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  • Mind of Mencia is a great show for people who can't wipe their own ass

    Straight from fifth grade! The amount of press this hack has gotten is unbelievable; never before has someone with so little material or talent gotten so much hype!

    For the uninitiated: Mind of Mencia is based from the comedy of Carlos Mencia and includes his own unique (Read: unfunny) standup and many controversial sketches. The show was intended as filler for Comedy Central until Chappelle's Show was up and running again, but so many kids can't tell the difference between "Good comedy" and "Bad comedy" that CC just decided to go with this show.

    Mencia's "humor" is exactly what you heard in fifth grade. I actually remember people making these same exact jokes back then, and that was a long time ago. More often than not, Mencia's comedy is repeating an out-of-date racial stereotype, saying "Dee-dee-dee!", or speaking spanish in a loud voice. During this, Mencia frequently reminds his audience how "edgy" or "offensive" he is, much like how a kid keeps saying "Voila!" or "Abracadabra!" to remind his parents that he's acting like a magician. Every one of his jokes falls flat because he either: 1. Has no delivery, or 2. Has no material. Usually both rules apply.

    People that see Mencia for the hack he is are typically ignored. People point out that "He says things noone else says!", "He has freedom of speech!", "You're a Dee dee-dee!" or "But he's offensive! Chappelle was offensive and people loved him, so that must mean offensive=funny!". Said comments come from people who have never heard a "real" comedian or are too young to realize what funny is. Usually both. For the most part, though, these comments in no way prove he's not a hack. He steals material mercilessly, talks in a loud voice often and pulls all the kids in with a gimmick - the fact that he's "edgy". These statements are true and are signs that he is, indeed, a hack; much like "Mark McGwire took steroids" is a sign that McGwire is a hack. It's the same principal.

    I know I will get a lot of comments, most of them from clueless Mencia fans. Note that I may check here from time to time and will only respond to intelligent, well thought-out comments that contradict what I am saying. Unless I consider what you say is "worthy", it will be forgotten; so there's no use in saying "You're DEE-DEE-DEE!!". You'd be better off saying the more funny "ALLLLLLLLLLLLLRIGHTY THEN!".