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  • Beaners!

    This is one of those shows that I personally classify as " L m f a o " shows. My " L m f a o " shows are the shows that I personally consider to be Awesome ! Shows like this make me laugh so hard . . . and this is one of them due to the fact that well . . . it makes me " L m f a o . " I seriously consider for those of you to watch shows that i classify as a " L m f a o " show. Thank You!
    Im writing reviews on all my " L m f a o " shows first :)
    LOL it can get a little racist but its funny
  • UGH!!! Men-Stealia!!!

    This rip off artist made things really close for me to not wanting to watch anything at all on Comedy Central...

    Comedy Central really ticked me off by backing Carlos Men-Stealia, whom has been reported of stealing jokes from other comedians. Whom has admitted to not even being Mexican/Hispanic while making all of his "beaner" jokes... Being Hispanic this completely ticked me off!

    If not for shows like Colbert Report, The Daily Show, Reno 911, and now Krod Mandoon - I would've completely written off this network just for backing this rip off artist instead of listening to noted comedians like Joe Rogan (whom has a devoted following on the interwebs).
  • Carlos Mencia is completely not funny!!!

    i'm sorry, but i don't get it!!! how is his show still on!? his terrible dilivery and mediocre punchlines makes one want to throw rotting vegetables at him. bring back the old days! this man needs to be doused in rotten organic matter!!!!! anyway, someone made a comment about idiots needing to watch this show? well, my friend, check your IQ, because if actually LIKE this drabble, I'm willing to bet it's low. Seriously, folks, he steals jokes, and he just CANNOT DELIVER!!! That's all I've got to say.... filling up words, fillng up words a a a a a excellent.
  • Television for idiots

    100 words to describe a piece of excrement?


    Carlos Mencia is not funny. Period. He is not a funny person. Nor does he make funny jokes. It makes it hard to be a comedian without these two ingredients.

    Not only that, he substitutes jokes with racist skits. He even screws that up, as the only way he can make a racist joke is either dressing up in black face or making a horrible indian accent and calling himself "Achmed".

    He finds it hilarious. He truly does. He really thinks himself to be the messiah of Un-PC. And even if his dimwitted fans think he's funny, the great majority of people with any type of taste know better. The reason this show gets positive reviews on TV.com is because most of us are sensible enough to avoid anything to do with this unholy awfulness of a show, but I got so fed up by his "If you're not laughing you should kill yourself" schtick I had to say something.

    The reason nobody's really laughing is because you're not funny, Carlos. Oh, and to burst the bubbles of anybody who thinks this guy is a real beaner, he's half German. I.e., half white.

    Enjoy. Somehow.
  • im not racist but this show is funny

    Sure his jokes sound racist but its comedy.comedians dont have much orignal people need to lighten up seriously we dont have alot of funny stuff to laugh about but this guy makes this stuff funny as hell.i mean come on before this we had Dave Chapplle play a black guy who was a member of the kkk and pretty sure alot of people were laughing at thatand i bet you some of them were not white.the thing is carlos took over Chappelles role as funny comedian.And if people dont like turn it to somthing else.he was the one who made dee dee a catch phrase.
  • The first season was a classic. The second was good too. The beginning of the 3rd season was good, but not great. Following that, he practically just started the whole show over, keeping the same jokes. He ran out of material.

    Used to be a favorite of mine, now it makes me cringe. Mencia, like many other comedians who got a show, fell doom to running out of material. He was never original in the first place, but he did things right. The bottle just ran out of water. He doesn't have a single new joke to tell. I'd rather watch the first episode, which I've seen many times already, than watch a single minute of the new episodes. I can't believe his show returned. He should have just ended with a show that was mostly high quality, but his recent season has upset the good episode to bad episode ratio. I'd say at this point, 60% of his episodes have been bad. If you want to take a look at this show, just download a few early episodes, but don't get your hopes up about new episodes.
  • More idiots need to watch this show because it shows you how dumb you really are :lol:

    Mind of Mencia is a comedy show that stars Carlos Mencia, as the name implies. Carlos rants and speaks his thoughts on the stage without viewing who he might offend. Why? Because he just don't give a crp that he offends people! His catch phrase, "Dee dee dee!" has shocked many of those who are stuck in the crappy life that is politically corrected, but actually isn't a term used to joke those born mentally-handicapped. Instead, it is for those who become stupid later in life! His funny and yet seemingly cruel attitude towards all types is hilarious in many ways. He has actors peform, he tells jokes, and all jam-packed into thirty minutes of pure craziness! This show is a must see for those who think being politically correct is destroying our freedom of speech.
  • He speaks his mind and everyone hates him for it!! isnt that just wrong!!

    CArlos mencia is a comedian that says wat he thinks!! i mean he talks about race adn gender, and he is awesome!! he uses his right of freedom of speak!! and thats why i think hes awesome!! if u hate on anyone wjho speaks their mind!! jus dont watch this! but if you like listenin to wat others say!! well then watch this and enjoy your self! its a great show and i love watchin it... cuz he does touch on real matters and no one notices it!! isnt that sad!! oh well... peolpe can judge, buts its those people who are the jerks!!
  • Carlos is funny, but definitely not as funny as other comedians.

    Racial jokes make up 90 percent of his show, so to everyone who hates Carlos because of this, what did you expect? Simply don't watch it. Anyway, Carlos has great delivery and timing, but sometimes the jokes are predictable. And proof shows that Carlos has indeed stolen some of his jokes from other comedians. Carlos probably ranks number 3 in my top comedians list under Russell Peters and Katt Williams. He needs to work on his material, because it's getting kind of repetitive. That being said, I still am looking forward to the new Mind of Mencia season to start. =]
  • A sad attempt to copy Chappelle.

    Carlos attempts to carry on for Dave Chapelle as the politically risque variety show. It's so very sad. I'm disgusted everytime I see a commercial and I'm actually considering avoiding comedy central just because of this ranting idiot. He attempts to create comedy out of sheer shock value, his jokes are hit and miss, he tries to up the value of the show with sex and vulgarity, like viewers can't find that anywhere else. I can only pray that someone comes to their senses and cancels the hell out of this mockery of a variety show. And, with any luck, Carlos Mencia will be struck down by lightning.
  • Controversial? Maybe. Funny? You better believe it!

    Carlos Mencia is a great comedian up there with Dave Chappelle. His timing is great and while many people might find his stereotypes offensive, I don't believe he targets any one group of people. While some of the skits are a bit bland sometimes, his monolouge and his parodies are great. Some of my favorite moments include "Are You Smarter Than a Wetback" and the "Stereotype Olympics", just to name a few. Mind of Mencia is a show with great ratings and while I don't recommend little kids watch it, this show definately has good moments which are almost sure to make you laugh. After all, in Carlos Mencia's words, "If you ain't laughin', you ain't livin.'"
  • this show is about a look at the funny comedian Carlos Mencia and what is going on in his head.He makes everyone laugh and if you don't like his show then you are an dee- da- deeeeee.

    I have never laughed so hard in my life besides when I'm watching Dave Chapelle. If this was in a contest against any other comedy show it would probably win.I think that this is the best show ever and that any one who dissagrees, should not even think of laughing at any other comedy show. If he was apart of my family then I would never want to leave his house.When he is on the stage nobody can question his comedy acts, you can't help but to laugh at what he does.I would lke to meet Carlos Mencia and tell him that he is avery funny man.
  • Finally a show that says what you want to say in a hilarious way that has never been done before!

    If you want a show that will cheer you up and make you laugh harder then you ever laughed before, look no further. Carlos Mencia is the star of this show in Mind of Mencia. Basically the show is he talks about what's going on in the world or any topics he can think of and turns it into a hilarious stand up style. Also, he doesn't take it lightly on anyone. He insults everyone, which you really don't get a lot of these days. In the end, if your looking for another really good comedy show that can replace the Chappelle show, then this is your show.
  • i would rather hammer nails through both my eyes than watch this steaming pile of drek. its not a matter of political correctness or sensitivity, its just horribly unfunny. if it were possible to give this show a negative numerical rating, i would.

    i would rather hammer nails through both my eyes than watch this steaming pile of drek. its not a matter of political correctness or sensitivity, its just horribly unfunny. if it were possible to give this show a negative numerical rating, i would.

    it was an obvious attempt to replace a far superior show with a relatively talentless and unknown comic. instead of cutting racial observations inspired by personal experience, we now get barely intelligible crapulence slung by a moronic twit with a catchphrase.

    louder does not mean funnier. i am forced to wonder if comedy central thinks that this show can be saved. they seem to have a soft spot for some really really bad shows, and this is one of them. im flummoxed as to how they can have some truly great programs like the daily show AND this vile putrescence on the same network.

    okay, for whatever increasingly frustrating reason this site wont let me give this horrible show a rating of "0.1"... i am FORCED to give it a higher rating than it would ever deserve and i insist that some type of moderator look into this.
  • Carlos Mencia is a comedian that does not hold back against anyone. He is a true upholder of Free Speech in America. He is also very talented performs standup portions and also makes small skits and even interviews people out in the street.

    It is great to see a recent immigrant doing so well, He is of Mexican - Honduran decent. He is a perfect example of how America should embrace all immigrants and enjoy all they can bring to this country including entertainment.

    He makes fun of everybody and never apoligizes, that takes guts. And he makes sure his studio audience has people of all nationalities and ethnic groups. He also makes great effort to have guest stars of various ethnic groups and social backgrounds.

    He is also very good live.
  • this is a great show. i love this show. im watching this show right now. it is a must watch. If ur parents let u do it. it is a mature show and u should only wathc it if ur parents let u but if they do definitely wathc it do it right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this is a great show. i love this show. im watching this show right now. it is a must watch. If ur parents let u do it. it is a mature show and u should only wathc it if ur parents let u but if they do definitely wathc it do it right now!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is a great show. i love this show. im watching this show right now. it is a must watch. If ur parents let u do it. it is a mature show and u should only wathc it if ur parents let u but if they do definitely wathc it do it right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It's ok.

    This show is good when you need a good laugh. some people may think that Carlos Mencia is a racist, he would be if he just had jokes for one particular race, but he has an arsenal of jokes for every race under the sun. He even makes fun of Hispanics, both those well off and those who are not so. He makes fun of everything, he does not discriminate. Alot of other comics have shows of basic comedy, but this one puts what is going on in the world into a funny perspective, yes they may be stereo types, but it gives you a good laugh when you need it.
  • its about this guy name carlos mencia and he makes everthing un the news or what ever he thinks would turn funny and bi=uts it in a comedy act.

    this show is the best it all about what carlos thoughts on the world and puts it as a comedy it is in my shows list you should have it on your shows list to. if you get a chace you should watch his show. his show is so funny it almost made me cry by lauging. he is the best comedyn next to George lopez. he is racies but thats what makes him funny if you dont think so then you can personly send me a email telling me that he suscks. Im just kiding but he is racies.
  • Carlos Mencia makes bad, offensive "jokes" insulting everyone he possibly can.

    I'm ashamed to admit when this show first came on, I not only watched it but I enjoyed it too. But when the second season came on, I came to the realization this show is ridiculous. In every episode, Carlos Mencia tells some offensive, stereotypical, racist joke and the audience actually laughs. He makes fun of everyone, even his own people, and yet, the show isn't cancelled yet.
    I don't understand why this man would make such jokes, and I really don't understand why people watch this show. It really isn't nice to make fun of other people, but Mencia doesn't seem to understand this.
  • Regardless of widespread accusations of Mencia's tendency to steal other comedians' material, the bottom line is that Mind of Mencia is not funny.

    He's got a huge chunk of the stand-up comedy community calling him a plagiarist and yet here he is with season 3 of Mind of Mencia. Racial humor is not easy, and controversial in nature, but Mencia doesn't seem to put much intelligence or thought into his sketches or material in general. He goes for cheap, obvious, or worn-out stereotypes. Bottom line, he's just not funny. Chapelle and George Lopez use race as a platform for their comedy, and even though Chapelle went for cheap dumb laughs here and there, Mencia cannot hold a candle to either of these guys. I had no expectations because I'd never heard of him before, but I watched maybe three episodes of season one before I started to really hate this show.
  • juvineil and boring comedy show that is a failed attempt at copying "Chappelle's Show".

    This show is an abomination. Everything about this show is either sophomoric or blatantly racist. The jokes seem like they were written by a child. I recall one episode where Carlos Mencia (Ned Holness) was in a (poorly) constructed Arab costume as he was posing as a convenience store clerk. An obese women comes to the front of the store talking about how if she had a personal trainer that she could become fit. The punchline of the entire joke is Carlos saying, "If you had a personal trainer, you would eat him!".
    I find it hard to believe that someone that has pasted the third grade had written this.
    Whether you're a fan of Carlos or not. Only someone with a weak sense of humor or a child would find this show remotely watchable.
  • Carlos Mencia should be locked away or killed to ensure mankind's evolution as a superior species on Earth.

    I have seen about 5 or 6 episodes of this show, and that was WAY more than enough. Comedy Central needed a new racial humor guy after Chappelle, and for some reason, they picked this guy. Guhhh. All the accusations of him stealing jokes aside, the guy is still very unfunny. The only reason I can see that he's doing so well is because the ADD generation gets a kick out of seeing him scream racial slurs and corny catch phrases. (Seriously, "Dee Dee Dee"? Why don't you just slap a limp wrist against your chest and say "Durrrrr", huh Carlos?) Chappelle knew how to deliver a joke about races and creeds with tact, and still be hiliarious. This man can't even begin to figure it out, relying on stereotypes to get him another season. I know the Mencia fans out there will want to flame me for my opinion (before 10pm, I hope...tomorrow's a school day, kids), but it's the truth. There are so many better choices for this style of comedy. If, for some reason, you find yourself about to watch this, do the world a favor and pop in a Chappelle's Show DVD. I know you own one.
  • Well every one knowes who he is by dee deee!!!

    Mind of Mencia is a really really funny show this comedian will never stop .Carols Mencia is a very good comedian. His raciest jokes are really funny and he doesn’t even care who he hurts. This man is usually making fun of the Mexicans any way. All the stuff this guy comes up with but I haven’t see in it in a while I don’t know if comedy central took it off the air are. I think they should put it back on, because I haven’t even seen any reruns for this shoe but any one who is a big fan send me a message because I want to know what happened to this comedian and his very funny show. So I hope this show comes back on to all you fans out there you should be hoping for the same thing.
  • There's a difference between controversial and distasteful.

    Mencia is just bad. No comedian should pride themself for being controversial. They should pride themselves for being funny. What's worse is that Mencia doesn't use any humor other than cheap, overused blue humor that more gifted comedians like Attell, Giraldo, or Silverman have thrown out for more taboo subjects. He also doesn't use any cast members other than a midget, his brother, and his wife. Most of the sketches eventually devolve into Mencia yelling at random people. Mencia is just so obsessed with trying to be controversial. He should try to use taboo material instead of a thousand jokes that have been used over and over. So, this really is the Mind of Mencia. The egotistic, self-centered, racist, annoying mind of Mencia.
  • Mind of Mencia is a complete waste of time. The show is not the least bit funny or entertaining.

    Everyone has to admit that there are thousands of comedians out there more deserving of a show than Carlos Mencia. I saw probably around 5 episodes and in my opinion, that's 5 too many. Mencia just tells clichéd and unfunny jokes.

    We all know that Mind of Mencia came to air when Dave Chappelle suddenly left. Why did Comedy Central choose a man who has been accused of plagiarism by several comedians? Were they that desperate for a replacement show? Who knows?

    But what I do know is that Mind of Mencia is unfunny. His jokes are old and clichéd. He promotes himself to be edgy and controversial but his jokes are really like fecal matter in a bowl with whipped cream on top. It may sound and look good, but it's really just crap.

    Mencia sometimes adds his ever-so-annoying "dee-dee-dee" catchphrase to his jokes. I think the only purpose of dee-dee-dee is to try to make an unfunny joke seem funny but people who have a taste in comedy know that it doesn't work.

    The biggest thing I hate is when Mencia tells a joke and it gets only a few laughs. He then goes by saying something like, "You guys are retarded!" and then he explains his joke. If you're a good comedian, you shouldn't have to explain your jokes. If you were any good, you'd tell your joke, people laugh and you move on.

    I can simply say that Comedy Central must've been desperate for a show and that there are thousands of other comedians more deserving of a show than Mencia. Only the intellectually-impaired will find his show funny and there must be a lot of intellectually-impaired people out there because Mind of Mencia is Comedy Central's 2nd top-rated show. I give this show a 1 and do not recommend it.
  • Meh, getting a little old.

    Mencia can be hilarious at times, but at other times hees trying way too hard. The first episodes were completely hilarious... but as time went on he just used the same jokes over and over. The latest funniest thing Ive seen from him was the parody of Pirates of the Carribbean, and the "Punk'd" parody. Hopefully, hell be coming up with funnier jokes soon. His show isnt horrible though, I still watch it at times.
  • The best show EVER. The best show I mean come on he makes fun of every one, he even makes fun of beaners!It's so funny. God dang I wish I had it all of the DVD's and everything..I swear I would watch it ever day.

    I would do anything for tickets to the show and all the seasons on DVD. I would also like it more if it was on more. The best show EVER and I mean EVER notice that EVER is capital. Look at EVER and see. This is so funnny, yet he cusses like there is no tomorrow. He makes funny of himself who has the guts to do that. He makes fun of every one and I mean every one. Even you if your black or white, he don't give a &#(@ or rats @$$! He will just make fun and fun.
  • Mind oF Mencia explores the world around him... and then makes fun of it. Making fun of people and ideas. A true funny plot for rage and stupidity... Loving it!

    Mind of Mencia, a person of quality... SIKE! This guy knows hot make jokes and deliver it too! all in a day's work! He uses a combination of humlation and funnyness. He would humlate anyone that is on his list of torture. A true mixture of comedy and sorrow! Im so loving this show. And a person would laugh there till there eyes bleed. I just like this show. Every min. is a roar of laughter that people can resist blurting out. Im loving it! O yeah boy, a true chemical of comedy at that. Yup, a true chemical of comedy.
  • This guy cant you be called rascist because he hates every race and culture, so what do ya call a racist who is racist against everyone equally, Tolerant!!!!!!!

    I havent watched it since this summer because im not allowed to but the few episodes i did watch were funny Almost everything the guy does is funny and should offend anyone because he offends everyone else too. People that say they thought it rude the way he threw mud in the face of their culture were probably laughing their head off when he was makin fun of another culture but when he gets to them he is all of the sudden and hisplanic clansmen :roll: Most of his jokes are hilarious and he is too
  • Mind of Mencia is a great show for people who can't wipe their own ass

    Straight from fifth grade! The amount of press this hack has gotten is unbelievable; never before has someone with so little material or talent gotten so much hype!

    For the uninitiated: Mind of Mencia is based from the comedy of Carlos Mencia and includes his own unique (Read: unfunny) standup and many controversial sketches. The show was intended as filler for Comedy Central until Chappelle's Show was up and running again, but so many kids can't tell the difference between "Good comedy" and "Bad comedy" that CC just decided to go with this show.

    Mencia's "humor" is exactly what you heard in fifth grade. I actually remember people making these same exact jokes back then, and that was a long time ago. More often than not, Mencia's comedy is repeating an out-of-date racial stereotype, saying "Dee-dee-dee!", or speaking spanish in a loud voice. During this, Mencia frequently reminds his audience how "edgy" or "offensive" he is, much like how a kid keeps saying "Voila!" or "Abracadabra!" to remind his parents that he's acting like a magician. Every one of his jokes falls flat because he either: 1. Has no delivery, or 2. Has no material. Usually both rules apply.

    People that see Mencia for the hack he is are typically ignored. People point out that "He says things noone else says!", "He has freedom of speech!", "You're a Dee dee-dee!" or "But he's offensive! Chappelle was offensive and people loved him, so that must mean offensive=funny!". Said comments come from people who have never heard a "real" comedian or are too young to realize what funny is. Usually both. For the most part, though, these comments in no way prove he's not a hack. He steals material mercilessly, talks in a loud voice often and pulls all the kids in with a gimmick - the fact that he's "edgy". These statements are true and are signs that he is, indeed, a hack; much like "Mark McGwire took steroids" is a sign that McGwire is a hack. It's the same principal.

    I know I will get a lot of comments, most of them from clueless Mencia fans. Note that I may check here from time to time and will only respond to intelligent, well thought-out comments that contradict what I am saying. Unless I consider what you say is "worthy", it will be forgotten; so there's no use in saying "You're DEE-DEE-DEE!!". You'd be better off saying the more funny "ALLLLLLLLLLLLLRIGHTY THEN!".