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  • It's like Chappelle's show, except it's dumb and not funny.

    From the previews promoting this 'edgy' guy Carlos Mencia who has a half decent Comedy Central Presents, it seems like Comedy Central is looking to make another Chappelle's show, now that the series has been suspended indefinitley. Even the opening scene of the show directly takes the musicians on the white background of the Chappelle's show opening. The format of the show seems to be the same too, except that Mind of Mencia has a lot more standup than sketches. However, the similarities end there. While Chappelle's show has hillarious standup comedy with great social commentary, Carlos Mencia's jokes are limited to making mexican inside jokes and the "hey you arabs and everyone, you better like our country or geeeet out" additude that began to plague Tough Crowd towards the end. While there are a few funny jokes here and there, there is a serious lack of intelligence or wit in his jokes, and the only 'edgyness' that ever presents itself is the same old mexican jokes you've heard thousands of times in the Original Latin Kings of Comedy, making fun of terrorists the same old ways (which has been done countless times since 9/11), and ridiculing celebrities, and who isn't fed up with that. Basically, you'll only find Mind of Mencia funny if you're a preteen or if you have below average IQ. This show doesn't deserve to be next to classic shows such as South Park, the Daily Show, and Chappelle's show, but at least it isn't as bad as Kid Notorious.
  • This was hillarious. I was in tears the whole show. I can't wait for next week.

    Mencia makes fun of everybody. There is standup mixed with skits. There is something similair yet VERY different between him and Chapelle. Besides he's here filming, while Chapelle, while we will see when he will be back...

    If you can take a joke and like standup catch this show you won't regret it.
  • Same old jokes

    I was excited to watch Mind Of Mencia, but severly disappointed. First he started off by condoning racism against muslims, and being proud of it. He tried to say that blacks, mexicans, and women went through discrimination, so muslims should to. Then he rehashed the same mexican jokes for 10 minutes. They he made the same celebrity jokes that are on every single late night talk show every night, and he thinks he is cutting edge. The only highlight of the first episode was when he brought Peter Boyle on to read a 'fanletter', that was very funny stuff. Mencia thinks he is bringing a fresh new perspective to TV but he is just reusing jokes. Do us a favor, call Dave Chappelle up, learn how to do a good comedy show.
  • Excellent show. Will be watching additional episodes.

    I was a little worried about this show. I've heard that he was rude, vulgar, racist. But you know what, he makes fun of everyone. Even his own race. This guys is a riot. He's great. This is one of the funniest shows I have seen in a while come out of comedy central.
  • About time!

    I've been watching Carlos Mencia for a few years now. I'm very glad he got his own show, however it might be better on a premium channel where he can be a bit more... himself. But, actually it may work out better this way by him getting more exposure than on HBO or Showtime. He is a great comedian and more than deserves his own show.
  • He's certainly not Dave Chappelle.

    Carlos Mencia makes this very clear with his opening that parodies that of "Chappelle's Show", except it has a mariachi band instead of the soul music. Mind of Mencia is certainly not the hispanic-Dave Chappelle. To be that, he would actually have to be funny.

    One of the first rules of being offensive: you can't come out and say "I'm offensive." Not only does it come off like you're being offensive for the sake of offending, but it also sounds like you can't just prove it with your comedy.

    I don't mind offensive comedy. In fact, I'm all for it. But this isn't offensive. It's hackneyed and poorly done.

    The second problem is that Mencia basically just yells all the time. He has almost no levels in his voice other than loud, and that just doesn't play. Yes, there are other "loud" comics out there, but they know how to do it right. Take Lewis Black for example: he knows when to yell and when to play it cool, thus making the yelling more effective.

    Also, he takes a lot of jabs at Arabs for some reason. But a big thing with racial humor is that it's just racist if you're not willing to account for your own race, and I don't think Mencia really does that.

    With such an unfunny and poorly done show, Carlos Mencia certainly doesn't have to worry about being seen as the next Dave Chappelle.
  • Promising but disappointing.

    Mencia is an amazing stand up comedian. One of my favourites and I always enjoyed what he did. When I found out about this I was excited to see him getting a chance for his own show. But as I saw more commercials and watching the actul show I realized he is not show material. Most of the jokes were either really old, or just plain unfunny. The anti-muslim joke thing is getting quite old and Mencia focusing nearly the entire show on them was disappointing. A lot of his jokes and skits were childish and quite stupid. One redeeming part was the hatemail, and that wasn't even his doing. Maybe he will get better in time, but for now this show is disappointing and added to the pile of unfunny Comedy Central shows.
  • Carlos Mencia does his own sketch comedy show.

    I just watched this show today about 5 minutes ago and I thought it was great. Carlos Mencia does a great job on this show and it is really funny. I like the whole show and the sketches are cool, it's offensive and that's what makes it funny. It's a very great show , I love it.
  • This show is sooooooooooo funny

    I love this show... Carlos Mencia is the funniest comedian ever. I love the first episode with Michael Jackson's dancing and The letter that a fan wrote. Also the sign with the family running. I also liked in his new episode is the breaking of the very old things and the Desparate Gardeners. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. You have to see it to get the jokes. I love how he is equally racist to every race... lol. He is soo funny. I can't think of any thing wrong with this show
  • he is one of my personal favs. i have seen hiom on comedy central presents?!?!

    man i loved carlos mencia when i first saw him on comedy central presents and i was like ehh nothing else on. so i started watched it and man i was completely HOOKED! thank god that i have sat. tv because i was able 2 watch him again 3 hours later! i ouldnt stop. hes so brutally honest and the show, MAN!! thas so funny. especially the "why the f&*k is this on tv" segment part of the show! like the emu who ran away, the fact that he said just tell a whole bunch of black people and they are gonna basically gonna go and catch it, and the part of George w Bush, flipping off the camerman, and we elected him, damn! well i saw it and i mean comedy central slash him are gonna need some good lawyers but thats the way he is. who else would have the "yeah" 2 say adam and eve were the only 2 people on earth, they had 3 sons and 2 daughters some one had 2 f*ck their sister! who else would say that and i am even more happier 2 be a latino/ hispanic i really dont know the difference well who cares, i am salvy, hes from honduras, but man he is NATURALLY funny, he was born 2 do this, and no he is not a ripp off of dave chap!
  • Finally he got his own show. About f**king time.

    I looooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeee this show. Carlos is so funny. He speaks his mind no matter who is listening and that why we all love him. He uses his freedom of speech to unites every one in laughing about theirsleves.It rocks so very much.This show so is so stupidly funny.Viva la Menicia.
  • wow..this is completely unfunny

    To me....this seems like another shot to try and get a replacement for Dave Chappelle... but this is far from Chappelle's style of being funny. Carlos Mencia's impressions aren't even funny they're the same stupid accent with the same stupid IQ. Another thing about his comedy stylings is that he is a racist, he says that we should embrace other cultures by making fun of others....hmmm but he seems to favor making fun of middle eastern people ...i think this shows to him being a hypocrit and just making fun of other races. Its okay i guess if you like getting thrown the same stero-types over and over again...
  • Dave Chappelle, WE MISS YOU!

    I understand that due to the absence of Dave Chappelle, Comedy Central has to bring in another offensive comedian, but next time they should pick a comedian that is actually funny. Carlos Mencia has a couple funny jokes, but he needs to come up with some new material. Mencia seems to use the same jokes over and over until you want to beg for something else. Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time with this really mind-numbing show.
  • I get it your mexican

    i freakin hate this show look im mexican (not no 4th or 5th generation like mencia) but born in mexico mexican and after 5 minutes this guy annoys the hell out of me. with his race jokes there not funny and after a while just get old. his wanna be edgy style just sucks. bring back chappelle comedy central!
  • I was in tears from all the laughing throughout the whole show!

    Why are you guys bashing on Mind of Mencia??? He is not ripping anything off from Chappelle Show!Though I can say you can sort of think of his show as the Mexican version. In some ways I think he is actually funier than Dave (and I LOVE Chapelle Show). At first, I thought it was not going to be that good because they were promoting it way too much, but then I saw it and I laughed my a** off! I love this show! its just funny from start to finish and it is about time Comedy Central gave a beaner a show! lol
  • Proof that obnoxious and funny are not synonyms.

    The list of unfunny Comedy Central shows continues to grow with the addition of "Mind of Mencia". This guy tries so hard to be offensive that it gets in the way of whatever humour might be present. At least, I assume the offensiveness is intentional, because if he was naturally this annoying, he probably wouldn't have made it to (chronological) adulthood. This is the kind of garbage I would expect from MTV. Still, it gets higher than a flat zero because it is better than Colin Quinn's Whine-O-Rama (except for the episodes with Sarah Silverman -- why don't they give her or Nancy Pimental a show instead?). This is one of my "WC" shows -- that is, if the only two things on TV were this and the Weather Channel, I'd choose the Weather Channel.
  • "Finally the beaner got a show" Very funny show about a mexican using his right of freedom of speech. God bless America.

    If you thought his 30 minute comedy central standup comedy wasnt enough for him to rant about life, and how stupid, ignorant, and racist people are without not knowing it, he came up with this. If you liked the Chappele Show, you will love this.

    This guy just doesn't stop, he goes after white people, black people, mexicans, arabs, and hindus. But what makes this so good is that what he says is the truth even though people might not accept it because it might seem racist. You gotta love freedom of speech. You shouldn't miss this show especially if you are a latino.
  • Very hilarious and a comedy central winner. This show is a tribute to every off-color joke you've ever wanted to say but couldnt. Like the name of his show suggests its the mind of Carlos Mencia. Great show to bridge gap between Reno911 and Daily Show.

    Very hilarious and a sure fire comedy central winner. This show is a tribute to every off-color joke youve ever wanted to say on TV but couldnt. Like the name of his show suggests its the mind of Carlos Mencia. Great show to bridge gap between Reno911 and Daily Show. We all remember reliving our favorite Chapelles Show quotes and when this show finally gets recognition it will have the kind of power Chapelles off color sketches will have.
  • Some people say this show is like Chapelle's show, but it's totally different (and in my opinion, funnier).

    This show is the best of the new ones from Comedy Central. The host, Carlos Mencia, insults everything including his own race. It's hilarious and it will having you saying, "how does he come up with this?". The funniest parts are the stand-up parts, but there's also skits, which is remarkably funny, but not as funny as his stand-up routines. This is my new favorite show and the funniest on Comedy Central, perhaps even funnier than, dare I say it, South Park? I will definately watch this show until they cancel it because of it's offensive jokes.
  • Carlos Mencia's television debut features him being a bigot for thirty minutes while the rest of the us change the channel.

    There was a time when Comedy Central produced excellent, cutting edge television shows. In a world of Upright Citzens Brigades, Mystery Science Theaters and Daily Shows, we could forgive Comedy Central for the mistakes it made like Strip Mall and Let's Bowl. For a while, everything was good. Then came Dave Chappelle and everything was excellent. But when Dave didn't come back for a third season, Comedy Central struggled to find something or someone to fill his place. Enter Carlos Mencia.

    Mind of Mencia is a thirty minute television show in which Carlos Mencia, who some call the Mexican (although not really, he's Honduran) Lewis Black, does stand up and sketches in the same style as Dave Chappelle. The difference is, Dave was funny and not infurioratingly narrow minded and racist.

    In the first episode, the majority of the sketches were about various Muslim stereotypes, enforcing the painful bias that all Arab people are terrorists. This mindset may have been looked over in the days following 9/11 as a response to the shock, but 4 years later? Mencia is determined to tear down the walls that the Arab population have rebuilt after being harshly judged as co-conspirators in a terrorist act to which they may or may not feel any alleigance to whatsoever. Mencia's sketches capture the same brilliant ignorance as the people who burn down Mosques to get back at al-Queda.

    But, if it were purely a sketch show, then it may have only been marked down to a 5. Unfortunately for Mencia, he does stand up comedy as well. Much like his sketches, Mencia's stand up bits are all race related. He pecks at stereotypes of black, hispanic, asian, white and arab people only to say "What! What! I say what I want!" As if anyone as truly offended by his immature racial slurs. After every joke, he makes a bigger deal about how he's edgy than he does about the punchline (which sometimes isn't even there). He's the equivalent of that guy who laughs at everything he says, but isn't funny.

    That's the main problem with Mind of Mencia. The show simply isn't funny. It's a collection of hamfisted racial slams strung in a semi-coherant sketch or stand up bit. Some may say that this is just what Dave Chappelle did on Chappelle's Show. The difference here is that Dave Chappelle made fun of racism, Carlos Mencia makes fun of races.
  • This show sucks

    Mind of mencia sucks big time, I'm mean come on I'm funnier then this guy but he does make more money then i do so that means he's better then me, (happy there showing Mr. Show on CC every once and awhile the funniest sketch show off all time), Mind of mencia is run of the mill crap, he really hits all the obvious race jokes and has nothing original, he thinks he's hard hitting comedy but I've heard all of it before 10 times over. They need to bring back the smart comedies, Mr. Show, UCB, Strangers with candy, Arrested Development.
  • Its Politically incorrect

    Are we ever going to have another season of “Chappelle’s Show?” I don’t know about that, but since Dave Chappelle is still trying to get his mind together before he brings out his third season on Comedy Central, comedian Carlos Mencia has stepped up to the plate with his show, “The Mind of Mencia.”

    The show is essentially like “Chappelle’s Show,” only with Mencia at the helm. The pilot episode begins and ends with a “Chappelle’s Show”-like intro bit, except instead of an old bluesman playing a harmonica in front of a white background, there is a mariachi band. Mencia comes out and does his opening monologue first. It is a little longer than how Chappelle usually does his, but I’m guessing that it will get shorter as the series progresses (there are ten episodes this season.) He rants about 9/11, and it is a little dated (I watched his 2002 “Comedy Central Presents” special, and he went on about the same stuff. It’s been four years since 9/11…can’t you do something else?) We then get to the sketches. They do parodies of Chili’s and Snickers commercials, both taking place in the Middle East. I’m not offended…but what is Mencia’s obsession with Muslims? There is a third Middle East-inspired skit, Verizon of Iraq cell phones, that is actually funny (“Just because you’re penniless, doesn’t mean you can’t go wireless.”)

    A few skits on the show don’t involve the Middle East. One involves Mencia carrying a road sign depicting a man and a woman, both looking like they are running, and the woman is holding the hand of a little girl. Apparently, this is a common sign in California, similar to a deer crossing sign. He shows this sign to people on the street, who all have their theories as to what the sign means. He also talks to Miles Hogarth, the director of media relations at the California department of transportation, who tries to explain what the signs mean and whom they are intended for. Mencia has them turn off the camera and he secretly films Hogarth saying whom the signs are really for, and it isn’t for families (though when you see the episode, I bet you will agree that this isn’t a real person.) Another bit involves “Everybody Loves Raymond’s” Peter Boyle reading a complaint letter addressed to Mencia, with Mencia cracking up the whole time. Finally, near the end of the show, Mencia does “Celebrity Ticker,” a three-minute rant about celebrities in the news, a la Dennis Miller on his HBO show, showing pictures of them while Mencia comments. He also does a segment he calls “Why the F@#% is This News?,” where a news report over the hunt for two emus boggles his mind.

    I have to be honest…I had never heard of Mencia before I wrote this review. Comedy Central has really been pushing the promotion hard for it, which is commendable. I watched the “Presents” special on Comcast-On-Demand (I’m lovin’ that feature) to write this review. I also heard Mencia being interviewed via telephone on a local Denver radio show, and he was funny. I did my homework, and I now know some of his credits. He has a recurring vocal appearance on the Disney Channel’s animated series “The Proud Family.” In 2000, he released a comedy album on Warner Brothers Records called Take a Joke America, some of which you can hear clips from on his website, carlosmencia.com (at least I think that the clips are from that album.) In 2002, he appeared in two movies, Outta Time (with Mario Lopez) and 29 Palms (with Jeremy Davies, Chris O'Donnell, Bill Pullman, and Rachael Leigh Cook.) Finally, in 2005, Mencia released two DVD’s, The Three Amigos: Uncensored Stand-Up (with Pablo Francisco and Freddy Soto) and Carlos Mencia: Not for the Easily Offended.

    Mencia is very politically incorrect, which I like, so I was hoping that “Mind of Mencia” would be hilarious. I have to say that it didn’t crack me up in the way that I’d hoped. I hate to say this, but “Chappelle” really raised the bar, but if he is going to do a show that is so similar in style, he will have to invite comparisons. I do see potential though
  • I love this show because Mencia is not afraid to make fun of anyone.

    That is what life is about laughter and if you cant see that I feel sorry for you. If you can't take a joke then don't watch the show.But your missing out because it's great. Mind of Mencia is one of the best comedy show I have seen recently. Mencia is even better live!
  • A great show. Very original. This is what a good comedy show should be.

    George Carlin once said, "I think it's the duty of the comedian to find out where the line is drawn and cross it deliberately."

    Carlos Mencia has always been the perfect example of this. He's been a stand-up comic for over ten years now and to see him hosting his own show is proof that good stand-up comics can get far and the art of comedy is not dead (and will not be easily given up to the watered-down comics mostly seen on Comedy Central Presents and Comic View).

    Mind of Mencia is an original show. Carlos Mencia's comedy is raw and real, something that has been missing in popular comedy (as in, the comedy that is televised and given the chance to be brought to pop culture). This show is not only hilarious, but will hopefully open a few eyes to the world around us.

    The fact that this is being compared to The Chappelle Show surprises me. The truth is these are both great comics with two different comedic styles and it shows in their programs. If Comedy Central needed a quick replacement for Chappelle I'm sure they would have looked elsewhere. Not every show on television is made to cover a missing link.

    This country has, in a way, gotten "soft." We are in fear of being politically incorrect (and I would still like to know who sets these rules). We are in fear of looking at our differences and even acknowledging that we may have any. If anything, when Carlos "Ned" Mencia touches on the subject of race he is not mocking it, he is simply making us aware that it's there, we are human, we are different.

    For those that say Carlos Mencia is a racist, is tearing down the blanket of "safety" we have built after 9/11... I direct you to his performance on Comedy Central Presents. One must have a sense of humor, and an education and common sense, to truly appreciate his comedy. Mind of Mencia is his views, the world through his eyes just as he sees it. And the world is pretty darn funny.

    There is no fun in coloring inside the lines.

    Like the title of Carlos Mencia's album states... take a joke America.
  • Awesome show with many contraversial subjects but still, Mencia makes these really funny and tempts me to keep on watching. It borrows a little of the edgy style from Chappelle's show.

    Awesome show with many contraversial subjects but still, Mencia makes these really funny and tempts me to keep on watching. This Show borrows a little edginess from Chappelle's Show but still puts its uniue little twist on it. Awesome show and a must see from those whole like racial, polititical and down right wrong jokes and sketches.
  • Some what like the Chapelle show but with more stand up comady and less skits.

    Carlose Mancia Is one funny man who got luckey and landed a comady central spot. The show is worht watching and will have you rolling in your seat. On grat part of the show is that he makes facke comercials to follow his stand up. He dose get in to race jokes but he like another comidian on comady central make fun of every one. I cnat wait till the next episode so i can piss my paints laughing once again
  • Horrible.

    Who thought of this show should be ashamed of themselves. This show is horrible. How many ethnic jokes can you tell in a half-hour. He\'s not funny and to sit through 22 minutes (after commercials) of him is just ridiculous. If you want to punish someone, make them watch this show. I know Comedy Central can do better than this. I mean Weekends at the D.L. has been on for a week and its better developed than this show. We need Dave Chappelle back. Even though I do not like him as a comedian he can put on a funny show. He can make fun of stereotypes in a funny, non-disrepectful way. Someone needs to take this ability and show Mencia how to tell a joke.
  • Carlos is better live.

    Carlos is a bit hamstrung because he has to clean up his act for tv. He makes up for it with some clever bits, like "Judge Carlos" and "Why the f**k is this news?"

    Whether he is being funny, making a serious point, or doing both simulataneously, he is a pleasure to watch and listen to. His bold and offensive manner is just what the today's politically correct environment was screaming for.

    If you can't handle ethic, racial, or sexual jokes, change the channel. If you're tired of having to check if the coast is clear before you tell one of your favorite jokes, Mind of Mencia should be quite refreshing.
  • This could've been the perfect companion to Chappelle's Show - but it's looking like it will be its replacement.

    I'm loving Mind of Mencia!

    When I first saw this advertised, I thought... "Chappelle Show" ripoff. Bought I've been proven wrong. Mencia is the Yang to Chappelle's Yin. Where Chappelle only did a few seconds of stand-up to introduce the next skit - Mencia spends the majority of his show doing in-your-face stand-up on the topic of the day. Where Chappelle satired the differences in class/race/gender without crossing the line - Carlos Mencia aims straight for the center and dares you to say he's wrong! Where Chappelle relied on other actor/comedians to take some of the burden, Carlos is doing it himself - right down to the street interviews with people from the streets (e.g. - pimps, gardners, the unemployed, etc).

    Considering Mencia is pretty much on every minute of his show, what would happend if he had a staff of actor/comedians at his disposal? He'd probably go an hour a week easy - wouldn't that be a treat!

    If Chappelle doesn't get his act together soon, I bet you'll be hearing about Carlos Mencia getting the $50 Million dollar payday that Chappelle was supposed to get. And he'd deserve it.
  • this show is sooooo funny how can u hate it!!!

    this show is so hilarious i love how he speaks his mind of everything and everyone. i dont kno y ppl dont like his show!! if u get offend it get ova it hes jus jokin around but some ppl cant take a joke!! but i think this show is a 10 no matter wat ppl say!! he makes me laugh!!!
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