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  • Horrible \\\"comedian\\\", horrible racist.

    Carlos Mencia is nothing but a flat out RACIST.

    You say, \\\"oh, he makes fun of everyone\\\", but the constent, constent, CONSTENT use of racial slurs for mexicans, blacks, whites, etc. is unacceptable. That\\\'s just flat out racism. Not even Richard freakin Pryor used \\\'em as much as he does. He\\\'s hiding his racism behind the \\\"jokes\\\" that he makes, which are nothing but old, unoriginal crap. At least when Chappelle or Pryor did it, they had meaning behind using the words, like the N-Word family, THAT had a purpose for using it. Mencia says it just to say it.
    And all his punchlines he has to yell it like a retard in attempt to get a cheap laugh. Does\\\'t work. Spazzing out isn\\\'t funny anymore.

    When will people realize that this guy isn\\\'t funny??? When will people realize that they could make better ethnic jokes in their sleep? What is so funny about doing the same exact tedious thing for 30+ episodes? When will people learn that his pajamas consist of a white robe and a hooded hat??
    America is getting stupided and stupider by watching Mencia. Not only that, but America is going to become even MORE racist than they are now. Mencia\\\'s message is that it\\\'s okay to make racial jokes and say racial slurs at all times, as long as you wrap it up in a joke-format. He\\\'s showing EVERYONE how to hide their racism!!!
    This has to stop...there\\\'s already enough racism in the country, we don\\\'t need it primetime...
  • Quite possibly the worst show Comedy Central has put on the air, Mind of Mencia is a one joke show with a one track mind, and with not a bit of originality to it.

    I would like to preface this review with the following quote:

    "That's like going to Compton and finding the only hispanic teenage girl who isn't pregrant."

    That is one of Carlos Mencia's jokes. Here's another one:

    "That's like going to a NASCAR event and finding the only white girl who doesn't have a black eye."

    Now let's examine these two jokes. What do they have in common? Well, first, they're unfunny. They're both unnecessarily loud and obnoxious. They both play off lame, clichéd stereotypes. And they're the SAME #%@$! JOKE!!! We get it, whatever you're describing is rare! I heard these two plus another of the exact same format ("That's like finding a black guy who dates black chicks!") on promos for the show! They're not even trying to hide the fact that they're completely unoriginal. It's like they have a set template for every line. Just fill in the blanks with a group and a stereotype, and PRESTO! You have yourself a mildly offensive, unfunny, and unoriginal joke.

    These jokes exemplify everthing that is wrong with "Mind of Mencia". It's one racial stereotype after another, followed by a lame joke, followed by Carlos Mencia yelling "I think I crossed the line with that one!!!!!!!!!" Well, no, not really. The only thing truly offensive about your show, Mr. Mencia, is that a man with so little talent has one.

    Unlike "Chappelle's Show" (and it's really an injustice to Dave Chappelle to compare the two), this show includes no relevant or thoughtful social commentary with its potentially volatile racial humor. It's old race jokes taken from the Stand-Up Comedian's Handbook and nothing else. Mexicans are gardeners, Asians are either smart or laundromat owners, and Middle Easterners are terrorists. And that's that. There's no irony or true satire to any of it. In fact, I doubt Carlos Mencia or any of his writers know what either of those words mean. Everything is blatant, in-your-face, screamed-at-the-top-of-his-lungs humor meant to shock. The result is not shock, but rather shame upon witnessing such a sad spectacle.

    The popularity of this show is sad as well, and only further indicates the dumbing down of society. While shows filled with intelligent and (more importantly) funny comedy such as Arrested Development get canned, trash like this gets put on the airwaves for the 18-34 year old male demographic to mindlessly lap up.

    This show is depressing. I cringe every time I see or hear a commercial for the show. I have to put the television on mute or change the channel until it passes. It just... it makes me ashamed to be a part of the same society that allows such an idiotic and unoriginal show to thrive.
  • He's certainly not Dave Chappelle.

    Carlos Mencia makes this very clear with his opening that parodies that of "Chappelle's Show", except it has a mariachi band instead of the soul music. Mind of Mencia is certainly not the hispanic-Dave Chappelle. To be that, he would actually have to be funny.

    One of the first rules of being offensive: you can't come out and say "I'm offensive." Not only does it come off like you're being offensive for the sake of offending, but it also sounds like you can't just prove it with your comedy.

    I don't mind offensive comedy. In fact, I'm all for it. But this isn't offensive. It's hackneyed and poorly done.

    The second problem is that Mencia basically just yells all the time. He has almost no levels in his voice other than loud, and that just doesn't play. Yes, there are other "loud" comics out there, but they know how to do it right. Take Lewis Black for example: he knows when to yell and when to play it cool, thus making the yelling more effective.

    Also, he takes a lot of jabs at Arabs for some reason. But a big thing with racial humor is that it's just racist if you're not willing to account for your own race, and I don't think Mencia really does that.

    With such an unfunny and poorly done show, Carlos Mencia certainly doesn't have to worry about being seen as the next Dave Chappelle.
  • He can't even keep his stereotypes straight.

    Between the predictable skits and the highly offensive rants Mind of Mencia is the worst show offered by comedy central. It really bugs me when people compare Mencia to Chapelle because they are totally different. When Chapelle does a skit on race issues not only is it funny but it is mildly appropriate given the circumstances. When Mencia rants about black people in New Orleans he steps out of line and doesn't return. I'm tired of people who are bigoted saying that they "tell it like it is" because that's not what they are doing they are just playing the "shock jock" to get a cheap laugh from someone just as narrow minded and bigoted as they are. In the first fifteen seconds of a Mencia skit you can tell what the joke is going to be. For example the "stereotype Olympics" where the white guy can skate better than everyone else and the Spanish guy can jump over a fence quickest. That is not good comedy. He can't even keep his stereotypes straight for example in the "convenience store" skit where he plays a supposedly Sikh store clerk who wears a turban and a "dot" on his forehead (only Sikh women wear "dots" as Mencia put it), and worships Hindu Gods (a completely different religion). A good comedian would have done his homework. People who like this show should really pay attention to what Carlos Mencia is saying before their IQ plummets to his level.
  • A sad attempt to copy Chappelle.

    Carlos attempts to carry on for Dave Chapelle as the politically risque variety show. It's so very sad. I'm disgusted everytime I see a commercial and I'm actually considering avoiding comedy central just because of this ranting idiot. He attempts to create comedy out of sheer shock value, his jokes are hit and miss, he tries to up the value of the show with sex and vulgarity, like viewers can't find that anywhere else. I can only pray that someone comes to their senses and cancels the hell out of this mockery of a variety show. And, with any luck, Carlos Mencia will be struck down by lightning.
  • More idiots need to watch this show because it shows you how dumb you really are :lol:

    Mind of Mencia is a comedy show that stars Carlos Mencia, as the name implies. Carlos rants and speaks his thoughts on the stage without viewing who he might offend. Why? Because he just don't give a crp that he offends people! His catch phrase, "Dee dee dee!" has shocked many of those who are stuck in the crappy life that is politically corrected, but actually isn't a term used to joke those born mentally-handicapped. Instead, it is for those who become stupid later in life! His funny and yet seemingly cruel attitude towards all types is hilarious in many ways. He has actors peform, he tells jokes, and all jam-packed into thirty minutes of pure craziness! This show is a must see for those who think being politically correct is destroying our freedom of speech.
  • its about this guy name carlos mencia and he makes everthing un the news or what ever he thinks would turn funny and bi=uts it in a comedy act.

    this show is the best it all about what carlos thoughts on the world and puts it as a comedy it is in my shows list you should have it on your shows list to. if you get a chace you should watch his show. his show is so funny it almost made me cry by lauging. he is the best comedyn next to George lopez. he is racies but thats what makes him funny if you dont think so then you can personly send me a email telling me that he suscks. Im just kiding but he is racies.
  • Beaners!

    This is one of those shows that I personally classify as " L m f a o " shows. My " L m f a o " shows are the shows that I personally consider to be Awesome ! Shows like this make me laugh so hard . . . and this is one of them due to the fact that well . . . it makes me " L m f a o . " I seriously consider for those of you to watch shows that i classify as a " L m f a o " show. Thank You!
    Im writing reviews on all my " L m f a o " shows first :)
    LOL it can get a little racist but its funny
  • He speaks his mind and everyone hates him for it!! isnt that just wrong!!

    CArlos mencia is a comedian that says wat he thinks!! i mean he talks about race adn gender, and he is awesome!! he uses his right of freedom of speak!! and thats why i think hes awesome!! if u hate on anyone wjho speaks their mind!! jus dont watch this! but if you like listenin to wat others say!! well then watch this and enjoy your self! its a great show and i love watchin it... cuz he does touch on real matters and no one notices it!! isnt that sad!! oh well... peolpe can judge, buts its those people who are the jerks!!
  • Mind of Mencia is a great show for people who can't wipe their own ass

    Straight from fifth grade! The amount of press this hack has gotten is unbelievable; never before has someone with so little material or talent gotten so much hype!

    For the uninitiated: Mind of Mencia is based from the comedy of Carlos Mencia and includes his own unique (Read: unfunny) standup and many controversial sketches. The show was intended as filler for Comedy Central until Chappelle's Show was up and running again, but so many kids can't tell the difference between "Good comedy" and "Bad comedy" that CC just decided to go with this show.

    Mencia's "humor" is exactly what you heard in fifth grade. I actually remember people making these same exact jokes back then, and that was a long time ago. More often than not, Mencia's comedy is repeating an out-of-date racial stereotype, saying "Dee-dee-dee!", or speaking spanish in a loud voice. During this, Mencia frequently reminds his audience how "edgy" or "offensive" he is, much like how a kid keeps saying "Voila!" or "Abracadabra!" to remind his parents that he's acting like a magician. Every one of his jokes falls flat because he either: 1. Has no delivery, or 2. Has no material. Usually both rules apply.

    People that see Mencia for the hack he is are typically ignored. People point out that "He says things noone else says!", "He has freedom of speech!", "You're a Dee dee-dee!" or "But he's offensive! Chappelle was offensive and people loved him, so that must mean offensive=funny!". Said comments come from people who have never heard a "real" comedian or are too young to realize what funny is. Usually both. For the most part, though, these comments in no way prove he's not a hack. He steals material mercilessly, talks in a loud voice often and pulls all the kids in with a gimmick - the fact that he's "edgy". These statements are true and are signs that he is, indeed, a hack; much like "Mark McGwire took steroids" is a sign that McGwire is a hack. It's the same principal.

    I know I will get a lot of comments, most of them from clueless Mencia fans. Note that I may check here from time to time and will only respond to intelligent, well thought-out comments that contradict what I am saying. Unless I consider what you say is "worthy", it will be forgotten; so there's no use in saying "You're DEE-DEE-DEE!!". You'd be better off saying the more funny "ALLLLLLLLLLLLLRIGHTY THEN!".
  • I find this show rather stupid than funny.

    Mind of Mencia is a really bad show. The jokes are stupid and not funny. Carlos Mencia was probably on crack when he came up with the idea of this show. He is almost all ways saying the same jokes over and over again. He is a big Stereotyper and I think that his show will be canceled soon because of it, and also because its NOT funny. So, if you want to see real comedy check out the Chappelle Show which is way more funny then this Abysmal show. Trust me its way better than this Show.
  • carlos mencia is a talking turd with arms and legs that crawled out of dave chappelles toilet!

    theres the old saying \"there\'s a little truth in every joke\". carlos mencia thinks he can change the worlds view of mexicans and illegals by teaching us all to lighten up and laugh about what is, in fact, a very real problem in the u.s.. go ahead, call me a racist, whatever. the fact is, mind of mencia is a pathetic attempt to bridge the gap between hispanics, whites, blacks, asians. etc., by offering stupid jokes and crappy rip off sketches. nice try, carlos, but i\'m not laughing. please, comedy central, bring back dave chappelle!!!

  • Well every one knowes who he is by dee deee!!!

    Mind of Mencia is a really really funny show this comedian will never stop .Carols Mencia is a very good comedian. His raciest jokes are really funny and he doesn’t even care who he hurts. This man is usually making fun of the Mexicans any way. All the stuff this guy comes up with but I haven’t see in it in a while I don’t know if comedy central took it off the air are. I think they should put it back on, because I haven’t even seen any reruns for this shoe but any one who is a big fan send me a message because I want to know what happened to this comedian and his very funny show. So I hope this show comes back on to all you fans out there you should be hoping for the same thing.
  • Finally a show that says what you want to say in a hilarious way that has never been done before!

    If you want a show that will cheer you up and make you laugh harder then you ever laughed before, look no further. Carlos Mencia is the star of this show in Mind of Mencia. Basically the show is he talks about what's going on in the world or any topics he can think of and turns it into a hilarious stand up style. Also, he doesn't take it lightly on anyone. He insults everyone, which you really don't get a lot of these days. In the end, if your looking for another really good comedy show that can replace the Chappelle show, then this is your show.
  • this show is about a look at the funny comedian Carlos Mencia and what is going on in his head.He makes everyone laugh and if you don't like his show then you are an dee- da- deeeeee.

    I have never laughed so hard in my life besides when I'm watching Dave Chapelle. If this was in a contest against any other comedy show it would probably win.I think that this is the best show ever and that any one who dissagrees, should not even think of laughing at any other comedy show. If he was apart of my family then I would never want to leave his house.When he is on the stage nobody can question his comedy acts, you can't help but to laugh at what he does.I would lke to meet Carlos Mencia and tell him that he is avery funny man.
  • Controversial? Maybe. Funny? You better believe it!

    Carlos Mencia is a great comedian up there with Dave Chappelle. His timing is great and while many people might find his stereotypes offensive, I don't believe he targets any one group of people. While some of the skits are a bit bland sometimes, his monolouge and his parodies are great. Some of my favorite moments include "Are You Smarter Than a Wetback" and the "Stereotype Olympics", just to name a few. Mind of Mencia is a show with great ratings and while I don't recommend little kids watch it, this show definately has good moments which are almost sure to make you laugh. After all, in Carlos Mencia's words, "If you ain't laughin', you ain't livin.'"
  • I hate this show

    I love shows that make fun with different uses of racism but the Mind of MEncia show just isn\\\'t funny. He yels at everyone in the audience and sometimes can actually be too racist. And the constant use of the \\\"De De De\\\" thign is just very very annoying. Go watch Chappelle\\\'s show if you want to watchy funny racism.
  • Promising but disappointing.

    Mencia is an amazing stand up comedian. One of my favourites and I always enjoyed what he did. When I found out about this I was excited to see him getting a chance for his own show. But as I saw more commercials and watching the actul show I realized he is not show material. Most of the jokes were either really old, or just plain unfunny. The anti-muslim joke thing is getting quite old and Mencia focusing nearly the entire show on them was disappointing. A lot of his jokes and skits were childish and quite stupid. One redeeming part was the hatemail, and that wasn't even his doing. Maybe he will get better in time, but for now this show is disappointing and added to the pile of unfunny Comedy Central shows.
  • Television for idiots

    100 words to describe a piece of excrement?


    Carlos Mencia is not funny. Period. He is not a funny person. Nor does he make funny jokes. It makes it hard to be a comedian without these two ingredients.

    Not only that, he substitutes jokes with racist skits. He even screws that up, as the only way he can make a racist joke is either dressing up in black face or making a horrible indian accent and calling himself "Achmed".

    He finds it hilarious. He truly does. He really thinks himself to be the messiah of Un-PC. And even if his dimwitted fans think he's funny, the great majority of people with any type of taste know better. The reason this show gets positive reviews on TV.com is because most of us are sensible enough to avoid anything to do with this unholy awfulness of a show, but I got so fed up by his "If you're not laughing you should kill yourself" schtick I had to say something.

    The reason nobody's really laughing is because you're not funny, Carlos. Oh, and to burst the bubbles of anybody who thinks this guy is a real beaner, he's half German. I.e., half white.

    Enjoy. Somehow.
  • Shouldn't be on TV! Not Funny! Lame!

    The show Mind of Mencia is so bad it makes my eyes bleed. Carlos Mencia isn't even Mexican. His real name is Ned, LOL. I am disappointed in Comedy Central for airing this trash, they obviously know comedy for airing shows like The Daily Show, Chappelle's Show and Colbert Report but Mind of Mencia? I gave this show a chance but it would never make me laugh. I bet even the average joe is funnier than Carlos Mencia. For all of you who think the show is funny, listen to Dane Cook, then you'll know what comedy really is.
  • i can't belive some people that i know see this show and damn whats so damn funny about it its just a bunch of crap

    When i first saw this i was like this s*&t is funny, then more and more came out and i watch. Then it started the unfunny came out and hondurans true color came out it was like the whole point of the show is to support racism and the homos be what they are, and as a Latino i think that makes me and my people look bad in front of the world, when i'm in my school the kids are doing the "Dee DEE dee" thing while i'm doing either "I'm rick james *****" or start singing the "Piss on you" song. main point don't see mind of mencia and get it cancelled.
  • Mind of Mencia quite possibly is the most moronic comedy ever created. I truly see nothing funny, or in any way entertaining about this show. It is definitaley a waste of time. Comedy Central should reconsider airing this show. Carlos Mencia has gone dow

    I would say that this show is funny if, Mencia didn't have to make fun of mentally retarded, and homosexuals. How could this even be remotely funny. All he had to do to win over Comedy Central's heart was to take it to the "extreme" and make fun of illegal immigrants, and disabled people. After watching this show I now realize that Comedy Central is definitaley ruining their shows nowadays. Mind of Mencia should be canceled, or if that be looked at closely by the board of directors at Comedy Central. I agree that some scenes (which is not moronic) are funny, but there are not enough to make this show remotely funny.
  • ya, its one of the worst shows ever...

    you call this comedy? all he does is stand there, make fun of people in the audience, and is racist against anything from-mentaly retarded to black to white, who cares? so many other great stand up acts from:

    Dane Cook
    Nick Swandson
    Dave Chappell

    and others, so why waste time on him?


  • The guy can be funny when he's telling jokes and not wasting time talking about how offensive he is. A disgrace to Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Lenny Bruce, and Bill Hicks. The rebel comedians who were actually telling jokes.

    Carlos Mencia has the ability to be funny. We all do, but Carlos just seems to not want to even try, or at least be original or entertaining. The show drags and feels days longer than it should. Here's a few reasons for my hate of this show.

    A. Mencia can't stop blabbing on and on and on and on and on about how offensive he is. Carlos, if you're so offensive, prove it.

    and B. All of his "offensive jokes" have been told before on "Chappelle's Show".

    They say he's the next Dave Chappelle. NO, he's not. "Chappelle's Show" was hilarious because every sketch made you say "How in hell is he getting away with this?" Every sketch was shocking and brilliant.

    But that isn't what Carlos Mencia does at all. What Mencia does is read a hate letter (written by who I'd assume to be the Holy Roller type that can't stop blabbering "The End is Near"), talk about something he saw on CNN and repeat what he heard with his LAME comedic timing, and then say how offensive what he just said was.

    He's dumbing his viewers down. It's his viewers that made the "Dukes of Hazzard" movie a hit. Me personally, I like comedy that trusts me enough to let me know what is and isnt't funny, not some guy who points it out immediately after he says it then examines it longer than it even took him to say it.

    Carlos isn't funny. Carlos isn't offensive. Yet, Comedy Central plays his show daily and gets viewers. Come on, if your that desperate for another "Chappelle's Show" buy the DVDs or check out some Bill Hicks, George Carlin, and Richard Pryor CDs and DVDs. They're funnier, more offensive, and respect their audience.
  • im not racist but this show is funny

    Sure his jokes sound racist but its comedy.comedians dont have much orignal people need to lighten up seriously we dont have alot of funny stuff to laugh about but this guy makes this stuff funny as hell.i mean come on before this we had Dave Chapplle play a black guy who was a member of the kkk and pretty sure alot of people were laughing at thatand i bet you some of them were not white.the thing is carlos took over Chappelles role as funny comedian.And if people dont like turn it to somthing else.he was the one who made dee dee a catch phrase.
  • "Look, for all you stupid people..." Carlos Mencia is a true beaner. I love wen ppl make fun of everyone and everything and jus speaks da truth.

    Dis show is so damn truthful, yet so freackin funny. the truth could've never been dis hilarious. he makes fun of everyone: beaners, crackers, wetbacks, black ppl, asian ppl, arabs, etc... best thing of all, he has no shame in his game. he has really taught me not to be afraid to speak my mind. for everyone who thinks his jokes go over board, u could kiss mi culo pendejo, y que tu madre te diga como de dee dee dee tu eres. now dat's sum true beaner trash talk. so for all you dee dee dee's, carlos will be more then proud to tell you who screwed your mother.
  • this show rules carlos mencia is one of the funniest comedians in my mind. his comedy is my style read more to find out.

    mind of mencia staring carlos mencia is funny because he is spanish and he does jokes about races in america. not being affencive carlos eases america with his jokes. like the new season episode when he fakes being gay basicly to be funny then go's to a field were he becomes strait mexican by playing mariachy bands and pinata smacking. oh yea joseph mencia is also a funny cast member in this show because he is random and he is crazy. also not many people know that he mencias brother. thats the review mind of mencia is a must see.

    ps: dur durdur
  • ya

    carlos mecia is an awesome comiedian and i pity whoever says hes a racist... if you think so then maybe you should boyycot Dumbo ever notice the crows thats good old family racism!!!!!! He makes fun of bush doesn't every one... it is basically my favorite show out there!!!!! YEAH
  • People need to leave him alone and admit that he is good

    Ok every body who is talking crap about Carlos Mencia needs to shut the hell up because obviously somebody thought that he was good enough to have his own show I don’t see all of you on tv so there and all that crap about him being a rip off of Dave Chappelle that’s no t true and another thing about him being racist how in the hell can he be racist when he makes fun of his own race so shut
  • Fresh and hilarious

    Carlos' brutally honest rants target every race equally. Unlike Dave Chapelle (the tv dave, not stand up) he is actually funny and innovative. Great guest stars, no hacky rap music, right up there with family guy and american dad. Good riddance Chapelle, glad they found something good to fill his slot.
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