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  • Mind of Mencia is a complete waste of time. The show is not the least bit funny or entertaining.

    Everyone has to admit that there are thousands of comedians out there more deserving of a show than Carlos Mencia. I saw probably around 5 episodes and in my opinion, that's 5 too many. Mencia just tells clichéd and unfunny jokes.

    We all know that Mind of Mencia came to air when Dave Chappelle suddenly left. Why did Comedy Central choose a man who has been accused of plagiarism by several comedians? Were they that desperate for a replacement show? Who knows?

    But what I do know is that Mind of Mencia is unfunny. His jokes are old and clichéd. He promotes himself to be edgy and controversial but his jokes are really like fecal matter in a bowl with whipped cream on top. It may sound and look good, but it's really just crap.

    Mencia sometimes adds his ever-so-annoying "dee-dee-dee" catchphrase to his jokes. I think the only purpose of dee-dee-dee is to try to make an unfunny joke seem funny but people who have a taste in comedy know that it doesn't work.

    The biggest thing I hate is when Mencia tells a joke and it gets only a few laughs. He then goes by saying something like, "You guys are retarded!" and then he explains his joke. If you're a good comedian, you shouldn't have to explain your jokes. If you were any good, you'd tell your joke, people laugh and you move on.

    I can simply say that Comedy Central must've been desperate for a show and that there are thousands of other comedians more deserving of a show than Mencia. Only the intellectually-impaired will find his show funny and there must be a lot of intellectually-impaired people out there because Mind of Mencia is Comedy Central's 2nd top-rated show. I give this show a 1 and do not recommend it.