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Comedy Central (ended 2008)


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  • More idiots need to watch this show because it shows you how dumb you really are :lol:

    Mind of Mencia is a comedy show that stars Carlos Mencia, as the name implies. Carlos rants and speaks his thoughts on the stage without viewing who he might offend. Why? Because he just don't give a crp that he offends people! His catch phrase, "Dee dee dee!" has shocked many of those who are stuck in the crappy life that is politically corrected, but actually isn't a term used to joke those born mentally-handicapped. Instead, it is for those who become stupid later in life! His funny and yet seemingly cruel attitude towards all types is hilarious in many ways. He has actors peform, he tells jokes, and all jam-packed into thirty minutes of pure craziness! This show is a must see for those who think being politically correct is destroying our freedom of speech.