting her sleep then i still kept her up because of my laughing even with the door closed thats how funny it is so move over dave chappel cause you have been replaced
  • Chappelle was great, just remember that this is an entirely different show and don't bash it just because you want Chappelle back.

    Chappelle's Show was one of my all around favorite shows, the sketches were just hilarious. Mind of Mencia is now getting into being one of my all around favorite shows, but it doesn't have sketches like Chappelle's did. It has segments in which Mencia basically ridicules something, and does a damn good job of doing it. No matter what race, size, or disability, he can make fun of it. You'll find yourself laughing at most of the segments, including his monologues. Mencia is no Chappelle, but he is going to make a name for himself. I you don't like this show, however, maybe your comedy-fix is more intuned with something as lame as the Andy Milonakis Show. Now that's an unoriginal, unfunny, sack of crap.
  • This show is one of my favorites. I love Carlos Mencia and I admire his honesty.

    Mind of Mencia is one of the few shows that is completely honest. I think that more people should be like Carlos. More people should be open minded about things in the world and dont take themselves so seriously! I love this show and. Some people say that it's "offensive". I think it's funny and honest. The only reason some people dont like it is because they take themselves too seriously and need to lighten up. This show is hilarious. If you decide to watch it, make sure you have a good sense of humor. I absolutly love this show.
  • has its problems

    This show is alright but he makes fun of evey race but mexicans, wetbacks, beaners, spics. He needs to have callers so people can make fun of him and his family, race, religon. Hopefuly that someone shuts him up some time this year. And why cant white people say nigger but black people can say cracker. For all black people who thinks thats right nigger, nigger, nigger.
  • Complete crap.

    Really, I can't say much about this show. It's just terrible. This moron's material is completely unorignal and not funny. He's probably the first "comedian" I've heard in decades use the "asian's are bad drivers" joke. Give me a break. What is wrong with Comedy Central? They need a show like "Win Ben Stein's Money" or "The Man Show" again. Sure they have "The Daily Show" and their stand-up specials, but what's with all these terrible shows they came out with this month? Someone needs to go smack Chapelle around and get him to do his show again.
  • A very good show.

    This is one of the funniest shows, because Mencia is not tethered to the laws of political correctness. It\'s great that someone is finally willing to speak his mind on television. That\'s not the only reason that makes this show hysterical-Mencia also delivers his thoughts and observations in a manner that appeals to many-humor. This show is definitely a good show. A great show.
  • Carlos Mencia steals bits of comedy from much better writers and comedians and then poorly reproduces it as his own material.

    This is quite possibly one of the worst shows to come through Comedy Central in a while. I have caught quite a few of the segments and have yet to actually laugh. Most of the bits that have even approached humorous actually appear to be ripped off from other shows or movies. Mencia is apparantly Comedy Central's answer to losing Chappelle, yet he barely constitutes a poor man's Dave Chappelle. I can only hope that this show will be canceled soon, and the airtime given to something more valuable.
  • Takes Dave Chapelle and slaps the taste out of his crazy mouth.

    Finally a comedian with a pair. He gets up and insults everyone and anyone. He's just to funny. Dave Chapelle? Yeah, if you want to see him, he's in a padded cell right now. And besides, Dave's comedy was getting old and fast and really was only meant for one race of people where as this show goes to appeal to all races not just one.
  • A hilarious one-man show where the host, comedian Carlos Mencia, gives his thoughts about everyday life with funny, off-color humor.

    I started watching this show 3 weeks ago, and loved it at first sight. The jokes, the sketches, the hilarious public service announcements, the joke about Mencia's mother. This show is absolutely hilarious! Now, I watch it every Wednesday and Saturday night at 9:00 on Comedy Central. As the Comic Book Guy would put it... Best. One-man show. Ever.
  • A MUST-WATCH show if you have a sense of humor.

    At first glance, most people may find this show offensive. Then again, so was Chapelle's Show until people started to "understand" the humor, or until people jumped on the Chappelle Show bandwagon just to be cool.

    A lot of people say that Carlos Mencia is racist. On the show, Mencia has said, "Call me racist; I don't care." The fact is that Mencia has the courage to say things that all of us want to say but can't say in fear of being pelted with stones.

    I make a point to watch this show every week. I love the humor, I love the topics he covers (like the segment about how real gardeners are), and I love the ending segments like "Why the F*** is this News?!"

    I've loved Carlos Mencia's comedy every since I saw his Comedy Central Presents special. I, unfortunately, have never had the chance to see him live. If I ever do, you bet that I'll go. I must admit that I do get tired of the screaming and yelling, but that's Mencia's delivery. The content, to me, matters more than the delivery.

    Everyone who has a sense of humor has to watch this show. If you can't take a joke, change the channel.
  • This show is hilarious. Mencia is great. Though I don't watch this show very much as I watch Chapelle.

    This show is hilarious. Mencia is great. Though I don't watch this show very much as I watch Chapelle.
    I have seen this show once in a while and I find it very funny but sometimes his jokes or whatever he does is plain unfunny its still a good show though.
  • A show that is funny and is the truth.

    To me this show is hilarious. I love it. It's a show about a man by the name of Carlos Mencia who has a 30 minute show where he can speak his mind. When he speaks it's the truth. This show is not a rip-off of the show with dave Chapelle. If you look the shows are different. They are not done the same at all. From "Mind of Mencia," I love "Why the $&*! is this News?" That was so funny to me.
  • Great show, Carlos is the funniest comedian on TV.

    If you don't like this show, You are totally void of a sense of humor. So go back to watching your crappy American Idol and Survivor and don't write reviews on this. Its the best show on Comedy Central right now. I'll be watching as long as it remains on the air.
  • those two who gave this a 0.1, obviosly do not have a sense of humor, this show is the funniest, not even dave chappelle is greater than him

    great show, carlos mencia is the best stand up comidean tv show on air these days, chappelle- must be almost deaf as he does not stop yelling, cannon- tries and tries again to act black but fails again and agian.
    only one comedian is funnier than carlos mencia
    is george carlin, but for a slightly younger audience cm is the best joice, and does not have to F -this F- that to be funny.
  • Could be almost as good as chapelle's show.

    Carlos Mencia is not a very good stand-up comedian. He is very unorigional, annoying and boring. However, some of the skits on the show are very funny. Unfortunately, there is way oo much of Carlos Mencia just talking and talking and talking and offending and talking. His show can never compare to the greatness of Chappelle's show. I don't personally find Mencia offfensive, but I think a lot more people would watch the show if we would just shut up and play some skits.
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