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  • Same old jokes

    I was excited to watch Mind Of Mencia, but severly disappointed. First he started off by condoning racism against muslims, and being proud of it. He tried to say that blacks, mexicans, and women went through discrimination, so muslims should to. Then he rehashed the same mexican jokes for 10 minutes. They he made the same celebrity jokes that are on every single late night talk show every night, and he thinks he is cutting edge. The only highlight of the first episode was when he brought Peter Boyle on to read a 'fanletter', that was very funny stuff. Mencia thinks he is bringing a fresh new perspective to TV but he is just reusing jokes. Do us a favor, call Dave Chappelle up, learn how to do a good comedy show.
  • This was hillarious. I was in tears the whole show. I can't wait for next week.

    Mencia makes fun of everybody. There is standup mixed with skits. There is something similair yet VERY different between him and Chapelle. Besides he's here filming, while Chapelle, while we will see when he will be back...

    If you can take a joke and like standup catch this show you won't regret it.
  • It's like Chappelle's show, except it's dumb and not funny.

    From the previews promoting this 'edgy' guy Carlos Mencia who has a half decent Comedy Central Presents, it seems like Comedy Central is looking to make another Chappelle's show, now that the series has been suspended indefinitley. Even the opening scene of the show directly takes the musicians on the white background of the Chappelle's show opening. The format of the show seems to be the same too, except that Mind of Mencia has a lot more standup than sketches. However, the similarities end there. While Chappelle's show has hillarious standup comedy with great social commentary, Carlos Mencia's jokes are limited to making mexican inside jokes and the "hey you arabs and everyone, you better like our country or geeeet out" additude that began to plague Tough Crowd towards the end. While there are a few funny jokes here and there, there is a serious lack of intelligence or wit in his jokes, and the only 'edgyness' that ever presents itself is the same old mexican jokes you've heard thousands of times in the Original Latin Kings of Comedy, making fun of terrorists the same old ways (which has been done countless times since 9/11), and ridiculing celebrities, and who isn't fed up with that. Basically, you'll only find Mind of Mencia funny if you're a preteen or if you have below average IQ. This show doesn't deserve to be next to classic shows such as South Park, the Daily Show, and Chappelle's show, but at least it isn't as bad as Kid Notorious.
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