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Comedy Central (ended 2008)


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  • juvineil and boring comedy show that is a failed attempt at copying "Chappelle's Show".

    This show is an abomination. Everything about this show is either sophomoric or blatantly racist. The jokes seem like they were written by a child. I recall one episode where Carlos Mencia (Ned Holness) was in a (poorly) constructed Arab costume as he was posing as a convenience store clerk. An obese women comes to the front of the store talking about how if she had a personal trainer that she could become fit. The punchline of the entire joke is Carlos saying, "If you had a personal trainer, you would eat him!".
    I find it hard to believe that someone that has pasted the third grade had written this.
    Whether you're a fan of Carlos or not. Only someone with a weak sense of humor or a child would find this show remotely watchable.