Mind Your Language

Season 3 Episode 8

What a Tangled Web

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Dec 15, 1979 on ITV

Episode Recap

Miss Courtney gives the class an oral exam, but after a few minutes gives up in exasperation.

Ali has a problem at home and tells Jeremy about it. He says his wife is never home lately.

Jeremy follows Ali's wife (Rehana) to Ranjeet's place, and he thinks she's having an affair.

Jeremy has a talk with Rehana, asking her indirectly if she's having an affair. Rehana misunderstands and thinks that Ali is the one having the affair.

Rehana was meeting with Ranjeet to plan a party after class for Ali for being a good husband. Now when Ali and Jeremy walk in to the classroom, Ali is confronted by his wife with an accusation. Rehana tells him Jeremy told her that he had a girlfriend. Jeremy tells her that she's misunderstood him and ducks as she throws the cake at him. Before long the food is flying across the room and several people get hit in the face with cake.