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  • The best show EVER. The best show I mean come on he makes fun of every one, he even makes fun of beaners!It's so funny. God dang I wish I had it all of the DVD's and everything..I swear I would watch it ever day.

    I would do anything for tickets to the show and all the seasons on DVD. I would also like it more if it was on more. The best show EVER and I mean EVER notice that EVER is capital. Look at EVER and see. This is so funnny, yet he cusses like there is no tomorrow. He makes funny of himself who has the guts to do that. He makes fun of every one and I mean every one. Even you if your black or white, he don't give a &#(@ or rats @$$! He will just make fun and fun.
  • dis show kicks as*

    damn man im a "beaner" and i still think dat dis is some of da funniest sh*t eva to grace my tv screen, eva i mean damn man if albert einstein was still alive hed be walkin round town goin de dede and some crazy sh*t like dat m,an da office pipmp was so funny i almost cried man i mean serriously dude go from piss,... to pimp hahahaha no seriously though man how do you do it dude this show is one of da best dat i have eva seen dawg, well im almost done so peace dawgs, ya boy Juanito

  • This show sucks

    Mind of mencia sucks big time, I'm mean come on I'm funnier then this guy but he does make more money then i do so that means he's better then me, (happy there showing Mr. Show on CC every once and awhile the funniest sketch show off all time), Mind of mencia is run of the mill crap, he really hits all the obvious race jokes and has nothing original, he thinks he's hard hitting comedy but I've heard all of it before 10 times over. They need to bring back the smart comedies, Mr. Show, UCB, Strangers with candy, Arrested Development.
  • Carlos Mencia is completely not funny!!!

    i'm sorry, but i don't get it!!! how is his show still on!? his terrible dilivery and mediocre punchlines makes one want to throw rotting vegetables at him. bring back the old days! this man needs to be doused in rotten organic matter!!!!! anyway, someone made a comment about idiots needing to watch this show? well, my friend, check your IQ, because if actually LIKE this drabble, I'm willing to bet it's low. Seriously, folks, he steals jokes, and he just CANNOT DELIVER!!! That's all I've got to say.... filling up words, fillng up words a a a a a excellent.
  • Carlos Mencia should be locked away or killed to ensure mankind's evolution as a superior species on Earth.

    I have seen about 5 or 6 episodes of this show, and that was WAY more than enough. Comedy Central needed a new racial humor guy after Chappelle, and for some reason, they picked this guy. Guhhh. All the accusations of him stealing jokes aside, the guy is still very unfunny. The only reason I can see that he's doing so well is because the ADD generation gets a kick out of seeing him scream racial slurs and corny catch phrases. (Seriously, "Dee Dee Dee"? Why don't you just slap a limp wrist against your chest and say "Durrrrr", huh Carlos?) Chappelle knew how to deliver a joke about races and creeds with tact, and still be hiliarious. This man can't even begin to figure it out, relying on stereotypes to get him another season. I know the Mencia fans out there will want to flame me for my opinion (before 10pm, I hope...tomorrow's a school day, kids), but it's the truth. There are so many better choices for this style of comedy. If, for some reason, you find yourself about to watch this, do the world a favor and pop in a Chappelle's Show DVD. I know you own one.
  • Mind of Mencia is a complete waste of time. The show is not the least bit funny or entertaining.

    Everyone has to admit that there are thousands of comedians out there more deserving of a show than Carlos Mencia. I saw probably around 5 episodes and in my opinion, that's 5 too many. Mencia just tells clichéd and unfunny jokes.

    We all know that Mind of Mencia came to air when Dave Chappelle suddenly left. Why did Comedy Central choose a man who has been accused of plagiarism by several comedians? Were they that desperate for a replacement show? Who knows?

    But what I do know is that Mind of Mencia is unfunny. His jokes are old and clichéd. He promotes himself to be edgy and controversial but his jokes are really like fecal matter in a bowl with whipped cream on top. It may sound and look good, but it's really just crap.

    Mencia sometimes adds his ever-so-annoying "dee-dee-dee" catchphrase to his jokes. I think the only purpose of dee-dee-dee is to try to make an unfunny joke seem funny but people who have a taste in comedy know that it doesn't work.

    The biggest thing I hate is when Mencia tells a joke and it gets only a few laughs. He then goes by saying something like, "You guys are retarded!" and then he explains his joke. If you're a good comedian, you shouldn't have to explain your jokes. If you were any good, you'd tell your joke, people laugh and you move on.

    I can simply say that Comedy Central must've been desperate for a show and that there are thousands of other comedians more deserving of a show than Mencia. Only the intellectually-impaired will find his show funny and there must be a lot of intellectually-impaired people out there because Mind of Mencia is Comedy Central's 2nd top-rated show. I give this show a 1 and do not recommend it.
  • UGH!!! Men-Stealia!!!

    This rip off artist made things really close for me to not wanting to watch anything at all on Comedy Central...

    Comedy Central really ticked me off by backing Carlos Men-Stealia, whom has been reported of stealing jokes from other comedians. Whom has admitted to not even being Mexican/Hispanic while making all of his "beaner" jokes... Being Hispanic this completely ticked me off!

    If not for shows like Colbert Report, The Daily Show, Reno 911, and now Krod Mandoon - I would've completely written off this network just for backing this rip off artist instead of listening to noted comedians like Joe Rogan (whom has a devoted following on the interwebs).
  • This show is absolute garbage, not funny, offensive? yes, but not clever.

    Boy is this show just absolute trash, I am not offended by anything, this show is just not good. He is a horrible comedian, the skits are retarded, did anyone see the skit with some old guy defining what bumper stickers mean, that was the most unfunny skit I have ever seen, anywhere, ever, that includes John Leguizamos\\\' House of Buggin. It was just painful to see that dummass forcing out laughs. And the interviews he does are so fake and unfunny, and he has to showcase his hot wife on pretty much every episode, this show will be gone soon, that chick will be gone soon, and hopefully this host will turn up missing.
  • Dave Chappelle, WE MISS YOU!

    I understand that due to the absence of Dave Chappelle, Comedy Central has to bring in another offensive comedian, but next time they should pick a comedian that is actually funny. Carlos Mencia has a couple funny jokes, but he needs to come up with some new material. Mencia seems to use the same jokes over and over until you want to beg for something else. Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time with this really mind-numbing show.
  • Not as good as Chappelle's Show

    Now I've watched this show a couple of times, and I must say that it's ok but it can never level up to Chappelle's Show. There's just something about the crude humor of the Chappelle Show that you can't find in Mind of Mencia.

    To bad Chappelle wont return to replace Mencia.
  • It's like Chappelle's show, except it's dumb and not funny.

    From the previews promoting this 'edgy' guy Carlos Mencia who has a half decent Comedy Central Presents, it seems like Comedy Central is looking to make another Chappelle's show, now that the series has been suspended indefinitley. Even the opening scene of the show directly takes the musicians on the white background of the Chappelle's show opening. The format of the show seems to be the same too, except that Mind of Mencia has a lot more standup than sketches. However, the similarities end there. While Chappelle's show has hillarious standup comedy with great social commentary, Carlos Mencia's jokes are limited to making mexican inside jokes and the "hey you arabs and everyone, you better like our country or geeeet out" additude that began to plague Tough Crowd towards the end. While there are a few funny jokes here and there, there is a serious lack of intelligence or wit in his jokes, and the only 'edgyness' that ever presents itself is the same old mexican jokes you've heard thousands of times in the Original Latin Kings of Comedy, making fun of terrorists the same old ways (which has been done countless times since 9/11), and ridiculing celebrities, and who isn't fed up with that. Basically, you'll only find Mind of Mencia funny if you're a preteen or if you have below average IQ. This show doesn't deserve to be next to classic shows such as South Park, the Daily Show, and Chappelle's show, but at least it isn't as bad as Kid Notorious.
  • Originally a funny show that has recently seemed to be trying to hard to be funny...and isn't succeeding.

    The Mind of Mencia when it first debuted almost seemed like Comedy Centrals way of dealing with the loss of the Chappelle's Show. However, it was more than that. Similar in execution as the Chappelle Show, Mind of Mencia has Carlos Mencia do some stand up bits and talk about things that are "controversial". There are also some skits thrown in which are usually hit and miss.

    When the show first start it was a funny show. The material was somewhat different from the Chappelle Show so it had a somewhat fresh feel. The jokes and topics that were joked about were funny and the skits were also fun to watch. But time has been harsh on the show. The skits have become less and less interesting and some are just plain stupid (example: A wrestling match between all the differnt religions figures, with a Tom Cruise look-a-like intefering for the sake of Scientology; only to have Edge "spear" the Tom Cruise fake and having Carlos cover him.) If you're reading that example and thinking "WTF", it's best to just forget about it. Also the normal stand up that Carlos does either seems to just be rehashed jokes or just too forced to be funny anymore.

    Mind of Mencia in its first season was good; however, its second season has shown a sharp decrease in quality. Some better writers could save the show, but Comedy Central may want to rethink about having a third season.
  • This was hillarious. I was in tears the whole show. I can't wait for next week.

    Mencia makes fun of everybody. There is standup mixed with skits. There is something similair yet VERY different between him and Chapelle. Besides he's here filming, while Chapelle, while we will see when he will be back...

    If you can take a joke and like standup catch this show you won't regret it.
  • Carlos Mencia had some very tough shoes to fill, by being the replacement for Dave Chappelle. So far he has lived up to his promise bringing his unique brand of comedy centered mostly centered on race issues. He's great but he's no Chappelle.

    Like I said, Carlos Mencia had some very hard shoes to fill when he got his own comedy central show. So far his show has been extremely entertaining. Like his predecessor Dave Chappelle he has the ability to control the crowd with his unique brand of humor. Also like Chappelle's show this show deals mostly with race issues, because Carlos Mencia himself is part Mexican and part Honduran. Although Chappelle's show was more loose and more about experimentation, Mencia sticks to his own comedic formula of usng racism as a source of jokes. Though many feel that Mencia is over using the race card to create stronger etnic stereotypes, well they are wrong. Mencia is able to use his racist jokes and try to make fun of racism and try to show, how stupid our society has become. I think Mencia is a genius and a pretty funnny guy and you can see that he really puts his heart and soul into his comedy. He's a great talent, and a great comedian.
  • this show is so NOT Dee Dee Dee

    this show is very funny I'm glad carlos got his ownshow and i enjoy this shoe i love the jokes. Carlos is funnier than George lopez way funnier and i like the products carlos invents he makes fun of asias alot but hey asians are smart. when carlos goes on the streets of LA and asks the queztions its really funny theres alays a laugh nothing is ever ot funny thats about it theres not much to say.

    Carlos Rules, Carlos Rules, Carlos Rules, Carlos Rules, Carlos Rules, Carlos Rules, Carlos Rules, Carlos Rules, Carlos Rules, Carlos Rules, Carlos Rules
  • The best show in whole world never has been never will be a better show

    The best show in whole world never has been never will be a better show i also liked black hawk down as a movie not a show this is alot of words i got to say but ill say mencia is awsome and so is his showok half way there i feel like this is a book reaport lol carlos mencia is so fun and i would support him all the way throgh his career i would always rate him a ten out of ten a 20 out of 20 and a 100 out of a 100 never been a better show ever
  • Carlos is the man. He makes jokes about everybody.

    Carlos Mencia is not afraid to speak his mind. He's hilarious probably the only good comedian that doesn't over do it or sound retarded. It's a wonderful show. I mean come on, Look at the other shows on comedy central. Is David Spade really that funny. South Park and Dave Chapelle are funny, but Mencia is my favorite, except for Mad TV. Carlos makes jokes about everything. Celebrities, Political Issues, potheads, bumper stickers. Everything(emphasise). It's an overall funny show. He's a funny man. I actually get his jokes. I mean they're funny Ha Ha Ha it's just great man. great.
  • needs to do alittle better...

    Many have called comic Carlos Mencia, the Dave Chappelle of Hispanic comedy and that’s probably true. But that’s not where Mencia stops. He mocks everyone. Whether you’re white, black, Jewish, Asian, Muslim, Persian, Swedish...it doesn’t matter, you’re going to get trashed sometime during his cult Comedy Central show, Mind of Mencia.

    Mencia isn’t always funny. He’s always trying to be as offensive and one-sided as possible and while that is often refreshing, from time to time, it borderlines on derivative and offensive. You can only hear the negative slang term ‘Wetback’ so many times before it ceases to be funny and transforms into genuinely hurtful, or even racist. But, as I said, that’s what Mencia’s out to due: to piss us off. He succeeds, gathering quite a few laughs along the way.

    The biggest problem with Menica is that he’s not a particularly good comic. He’s funny, but a lot of his material gets recycled over and over again. In the first two episodes he made two black Olympian jokes. The next two episodes, he made that same mistake again, repeating an already unfunny joke. Mencia is a limited comic with some slightly unoriginal material. However, he’s the first truly popular Hispanic comic, which is where his credit is earned. Actor John Leguizamo took his shot a few years back, but only earned a slight cult status after a few HBO comedy specials.

    Mind of Mencia is basically split up into three sections: Mencia’s stand-up act, Mencia doing a ‘Jay-walking’ type sketch and real sketches based on stand-up material featured earlier in the show. The stand-up act is tiresome. This is where the show fails. It’s hard for a comic to find fifteen minutes of solid stand-up material each week and Mencia does the best he can, but it can get very repetitive. The ‘Jay-walking’ stuff is hit-and-miss, but usually funny. The sketches, just like Dave Chappelle’s now defunct show, are the true gems of each episode. Very rarely do these miss and they’re basically the only reason to keep watching.

    I hope that Mencia changes the format of his show in future seasons to better accommodate his strengths, otherwise he won’t last much longer as a comic. Rather, he’ll burn out and fade away like so many comics who’ve come before him.
  • Great

    This show can only be described by one word "great". Another must see comedy show out there that shows somebody can make racism funny even if the racism is to their own race. It deals with political issues in a way and shows the screw ups in te world today, also shows that free speech still lives on and that comedians can do a tv show(like chelsea handler). Some see it as wrong and stupid and a crime to exist but most people see it as a great tv show that will go on for a long time and go strong.
  • A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

    This the show that I wait for every WEdnesday to watch this show is awesome because he bases his comedy on actual events. You won't believe what comedy Carlos Mencia has stored. Skits, stand-up, and politically incorrect material all add up to a Wednesday that even Animal Planet couldn't make wilder. So grab a chair and watch this show every Wednesday. Even get his edition of Brokeback Mountain. Meet "The King of the Beaners" every Wednesday at 10:30 on Comedy Central. They'll be waiting. And watch his spring break guide. He's awesome. You've got to watch his show. Yeah! Woo-hoo!
  • Excellent show. Will be watching additional episodes.

    I was a little worried about this show. I've heard that he was rude, vulgar, racist. But you know what, he makes fun of everyone. Even his own race. This guys is a riot. He's great. This is one of the funniest shows I have seen in a while come out of comedy central.
  • Rip off of Dave Chapelle!

    The show is a piece of crap he thinks he's funny but not same old jokes Amanda show is better and Amanda show sucks! same old jokes "hey you arab people" oh shut the hell up with the same dumb jokes! i bet barney can make a better comedy show and stuff well he said he is better then Dave Chapple the God of Comedy. Exuse me?! what idiot would laugh at the show if they did sew them and put them to life in prision! well stay away form this crappy show only mentely Retarded people watch it and the best of the best watch Chapelle! and remember the Word "Its a rip off to Dave Chapple!" =(
  • Wow, that's all I can say

    This is not a good show. I don't care what people say, it's not. Carlos Mencia just makes fun of himself and he consists of using the same jokes over and over again. The dee-dee-dee thing gets old fast, it's not even really that funny. I usually don't even crack a smile at this show. I usually just change the channel.
  • I get it your mexican

    i freakin hate this show look im mexican (not no 4th or 5th generation like mencia) but born in mexico mexican and after 5 minutes this guy annoys the hell out of me. with his race jokes there not funny and after a while just get old. his wanna be edgy style just sucks. bring back chappelle comedy central!
  • i would rather hammer nails through both my eyes than watch this steaming pile of drek. its not a matter of political correctness or sensitivity, its just horribly unfunny. if it were possible to give this show a negative numerical rating, i would.

    i would rather hammer nails through both my eyes than watch this steaming pile of drek. its not a matter of political correctness or sensitivity, its just horribly unfunny. if it were possible to give this show a negative numerical rating, i would.

    it was an obvious attempt to replace a far superior show with a relatively talentless and unknown comic. instead of cutting racial observations inspired by personal experience, we now get barely intelligible crapulence slung by a moronic twit with a catchphrase.

    louder does not mean funnier. i am forced to wonder if comedy central thinks that this show can be saved. they seem to have a soft spot for some really really bad shows, and this is one of them. im flummoxed as to how they can have some truly great programs like the daily show AND this vile putrescence on the same network.

    okay, for whatever increasingly frustrating reason this site wont let me give this horrible show a rating of "0.1"... i am FORCED to give it a higher rating than it would ever deserve and i insist that some type of moderator look into this.
  • Carlos Mencia makes bad, offensive "jokes" insulting everyone he possibly can.

    I'm ashamed to admit when this show first came on, I not only watched it but I enjoyed it too. But when the second season came on, I came to the realization this show is ridiculous. In every episode, Carlos Mencia tells some offensive, stereotypical, racist joke and the audience actually laughs. He makes fun of everyone, even his own people, and yet, the show isn't cancelled yet.
    I don't understand why this man would make such jokes, and I really don't understand why people watch this show. It really isn't nice to make fun of other people, but Mencia doesn't seem to understand this.
  • Carlos Mencia's television debut features him being a bigot for thirty minutes while the rest of the us change the channel.

    There was a time when Comedy Central produced excellent, cutting edge television shows. In a world of Upright Citzens Brigades, Mystery Science Theaters and Daily Shows, we could forgive Comedy Central for the mistakes it made like Strip Mall and Let's Bowl. For a while, everything was good. Then came Dave Chappelle and everything was excellent. But when Dave didn't come back for a third season, Comedy Central struggled to find something or someone to fill his place. Enter Carlos Mencia.

    Mind of Mencia is a thirty minute television show in which Carlos Mencia, who some call the Mexican (although not really, he's Honduran) Lewis Black, does stand up and sketches in the same style as Dave Chappelle. The difference is, Dave was funny and not infurioratingly narrow minded and racist.

    In the first episode, the majority of the sketches were about various Muslim stereotypes, enforcing the painful bias that all Arab people are terrorists. This mindset may have been looked over in the days following 9/11 as a response to the shock, but 4 years later? Mencia is determined to tear down the walls that the Arab population have rebuilt after being harshly judged as co-conspirators in a terrorist act to which they may or may not feel any alleigance to whatsoever. Mencia's sketches capture the same brilliant ignorance as the people who burn down Mosques to get back at al-Queda.

    But, if it were purely a sketch show, then it may have only been marked down to a 5. Unfortunately for Mencia, he does stand up comedy as well. Much like his sketches, Mencia's stand up bits are all race related. He pecks at stereotypes of black, hispanic, asian, white and arab people only to say "What! What! I say what I want!" As if anyone as truly offended by his immature racial slurs. After every joke, he makes a bigger deal about how he's edgy than he does about the punchline (which sometimes isn't even there). He's the equivalent of that guy who laughs at everything he says, but isn't funny.

    That's the main problem with Mind of Mencia. The show simply isn't funny. It's a collection of hamfisted racial slams strung in a semi-coherant sketch or stand up bit. Some may say that this is just what Dave Chappelle did on Chappelle's Show. The difference here is that Dave Chappelle made fun of racism, Carlos Mencia makes fun of races.
  • The first season was a classic. The second was good too. The beginning of the 3rd season was good, but not great. Following that, he practically just started the whole show over, keeping the same jokes. He ran out of material.

    Used to be a favorite of mine, now it makes me cringe. Mencia, like many other comedians who got a show, fell doom to running out of material. He was never original in the first place, but he did things right. The bottle just ran out of water. He doesn't have a single new joke to tell. I'd rather watch the first episode, which I've seen many times already, than watch a single minute of the new episodes. I can't believe his show returned. He should have just ended with a show that was mostly high quality, but his recent season has upset the good episode to bad episode ratio. I'd say at this point, 60% of his episodes have been bad. If you want to take a look at this show, just download a few early episodes, but don't get your hopes up about new episodes.
  • Carlos Mencia does his own sketch comedy show.

    I just watched this show today about 5 minutes ago and I thought it was great. Carlos Mencia does a great job on this show and it is really funny. I like the whole show and the sketches are cool, it's offensive and that's what makes it funny. It's a very great show , I love it.
  • Finally he got his own show. About f**king time.

    I looooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeee this show. Carlos is so funny. He speaks his mind no matter who is listening and that why we all love him. He uses his freedom of speech to unites every one in laughing about theirsleves.It rocks so very much.This show so is so stupidly funny.Viva la Menicia.
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