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  • Television for idiots

    100 words to describe a piece of excrement?


    Carlos Mencia is not funny. Period. He is not a funny person. Nor does he make funny jokes. It makes it hard to be a comedian without these two ingredients.

    Not only that, he substitutes jokes with racist skits. He even screws that up, as the only way he can make a racist joke is either dressing up in black face or making a horrible indian accent and calling himself "Achmed".

    He finds it hilarious. He truly does. He really thinks himself to be the messiah of Un-PC. And even if his dimwitted fans think he's funny, the great majority of people with any type of taste know better. The reason this show gets positive reviews on TV.com is because most of us are sensible enough to avoid anything to do with this unholy awfulness of a show, but I got so fed up by his "If you're not laughing you should kill yourself" schtick I had to say something.

    The reason nobody's really laughing is because you're not funny, Carlos. Oh, and to burst the bubbles of anybody who thinks this guy is a real beaner, he's half German. I.e., half white.

    Enjoy. Somehow.
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