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  • The first season was a classic. The second was good too. The beginning of the 3rd season was good, but not great. Following that, he practically just started the whole show over, keeping the same jokes. He ran out of material.

    Used to be a favorite of mine, now it makes me cringe. Mencia, like many other comedians who got a show, fell doom to running out of material. He was never original in the first place, but he did things right. The bottle just ran out of water. He doesn't have a single new joke to tell. I'd rather watch the first episode, which I've seen many times already, than watch a single minute of the new episodes. I can't believe his show returned. He should have just ended with a show that was mostly high quality, but his recent season has upset the good episode to bad episode ratio. I'd say at this point, 60% of his episodes have been bad. If you want to take a look at this show, just download a few early episodes, but don't get your hopes up about new episodes.