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  • Words do no justice to its classiness!

    Mind Your Language is one of those rare TV series which needs absolutely no description - you must watch it yourself to enjoy its classiness. As the funniest British sitcom I grew up with, it has since been rooted in my mind for many reasons, not least of which was its many quips and lines. One can simply NOT forget all those "Oh blimey!"s, "A thousand apologies!" and "Por favor?"s at all! It was chiefly the students who made this so enjoyable to watch, and regardless of all those allegations of racial bias and narrow-mindedness detractors so lavishly used to scorn it, I firmly stand on my view that all those allegations can be dispensed with and thrown away. What remains, hence, is one good and juicy piece of television history one can never ever fail to laugh at - in Britain's greatest sitcom ever!

    Oh bly me ;)
  • Possibly one of the funniest and most endearing of British sitcoms of the time, "Mind Your Language" deserves to be called a classic. Truly funny, eminently believable and something to be watched again and again and again!

    English teacher Jeremy Brown had a very tough job, because not only did he have to teach English to a class of international students, he also had to cope with a dragon lady headmistress, a loveable tea lady and a sly old janitor into the bargain!

    This enormously popular program premiered in the UK at the end of 1977, with Barry Evans in the lead role of the beleaguered teacher, Jeremy Brown, and Zara Nutley as the caustic, humourless Miss Courtney, the headmistress of the night school where Brown was hired to teach English to a group of foreign students who could barely string a sentence together, even after many lessons.

    Throughout the run of the show, there were several students in Mr. Brown's class. Among these were the loveable Jamilla, an Indian lady who had a passion for knitting, the amorous French Au Pair, Danielle, who was far more interested in Mr. Brown himself than anything he was teaching, the roughish Italian, Giovanni, whose favourite ploy was to misunderstand, Juan, the Spaniard who never DID understand and the very sensible Anna, a German who rarely smiled, but tried very hard to learn. Add Taro, the Japanese gentleman and Su-Li, the communist spouting Chinese girl and what you ended up with was a show which was uproariously funny from start to finish!
  • This is a great Brit sitcom aired in late 70s

    I really loved the First episode, they are bunch of Foreign students who go to study English as a Foreign Language. The Hilliarious part is when they introduce themselves in the first episode is simply great. I still love to watch it. More Fun is when they do gramatical mistakes, when start conversating with their fellow students n all simple awesome. I like the characters of the Indian guys, Japanese, italian, Chinese, Greek, French and the Teacher. Who is so tolerant with his students.

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  • Timeless Comedy, would love to see it get a remake.

    This by far the funniest show from its time (1977-1986). What makes it so funny was the conflicts and arguments between the different races in the class (Chinese, Indian, French, Russian etc), throw in some of their native language and its an instance win for the light hearted fans. What made it even more interesting was the sex factor of the show, it never ran out of it because sex joke and flirting scene was all over the series (especially the French girl which the whole class drool over for). I would love to see this great comedy drama get a remake and brought over to the US. Hence for the "Bring It Back" classifications.
  • Classic

    This is one of the funniest series ever commited to video. I remembered watching this as a kid and seeing my dad collapse off his seat with laughter. I decided to buy the series on dvd for my dad as a Christmas present, but I was tempted to watch an episode. Oh deary me! The jokes come thick and fast, they are politically incorrect, incorrect, rude, but, you know what, it's how I remember what life was like at that time. There were people like Ali (the best character in the series) everywhere, these weren't stereotypes -it was partly a reflection on life. That was why it was and is so achingly funny. I'm asian, and I don't find anything to take offence in Mind Your Language, in fact I think the people who the series was parodying find it the funniest. For the record I bought my dad a clock for christmas, i kept the dvds, mind you he can borrow them, but only one at a time. (PS the episodes are great if you have people over who never seen or even heard about 'Mind Your Own Language", it will really kill them, people beg me to borrow them).