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  • Carlos Mencia is a Mexican comedian who isn't funny in the least...racial jokes, yeah, those are where the real laughs are...too bad Mencia fails at it.

    Every episode on that show is the same...and the material is unimaginative...

    Chapelle's Show, which is compared to a lot, at least makes some outrageous skits that deserves the laughs and applause it gets. Mencia? Let's get a buncha races together and I'll sing a sone with all the stereotypes, and bring in a midget for fun!

    Oh, let's also ask people on the street about how this race is so lazy, or this race steals a lot...and mention the word beaner like 50 times an episode...

    Let's make fun of REEEEETTAAAAAHHHHHDED people and dee dee deee deeeeeee!!! Horrible show, lame 'comedian'.

  • The guy can be funny when he's telling jokes and not wasting time talking about how offensive he is. A disgrace to Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Lenny Bruce, and Bill Hicks. The rebel comedians who were actually telling jokes.

    Carlos Mencia has the ability to be funny. We all do, but Carlos just seems to not want to even try, or at least be original or entertaining. The show drags and feels days longer than it should. Here's a few reasons for my hate of this show.

    A. Mencia can't stop blabbing on and on and on and on and on about how offensive he is. Carlos, if you're so offensive, prove it.

    and B. All of his "offensive jokes" have been told before on "Chappelle's Show".

    They say he's the next Dave Chappelle. NO, he's not. "Chappelle's Show" was hilarious because every sketch made you say "How in hell is he getting away with this?" Every sketch was shocking and brilliant.

    But that isn't what Carlos Mencia does at all. What Mencia does is read a hate letter (written by who I'd assume to be the Holy Roller type that can't stop blabbering "The End is Near"), talk about something he saw on CNN and repeat what he heard with his LAME comedic timing, and then say how offensive what he just said was.

    He's dumbing his viewers down. It's his viewers that made the "Dukes of Hazzard" movie a hit. Me personally, I like comedy that trusts me enough to let me know what is and isnt't funny, not some guy who points it out immediately after he says it then examines it longer than it even took him to say it.

    Carlos isn't funny. Carlos isn't offensive. Yet, Comedy Central plays his show daily and gets viewers. Come on, if your that desperate for another "Chappelle's Show" buy the DVDs or check out some Bill Hicks, George Carlin, and Richard Pryor CDs and DVDs. They're funnier, more offensive, and respect their audience.
  • Rip off of Dave Chapelle!

    The show is a piece of crap he thinks he's funny but not same old jokes Amanda show is better and Amanda show sucks! same old jokes "hey you arab people" oh shut the hell up with the same dumb jokes! i bet barney can make a better comedy show and stuff well he said he is better then Dave Chapple the God of Comedy. Exuse me?! what idiot would laugh at the show if they did sew them and put them to life in prision! well stay away form this crappy show only mentely Retarded people watch it and the best of the best watch Chapelle! and remember the Word "Its a rip off to Dave Chapple!" =(
  • Mencia is an idiont. i hate him. he is not funny. he tells offensive racial jokes on his show like he is the first person to ever be "bold" enough to do it.

    Mencia is an idiont. i hate him. he is not funny. he tells offensive racial jokes on his show like he is the first person to ever be "bold" enough to do it. anyone who watches this show does not know real comedy. that is what i think. mencia is "rah-tardeeeeead"
  • Not only rather unfunny, but frankly offensive without any redeeming qualities

    The Chappelle Show broke ground in recent years concerning minorities having comedy shows accepted by all, as most people know. This show is often compared to the Chappelle Show, except Mexican. Unfortunately, this show is nothing like the Chappelle Show, in that Mencia comes off as a racist, hypocritical fool, and the show simply isn't funny or, more importantly, in good taste.

    For example: His views on the prejudice shown towards Arabic people lately in the country. He says he supports it, saying something along the lines of "We Mexicans and the blacks have been dealing with it for years, now it's your turn!" What kind of attitude is that, promoting racism against innocent citizens? He also refers to Arab people as "Achmed" rudely and draws on the old racist adages of Arab taxicab drivers, and so on. It would be one thing if, as Dave Chappelle may do, say it lightly and have it be, you know, actually FUNNY, like a comedy show should be. Unfortunately, this, like many of his skits, falls flat on its face in the humor department. Chappelle would also say it jokingly, while Mencia carried out the whole thing in a serious tone, or a tone that showed that he cared somewhat about what he was saying. This is debatable, but the fact remains that there may be people that actually AGREE with the depressingly racist views on this deplorable show.

    The fact is, there is a great deal of tension about the economic and social implications of having a great amount of Mexican people pouring into the United States. While the issues of black racism have somewhat been left in the past, and Dave Chappelle knows his limits when it comes to joking, the national issue of mass immigration is still very much at large. And Mencia lacks the finesse necessary to make a sharp political and social commentary on this issue. All he says about it is basically, "Screw you, white people, the Mexicans totally own you!" and the like. Not funny, utterly racist, and, it may be said, somewhat detrimental to society. Other people will have different views about the racial implications of the show, of course, but the fact remains that he's just NOT FUNNY. Dave Chappelle is funny. Mencia's seriousness in his jokes takes away from their comedic possibility, and makes him come off as a prejudiced moron. The show's not funny, the jokes (concerning the delicate matters of Mexican immigration and poverty and unemployment, among many other serious subjects) are handled shockingly poorly and with a total lack of finesse, and there are better things to be watching when this is on. There's no reason to do anything besides change the channel when this idiot comes on.
  • Wow, that's all I can say

    This is not a good show. I don't care what people say, it's not. Carlos Mencia just makes fun of himself and he consists of using the same jokes over and over again. The dee-dee-dee thing gets old fast, it's not even really that funny. I usually don't even crack a smile at this show. I usually just change the channel.
  • Easily said, he isn't offensive.

    No, not offensive at all. Just horrible. The only remotely offensive thing is that he isn't canceled yet. He tries to be offensive and that is worse. Give us back Chappelle, dump this crap.

    I want a classic lineup, Reno 911, South Park, Daily Show, and Adam's show.

    This is worse than Spade's new show and that is saying a lot.

    This is worse than Blue Collar TV, and that is saying even more.
  • Horrible.

    Who thought of this show should be ashamed of themselves. This show is horrible. How many ethnic jokes can you tell in a half-hour. He\'s not funny and to sit through 22 minutes (after commercials) of him is just ridiculous. If you want to punish someone, make them watch this show. I know Comedy Central can do better than this. I mean Weekends at the D.L. has been on for a week and its better developed than this show. We need Dave Chappelle back. Even though I do not like him as a comedian he can put on a funny show. He can make fun of stereotypes in a funny, non-disrepectful way. Someone needs to take this ability and show Mencia how to tell a joke.
  • This show sucks

    Mind of mencia sucks big time, I'm mean come on I'm funnier then this guy but he does make more money then i do so that means he's better then me, (happy there showing Mr. Show on CC every once and awhile the funniest sketch show off all time), Mind of mencia is run of the mill crap, he really hits all the obvious race jokes and has nothing original, he thinks he's hard hitting comedy but I've heard all of it before 10 times over. They need to bring back the smart comedies, Mr. Show, UCB, Strangers with candy, Arrested Development.
  • wow..this is completely unfunny

    To me....this seems like another shot to try and get a replacement for Dave Chappelle... but this is far from Chappelle's style of being funny. Carlos Mencia's impressions aren't even funny they're the same stupid accent with the same stupid IQ. Another thing about his comedy stylings is that he is a racist, he says that we should embrace other cultures by making fun of others....hmmm but he seems to favor making fun of middle eastern people ...i think this shows to him being a hypocrit and just making fun of other races. Its okay i guess if you like getting thrown the same stero-types over and over again...
  • I get it your mexican

    i freakin hate this show look im mexican (not no 4th or 5th generation like mencia) but born in mexico mexican and after 5 minutes this guy annoys the hell out of me. with his race jokes there not funny and after a while just get old. his wanna be edgy style just sucks. bring back chappelle comedy central!
  • Proof that obnoxious and funny are not synonyms.

    The list of unfunny Comedy Central shows continues to grow with the addition of "Mind of Mencia". This guy tries so hard to be offensive that it gets in the way of whatever humour might be present. At least, I assume the offensiveness is intentional, because if he was naturally this annoying, he probably wouldn't have made it to (chronological) adulthood. This is the kind of garbage I would expect from MTV. Still, it gets higher than a flat zero because it is better than Colin Quinn's Whine-O-Rama (except for the episodes with Sarah Silverman -- why don't they give her or Nancy Pimental a show instead?). This is one of my "WC" shows -- that is, if the only two things on TV were this and the Weather Channel, I'd choose the Weather Channel.
  • Whose more wasted: Carlos Mencia or the people that find him funny?

    After building up his reputation as a pretty good stand-up comedian, Carlos Mencia is determined to soil his name with his new Comedy Central show. Carlos Mencia, basically, shows an unfunny skit, yells, breaks something, and yells at his audience for not laughing. His jokes are on hackneyed material that any stupid third-grader could compose.
  • You don't replace Chappelle's Show with a poorly done rip off which worst of all, ISN'T FUNNY!!! And enough with the race jokes. We get it, you say beaner a lot. Chappelle did race stuff, but was funny about it. Mencia doesn't have the funny part of the e

    Mencia tries way too hard to be "edgy" and offensive. Just because you say beaner and cracker all the time, doesn't mean you are edgy and funny. People laughed at Chappelle's Show not just because it was edgy and made racial joke, but because it was smart and FUNNY. Mencia isn't any of those. He might as well just go on stage and yell out, "I'm trying to be offensive! Aaaaah! Beaner, cracker!"

  • Complete crap.

    Really, I can't say much about this show. It's just terrible. This moron's material is completely unorignal and not funny. He's probably the first "comedian" I've heard in decades use the "asian's are bad drivers" joke. Give me a break. What is wrong with Comedy Central? They need a show like "Win Ben Stein's Money" or "The Man Show" again. Sure they have "The Daily Show" and their stand-up specials, but what's with all these terrible shows they came out with this month? Someone needs to go smack Chapelle around and get him to do his show again.
  • UGH!!! Men-Stealia!!!

    This rip off artist made things really close for me to not wanting to watch anything at all on Comedy Central...

    Comedy Central really ticked me off by backing Carlos Men-Stealia, whom has been reported of stealing jokes from other comedians. Whom has admitted to not even being Mexican/Hispanic while making all of his "beaner" jokes... Being Hispanic this completely ticked me off!

    If not for shows like Colbert Report, The Daily Show, Reno 911, and now Krod Mandoon - I would've completely written off this network just for backing this rip off artist instead of listening to noted comedians like Joe Rogan (whom has a devoted following on the interwebs).
  • Carlos Mencia is completely not funny!!!

    i'm sorry, but i don't get it!!! how is his show still on!? his terrible dilivery and mediocre punchlines makes one want to throw rotting vegetables at him. bring back the old days! this man needs to be doused in rotten organic matter!!!!! anyway, someone made a comment about idiots needing to watch this show? well, my friend, check your IQ, because if actually LIKE this drabble, I'm willing to bet it's low. Seriously, folks, he steals jokes, and he just CANNOT DELIVER!!! That's all I've got to say.... filling up words, fillng up words a a a a a excellent.
  • A sad attempt to copy Chappelle.

    Carlos attempts to carry on for Dave Chapelle as the politically risque variety show. It's so very sad. I'm disgusted everytime I see a commercial and I'm actually considering avoiding comedy central just because of this ranting idiot. He attempts to create comedy out of sheer shock value, his jokes are hit and miss, he tries to up the value of the show with sex and vulgarity, like viewers can't find that anywhere else. I can only pray that someone comes to their senses and cancels the hell out of this mockery of a variety show. And, with any luck, Carlos Mencia will be struck down by lightning.
  • i would rather hammer nails through both my eyes than watch this steaming pile of drek. its not a matter of political correctness or sensitivity, its just horribly unfunny. if it were possible to give this show a negative numerical rating, i would.

    i would rather hammer nails through both my eyes than watch this steaming pile of drek. its not a matter of political correctness or sensitivity, its just horribly unfunny. if it were possible to give this show a negative numerical rating, i would.

    it was an obvious attempt to replace a far superior show with a relatively talentless and unknown comic. instead of cutting racial observations inspired by personal experience, we now get barely intelligible crapulence slung by a moronic twit with a catchphrase.

    louder does not mean funnier. i am forced to wonder if comedy central thinks that this show can be saved. they seem to have a soft spot for some really really bad shows, and this is one of them. im flummoxed as to how they can have some truly great programs like the daily show AND this vile putrescence on the same network.

    okay, for whatever increasingly frustrating reason this site wont let me give this horrible show a rating of "0.1"... i am FORCED to give it a higher rating than it would ever deserve and i insist that some type of moderator look into this.
  • Carlos Mencia makes bad, offensive "jokes" insulting everyone he possibly can.

    I'm ashamed to admit when this show first came on, I not only watched it but I enjoyed it too. But when the second season came on, I came to the realization this show is ridiculous. In every episode, Carlos Mencia tells some offensive, stereotypical, racist joke and the audience actually laughs. He makes fun of everyone, even his own people, and yet, the show isn't cancelled yet.
    I don't understand why this man would make such jokes, and I really don't understand why people watch this show. It really isn't nice to make fun of other people, but Mencia doesn't seem to understand this.
  • Regardless of widespread accusations of Mencia's tendency to steal other comedians' material, the bottom line is that Mind of Mencia is not funny.

    He's got a huge chunk of the stand-up comedy community calling him a plagiarist and yet here he is with season 3 of Mind of Mencia. Racial humor is not easy, and controversial in nature, but Mencia doesn't seem to put much intelligence or thought into his sketches or material in general. He goes for cheap, obvious, or worn-out stereotypes. Bottom line, he's just not funny. Chapelle and George Lopez use race as a platform for their comedy, and even though Chapelle went for cheap dumb laughs here and there, Mencia cannot hold a candle to either of these guys. I had no expectations because I'd never heard of him before, but I watched maybe three episodes of season one before I started to really hate this show.
  • Carlos Mencia should be locked away or killed to ensure mankind's evolution as a superior species on Earth.

    I have seen about 5 or 6 episodes of this show, and that was WAY more than enough. Comedy Central needed a new racial humor guy after Chappelle, and for some reason, they picked this guy. Guhhh. All the accusations of him stealing jokes aside, the guy is still very unfunny. The only reason I can see that he's doing so well is because the ADD generation gets a kick out of seeing him scream racial slurs and corny catch phrases. (Seriously, "Dee Dee Dee"? Why don't you just slap a limp wrist against your chest and say "Durrrrr", huh Carlos?) Chappelle knew how to deliver a joke about races and creeds with tact, and still be hiliarious. This man can't even begin to figure it out, relying on stereotypes to get him another season. I know the Mencia fans out there will want to flame me for my opinion (before 10pm, I hope...tomorrow's a school day, kids), but it's the truth. There are so many better choices for this style of comedy. If, for some reason, you find yourself about to watch this, do the world a favor and pop in a Chappelle's Show DVD. I know you own one.
  • Mind of Mencia is a complete waste of time. The show is not the least bit funny or entertaining.

    Everyone has to admit that there are thousands of comedians out there more deserving of a show than Carlos Mencia. I saw probably around 5 episodes and in my opinion, that's 5 too many. Mencia just tells clichéd and unfunny jokes.

    We all know that Mind of Mencia came to air when Dave Chappelle suddenly left. Why did Comedy Central choose a man who has been accused of plagiarism by several comedians? Were they that desperate for a replacement show? Who knows?

    But what I do know is that Mind of Mencia is unfunny. His jokes are old and clichéd. He promotes himself to be edgy and controversial but his jokes are really like fecal matter in a bowl with whipped cream on top. It may sound and look good, but it's really just crap.

    Mencia sometimes adds his ever-so-annoying "dee-dee-dee" catchphrase to his jokes. I think the only purpose of dee-dee-dee is to try to make an unfunny joke seem funny but people who have a taste in comedy know that it doesn't work.

    The biggest thing I hate is when Mencia tells a joke and it gets only a few laughs. He then goes by saying something like, "You guys are retarded!" and then he explains his joke. If you're a good comedian, you shouldn't have to explain your jokes. If you were any good, you'd tell your joke, people laugh and you move on.

    I can simply say that Comedy Central must've been desperate for a show and that there are thousands of other comedians more deserving of a show than Mencia. Only the intellectually-impaired will find his show funny and there must be a lot of intellectually-impaired people out there because Mind of Mencia is Comedy Central's 2nd top-rated show. I give this show a 1 and do not recommend it.
  • i can't belive some people that i know see this show and damn whats so damn funny about it its just a bunch of crap

    When i first saw this i was like this s*&t is funny, then more and more came out and i watch. Then it started the unfunny came out and hondurans true color came out it was like the whole point of the show is to support racism and the homos be what they are, and as a Latino i think that makes me and my people look bad in front of the world, when i'm in my school the kids are doing the "Dee DEE dee" thing while i'm doing either "I'm rick james *****" or start singing the "Piss on you" song. main point don't see mind of mencia and get it cancelled.
  • Horrible \\\"comedian\\\", horrible racist.

    Carlos Mencia is nothing but a flat out RACIST.

    You say, \\\"oh, he makes fun of everyone\\\", but the constent, constent, CONSTENT use of racial slurs for mexicans, blacks, whites, etc. is unacceptable. That\\\'s just flat out racism. Not even Richard freakin Pryor used \\\'em as much as he does. He\\\'s hiding his racism behind the \\\"jokes\\\" that he makes, which are nothing but old, unoriginal crap. At least when Chappelle or Pryor did it, they had meaning behind using the words, like the N-Word family, THAT had a purpose for using it. Mencia says it just to say it.
    And all his punchlines he has to yell it like a retard in attempt to get a cheap laugh. Does\\\'t work. Spazzing out isn\\\'t funny anymore.

    When will people realize that this guy isn\\\'t funny??? When will people realize that they could make better ethnic jokes in their sleep? What is so funny about doing the same exact tedious thing for 30+ episodes? When will people learn that his pajamas consist of a white robe and a hooded hat??
    America is getting stupided and stupider by watching Mencia. Not only that, but America is going to become even MORE racist than they are now. Mencia\\\'s message is that it\\\'s okay to make racial jokes and say racial slurs at all times, as long as you wrap it up in a joke-format. He\\\'s showing EVERYONE how to hide their racism!!!
    This has to stop...there\\\'s already enough racism in the country, we don\\\'t need it primetime...
  • Mind of Mencia quite possibly is the most moronic comedy ever created. I truly see nothing funny, or in any way entertaining about this show. It is definitaley a waste of time. Comedy Central should reconsider airing this show. Carlos Mencia has gone dow

    I would say that this show is funny if, Mencia didn't have to make fun of mentally retarded, and homosexuals. How could this even be remotely funny. All he had to do to win over Comedy Central's heart was to take it to the "extreme" and make fun of illegal immigrants, and disabled people. After watching this show I now realize that Comedy Central is definitaley ruining their shows nowadays. Mind of Mencia should be canceled, or if that be looked at closely by the board of directors at Comedy Central. I agree that some scenes (which is not moronic) are funny, but there are not enough to make this show remotely funny.
  • the dude is kind of funny but hasnt he heard of dave chappelle everything about his show reminds me of dave.

    this show is unoriginal bull crap its like comedy central got a mexican dave chappelle everything about his show is a reminder that we need dave chappelle back on tv now agitated every time i watch his show. his a copy catter dave chappelle please dont let him disgrace comedy central like why did you ever leave. this guy is just a wanna be dave chappelle he took dave chappelle idea about addressing things in his community and picking at stereotypes and just made it about mexicans why did comedy central even put this guy up there hes not davechappelle.
  • Quite possibly the worst show Comedy Central has put on the air, Mind of Mencia is a one joke show with a one track mind, and with not a bit of originality to it.

    I would like to preface this review with the following quote:

    "That's like going to Compton and finding the only hispanic teenage girl who isn't pregrant."

    That is one of Carlos Mencia's jokes. Here's another one:

    "That's like going to a NASCAR event and finding the only white girl who doesn't have a black eye."

    Now let's examine these two jokes. What do they have in common? Well, first, they're unfunny. They're both unnecessarily loud and obnoxious. They both play off lame, clichéd stereotypes. And they're the SAME #%@$! JOKE!!! We get it, whatever you're describing is rare! I heard these two plus another of the exact same format ("That's like finding a black guy who dates black chicks!") on promos for the show! They're not even trying to hide the fact that they're completely unoriginal. It's like they have a set template for every line. Just fill in the blanks with a group and a stereotype, and PRESTO! You have yourself a mildly offensive, unfunny, and unoriginal joke.

    These jokes exemplify everthing that is wrong with "Mind of Mencia". It's one racial stereotype after another, followed by a lame joke, followed by Carlos Mencia yelling "I think I crossed the line with that one!!!!!!!!!" Well, no, not really. The only thing truly offensive about your show, Mr. Mencia, is that a man with so little talent has one.

    Unlike "Chappelle's Show" (and it's really an injustice to Dave Chappelle to compare the two), this show includes no relevant or thoughtful social commentary with its potentially volatile racial humor. It's old race jokes taken from the Stand-Up Comedian's Handbook and nothing else. Mexicans are gardeners, Asians are either smart or laundromat owners, and Middle Easterners are terrorists. And that's that. There's no irony or true satire to any of it. In fact, I doubt Carlos Mencia or any of his writers know what either of those words mean. Everything is blatant, in-your-face, screamed-at-the-top-of-his-lungs humor meant to shock. The result is not shock, but rather shame upon witnessing such a sad spectacle.

    The popularity of this show is sad as well, and only further indicates the dumbing down of society. While shows filled with intelligent and (more importantly) funny comedy such as Arrested Development get canned, trash like this gets put on the airwaves for the 18-34 year old male demographic to mindlessly lap up.

    This show is depressing. I cringe every time I see or hear a commercial for the show. I have to put the television on mute or change the channel until it passes. It just... it makes me ashamed to be a part of the same society that allows such an idiotic and unoriginal show to thrive.
  • ya, its one of the worst shows ever...

    you call this comedy? all he does is stand there, make fun of people in the audience, and is racist against anything from-mentaly retarded to black to white, who cares? so many other great stand up acts from:

    Dane Cook
    Nick Swandson
    Dave Chappell

    and others, so why waste time on him?


  • carlos mencia is a talking turd with arms and legs that crawled out of dave chappelles toilet!

    theres the old saying \"there\'s a little truth in every joke\". carlos mencia thinks he can change the worlds view of mexicans and illegals by teaching us all to lighten up and laugh about what is, in fact, a very real problem in the u.s.. go ahead, call me a racist, whatever. the fact is, mind of mencia is a pathetic attempt to bridge the gap between hispanics, whites, blacks, asians. etc., by offering stupid jokes and crappy rip off sketches. nice try, carlos, but i\'m not laughing. please, comedy central, bring back dave chappelle!!!

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