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  • im not racist but this show is funny

    Sure his jokes sound racist but its comedy.comedians dont have much orignal people need to lighten up seriously we dont have alot of funny stuff to laugh about but this guy makes this stuff funny as hell.i mean come on before this we had Dave Chapplle play a black guy who was a member of the kkk and pretty sure alot of people were laughing at thatand i bet you some of them were not white.the thing is carlos took over Chappelles role as funny comedian.And if people dont like turn it to somthing else.he was the one who made dee dee a catch phrase.
  • More idiots need to watch this show because it shows you how dumb you really are :lol:

    Mind of Mencia is a comedy show that stars Carlos Mencia, as the name implies. Carlos rants and speaks his thoughts on the stage without viewing who he might offend. Why? Because he just don't give a crp that he offends people! His catch phrase, "Dee dee dee!" has shocked many of those who are stuck in the crappy life that is politically corrected, but actually isn't a term used to joke those born mentally-handicapped. Instead, it is for those who become stupid later in life! His funny and yet seemingly cruel attitude towards all types is hilarious in many ways. He has actors peform, he tells jokes, and all jam-packed into thirty minutes of pure craziness! This show is a must see for those who think being politically correct is destroying our freedom of speech.
  • this is a great show. i love this show. im watching this show right now. it is a must watch. If ur parents let u do it. it is a mature show and u should only wathc it if ur parents let u but if they do definitely wathc it do it right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this is a great show. i love this show. im watching this show right now. it is a must watch. If ur parents let u do it. it is a mature show and u should only wathc it if ur parents let u but if they do definitely wathc it do it right now!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is a great show. i love this show. im watching this show right now. it is a must watch. If ur parents let u do it. it is a mature show and u should only wathc it if ur parents let u but if they do definitely wathc it do it right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • its about this guy name carlos mencia and he makes everthing un the news or what ever he thinks would turn funny and bi=uts it in a comedy act.

    this show is the best it all about what carlos thoughts on the world and puts it as a comedy it is in my shows list you should have it on your shows list to. if you get a chace you should watch his show. his show is so funny it almost made me cry by lauging. he is the best comedyn next to George lopez. he is racies but thats what makes him funny if you dont think so then you can personly send me a email telling me that he suscks. Im just kiding but he is racies.
  • This show is so funny it should have a marathon.

    Carlos my man you are hilarious . With the wetback and beaner jokes . Your gold . I love the episode where you lose your memory and you have to go through the past to remember . My second favorite is the one where you go to the rennesaince fair and the gay part of L.A . Those were most memorable . Kind of like the time you told us how your dad got you to where a seat belt , I almost died laughing . All your jokes do kind of make a point and thats awesome . .
  • Mind Of Mencia is a show where funnyman Carlos Mencia gives us his topics on things such as illegal immigration and Kanye West through sketches and ramblings.

    When Mind Of Mencia premiered in 2005 i overlooked it and never watched it. Thankfully however one day when I was bored I decided to watch it. Thank the Lord I did!Carlos Mencia is nothing short of extraordinary in his hilarious opinions on Beaners among others. Carlos also shows off with his sketches about old people, Kanye West, Brokeback Mountain, The Sopranoes,Desperate Housewives, etc. SInce Carlos talks about differents subjects and people he can't be considered racist or off-color. He also has funny guest stars on his show such as Tony Hawk, Robin Williams and Peter Boyle. So if you want to watch the best comedian out there in action watch Mind Of Mencia!
  • The Most Honest Comedian On Television

    Carlos Mencia is the most honest man on television, bar none. I have always been a brutally honest person myself, which is why I identify with Carlos' approach to comedy. I believe, as Carlos does, that truth wins out over tact every time. Irreverent, politically incorrect, and offensive to the extreme, Carlos Mencia is laugh out loud hilarious for those of us willing to suspend our disbelief like art requires, but the closed-minded should beware, lest they laugh at a joke that before this they didn't think was funny. That's what makes Carlos Mencia's seemingly divisive comedy so uniting: his unfailing ability to change people's perceptions about certain issues just by saying what they were afraid to. So watch "Mind of Mencia" on Comedy Central. And remember: "If you ain't laughin', you ain't livin'!"
  • This show is awsome it gets better very season better than dave chapple in my opintion

    this show is so cool I wacth it all the time,carlos tells it like it is he is not afraid to say the truth he is so funny.oh but theres just somepeople who say (in a moking voice) "this show is just a ripp off of dave chapple it copies a lot of pardy sckhes from it".

    hey idots when did it ever copy from dave chapple and in my opintion it does parodys better chaple so I suggest you stop dissing this show and get over yourselfs and besides where is dave chapple huh I dont see him in the comedy central line up anymore so just like carlos says see ya DEE DEE DEEs.
  • Carlos Mencia brings America to its knee's with his super funny comedy about Societys flaws and stearotypes.


    I love this show, I love Carlos Mencia!! He is just so funny! A lot of people have said his show is a lot like The Dave Chapelle Show but the Dead wrong! Chapelle is okay but come on, If Chapelle and Mencia ware to have a comedy battle, Carlos would KILL Chapelle, they on two different levels.
    Carlos takes your everyday stereotypes and makes fun of them. Every punch line is a bowl of laughs!
    The sketches on this show are just great! Most of the time Carlos just goes on the streets of L.A and just interviews normal people...OMG the things people say!
    This is a great show!!!! I'm just so sick of the negative reviews for it!
  • This is just a funny show!

    Carlos Mencia takes on every type of person there is in this world.Every joke is so well played and makes me laugh all the way out of my seat.My friend and I really like to repeat lines that we really like and we also like so say,"Dee,dee,dee!" all the time!All of the episodes are good especially the one where Carlos does the skit with him compairing what people do in other contries to what people do in America.And it just made me laugh every time the midget makes a comment of what midgets like him do most of the time.Myself I give this show 10/10 since this show is really cutting-edge and is just so funny!
  • Delightfully distastefull

    A show that teaches people to laugh at not just at stereotypes of others but teaches them to laugh at stereotypes of themselves. Each show has a new way of making laughing at different stereotypes whether its about races, religions, politics, celebrities, etc. No one is at mercy when Mencia takes the stand.
  • dis show kicks as*

    damn man im a "beaner" and i still think dat dis is some of da funniest sh*t eva to grace my tv screen, eva i mean damn man if albert einstein was still alive hed be walkin round town goin de dede and some crazy sh*t like dat m,an da office pipmp was so funny i almost cried man i mean serriously dude go from piss,... to pimp hahahaha no seriously though man how do you do it dude this show is one of da best dat i have eva seen dawg, well im almost done so peace dawgs, ya boy Juanito

  • Mind of Mencia, in my mind, is one of the funniest shows on T.V.. I show for fans of comedy.

    Mind of Mencia started about a year ago. The show was a hit and it took a break for a bit, but then when it hit it's second season, it became more popular. Mind of Mencia stars funny man, Carlos Mencia. He is ver humorous with his racial jokes and funny skits. This show also, stars Brad the Midget and his Carlos's brother, Joseph Mencia. Carlos has his own catch phrase when ever he talks about some who is kind of stupid. He uses the words Dee-De-Deee. It sounds way funnier when you hear him say it. Mind of Mencia has had multiple celebrities on the show such as, Gene Simmons from the band Kiss and Tony Hawk, the professionsal skateborder. Mind of Mencia is currently on their 3rd season and doing very well. Although many people have complaints about his racial slurs, the show still is a very successful show. Tune into Comedy Central to see Carlos do his thing. This is just an overall, excelleny show. Recommendable to any stand-up comic fan.
  • this show is so NOT Dee Dee Dee

    this show is very funny I'm glad carlos got his ownshow and i enjoy this shoe i love the jokes. Carlos is funnier than George lopez way funnier and i like the products carlos invents he makes fun of asias alot but hey asians are smart. when carlos goes on the streets of LA and asks the queztions its really funny theres alays a laugh nothing is ever ot funny thats about it theres not much to say.

    Carlos Rules, Carlos Rules, Carlos Rules, Carlos Rules, Carlos Rules, Carlos Rules, Carlos Rules, Carlos Rules, Carlos Rules, Carlos Rules, Carlos Rules
  • The best show in whole world never has been never will be a better show

    The best show in whole world never has been never will be a better show i also liked black hawk down as a movie not a show this is alot of words i got to say but ill say mencia is awsome and so is his showok half way there i feel like this is a book reaport lol carlos mencia is so fun and i would support him all the way throgh his career i would always rate him a ten out of ten a 20 out of 20 and a 100 out of a 100 never been a better show ever
  • Carlos is the man. He makes jokes about everybody.

    Carlos Mencia is not afraid to speak his mind. He's hilarious probably the only good comedian that doesn't over do it or sound retarded. It's a wonderful show. I mean come on, Look at the other shows on comedy central. Is David Spade really that funny. South Park and Dave Chapelle are funny, but Mencia is my favorite, except for Mad TV. Carlos makes jokes about everything. Celebrities, Political Issues, potheads, bumper stickers. Everything(emphasise). It's an overall funny show. He's a funny man. I actually get his jokes. I mean they're funny Ha Ha Ha it's just great man. great.
  • Deeeeee-Dee-Deeeeee

    This show is one of my absolute favorites! If you've never wrote hate mail to it your crazy. Crazy fan of Carlos Mencia. This show is absurd, hurtful, condisending, racial, contraversal, and completly and totally histariacal!!! To tell the truth T.V. was getting a little boring and then someone comes along and rocks your world. He says what everyone out there thinks but no one wants to say. See there are the thinkers and the sayers and he is most certantly a sayer! Every second of his every show is sooo funny but the thing is it's all the truth!! It's deffenitly influnced alot of people and I'm not so sure for the better. All I know is it just keeps getting better and better.
  • needs to do alittle better...

    Many have called comic Carlos Mencia, the Dave Chappelle of Hispanic comedy and that’s probably true. But that’s not where Mencia stops. He mocks everyone. Whether you’re white, black, Jewish, Asian, Muslim, Persian, Swedish...it doesn’t matter, you’re going to get trashed sometime during his cult Comedy Central show, Mind of Mencia.

    Mencia isn’t always funny. He’s always trying to be as offensive and one-sided as possible and while that is often refreshing, from time to time, it borderlines on derivative and offensive. You can only hear the negative slang term ‘Wetback’ so many times before it ceases to be funny and transforms into genuinely hurtful, or even racist. But, as I said, that’s what Mencia’s out to due: to piss us off. He succeeds, gathering quite a few laughs along the way.

    The biggest problem with Menica is that he’s not a particularly good comic. He’s funny, but a lot of his material gets recycled over and over again. In the first two episodes he made two black Olympian jokes. The next two episodes, he made that same mistake again, repeating an already unfunny joke. Mencia is a limited comic with some slightly unoriginal material. However, he’s the first truly popular Hispanic comic, which is where his credit is earned. Actor John Leguizamo took his shot a few years back, but only earned a slight cult status after a few HBO comedy specials.

    Mind of Mencia is basically split up into three sections: Mencia’s stand-up act, Mencia doing a ‘Jay-walking’ type sketch and real sketches based on stand-up material featured earlier in the show. The stand-up act is tiresome. This is where the show fails. It’s hard for a comic to find fifteen minutes of solid stand-up material each week and Mencia does the best he can, but it can get very repetitive. The ‘Jay-walking’ stuff is hit-and-miss, but usually funny. The sketches, just like Dave Chappelle’s now defunct show, are the true gems of each episode. Very rarely do these miss and they’re basically the only reason to keep watching.

    I hope that Mencia changes the format of his show in future seasons to better accommodate his strengths, otherwise he won’t last much longer as a comic. Rather, he’ll burn out and fade away like so many comics who’ve come before him.
  • Great

    This show can only be described by one word "great". Another must see comedy show out there that shows somebody can make racism funny even if the racism is to their own race. It deals with political issues in a way and shows the screw ups in te world today, also shows that free speech still lives on and that comedians can do a tv show(like chelsea handler). Some see it as wrong and stupid and a crime to exist but most people see it as a great tv show that will go on for a long time and go strong.
  • A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

    This the show that I wait for every WEdnesday to watch this show is awesome because he bases his comedy on actual events. You won't believe what comedy Carlos Mencia has stored. Skits, stand-up, and politically incorrect material all add up to a Wednesday that even Animal Planet couldn't make wilder. So grab a chair and watch this show every Wednesday. Even get his edition of Brokeback Mountain. Meet "The King of the Beaners" every Wednesday at 10:30 on Comedy Central. They'll be waiting. And watch his spring break guide. He's awesome. You've got to watch his show. Yeah! Woo-hoo!
  • One of the best shows from a guy who really believes in free speech.

    This is a nice show from a comedian who really believes in free speech. He doesn\'t mess around with political correctness. I have watched pretty much all of his comedy acts or listened to them and I can tell you for a fact he doesn\'t care about what other people think. This is definatly a show to watch one day. Yes it may sound extremly racial, but it\'s all in good fun. He even makes fun of his own race, how much better can it get? It\'s way different, if he couldn\'t even make fun of himself and his race. Definatly give this show a chance.
  • Carlos Mencia, a latino comedian who says what we are too scared to say, he talks about race and sterotypes and don't get made at him for speaking the truth.

    Carlos Mencia is really, my new best friend, I love him. His so funny, he starts his shows off with a really funny 10 minute stand - up and then he goes on the streets and interviews normal people about there thoughts and in the end he does a skit. The show is so funny, I promise you that if you watch just one episode you want stop laughing. The guys great!
  • After South Park is this show. As good as South Park.

    South Park sould marry this show. Now we have two funny shows in a hour ppackage every day... almost. Mind of Mencia isn't for you know... people who hate sterotypes. But since people think im white... but since technaictly i am hispanic.... i am classifed as a real person who can't be sterotyped! Ha ha! Anyways I think this show is great and also never rent this shows jokes. I did and learned that sterotyping isn't my thing. Writing is something I can stick with. Now sterotypes is not what this show only made of. Add laughs, comedy and a tiny bit of news and you get Mencia Soup. And it has 10 points just from me! Mencia truly unpredictable. What he just sterotyped me! Ah man! Well... Mencia your still funny you get a ten out of ten.
  • Carlos Mencia says the things that you and I think but would never have the guts to say. I love watching this and it is a guaranteed laugh whenever you tune it in. His antics and humor have brought new life to the sketch comedy genre. It's not the Chapel

    Carlos Mencia says the things that you and I think but would never have the guts to say. I love watching this and it is a guaranteed laugh whenever you tune it in. His antics and humor have brought new life to the sketch comedy genre. And for those of you who think that his show is only a "Temporary" fill in for the Chapelle show I am here to tell you that Carlos is here to stay!
  • "Look, for all you stupid people..." Carlos Mencia is a true beaner. I love wen ppl make fun of everyone and everything and jus speaks da truth.

    Dis show is so damn truthful, yet so freackin funny. the truth could've never been dis hilarious. he makes fun of everyone: beaners, crackers, wetbacks, black ppl, asian ppl, arabs, etc... best thing of all, he has no shame in his game. he has really taught me not to be afraid to speak my mind. for everyone who thinks his jokes go over board, u could kiss mi culo pendejo, y que tu madre te diga como de dee dee dee tu eres. now dat's sum true beaner trash talk. so for all you dee dee dee's, carlos will be more then proud to tell you who screwed your mother.
  • This show is so funny, i'm in love with it.

    This show is great. Mencia pushes everything as far as it can and sometimes a little farther. The show talks about all different people from retard to mexican. Everything Mencia saids is true and that's the funnist part. Sometimes i feel bad for laughing but it's impossible not to. I give this show two thumbs way, way up for Mind Of Mencia.
  • I love this show it not only picks on gays, Jews, and Beaners, but it also makes fun of everyone that some people are scared to be made fun of (i.e. Blacks, Asians, Whites, and Politicians!)

    I love this show it not only picks on gays, Jews, and Beaners, but it also makes fun of everyone that some people are scared to be made fun of (i.e. Blacks, Asians, Whites, and Politicians!) This guy is awesome he does not care about what the hell people think about him. Everyone I know thinks he\'s hilarious and everything he says is true. His main thing if freedom of speech which some dumasses think that it\'s illegal or something to say that retards (or dee-dee-dee\'s) aren\'t made fun of (they are.) Thank God there\'s actually something to look foward to on Wednsday nights!
  • DEE DEE DEE Watch this show it will make you laugh till you shit yourself

    If you think that this show sucks....you pussies can go back to watching retarded Barney reruns and burn in hell, cuz this is the funniest show to hit tv sence Stankervision and is still showing and goin strong. The comedy is as origanal as anybody can get and the profanity.....well you know it's gotta fuckin be in there. So go get the Uncencored Sesson 1 and laugh the shit out of yourself if you hate it, go to hell!!!!!
  • This is my perspective. I hope it doesnt offend. I enjoy comedy, so i try to have an open mind about every comedian.

    The mind of mencia show is refreshing!! He shows us such a different perspective. Its crazy the things he gets away with.....

    He\'s harmless though and ya, he talks a lot of shit, but he\'s no racist.

    Laughter is good for your immune system, skin and brain.....

    You only live once, so laugh......its free

    :) :) :) :)
  • this show rules carlos mencia is one of the funniest comedians in my mind. his comedy is my style read more to find out.

    mind of mencia staring carlos mencia is funny because he is spanish and he does jokes about races in america. not being affencive carlos eases america with his jokes. like the new season episode when he fakes being gay basicly to be funny then go's to a field were he becomes strait mexican by playing mariachy bands and pinata smacking. oh yea joseph mencia is also a funny cast member in this show because he is random and he is crazy. also not many people know that he mencias brother. thats the review mind of mencia is a must see.

    ps: dur durdur
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