Minder (1979) - Season 3

ITV (ended 1994)




Episode Guide

  • In
    Episode 13
    Arthur gets arrested in a drugs raid after taking possession of a car bought in from Europe Terry tries to hunt down the seller and after a long chase Terry gets the driver but back at the police station Arthur is being released
  • Back in Good Old England
    A villain who fled the country after a bank robbery is back to look up old friends, and to see whether his former gang members are willing to come in on another bank robbery that he has planned.
  • Poetic Justice, Innit?
    While Arthur gets to serve on a jury, he leaves Terry in charge at the lock-up. Terry's friend Debbie goes into the business of home hair-cutting but on her first job, the client's house is robbed. As a witness, she asks Terry to go with her to the police, only to fall under suspicion.moreless
  • Broken Arrow
    Broken Arrow
    Episode 10
    Arthur finds a potential darts champion playing for peanuts in a local pub, and enters him in a local competition, but his man is nobbled, but Arthur has seen enough to organize his own tournament., but he has a novel way to make sure he makes money, no matter who wins the match.moreless
  • Why Pay Tax?
    Why Pay Tax?
    Episode 9
    Terry helps out Barry, an independent bookmaker, when he has to pay out a large amount of cash to one of his clients in a deserted car park, but it turns out that he only wants Terry as a witness to a fake robbery. Meanwhile, Terry loses his heart to a rival.moreless
  • The Son Also Rises
    The Son Also Rises
    Episode 8
    When a school boy is terrorised by local thugs, his mother hires Terry to protect him. It turns out that the thugs have been hired by his father's ex partner, who is just out of jail and has been cheated out of his promised windfall.
  • The Birdman of Wormwood Scrubs
    An old friend of Arthur's gets out of prison, and hopes to pick up a large amount of money left over from a bank robbery, but things start to go wrong when the retired policeman who was in charge of the case, a warden from the prison, and the other member of the gang learn of the mans release, and try and get a share of the money.moreless
  • Another Bride, Another Groom
    Arthur's niece is getting married,But Terry who should be driving the bride to the church is using the limousine to pick up a load of porn books.
  • Dreamhouse
    Episode 5
    Terry house sits for a rock star who has gone on tour, but it turns out that the star is broke and the bailiffs turn up to take the furniture away
  • Looking For Micky
    Looking For Micky
    Episode 4
    Micky Dixon breaks out of jail in order to protest his innocence. Terry looks after him while the press try to hunt him down.
  • Rembrandt Doesn't Live Here Anymore
    When Arthur finds an artist who can turn out work as good as the originals, he thinks that he can make money, until a crooked art dealer tries to cut in on him.
  • You Need Hands
    You Need Hands
    Episode 2
    Terry Gives Des a hand collecting a dept but gets his hand broken in a fight just when Arthur has a special job lined up so he has to hire another minder but unknown to Arthur the job involves drugs So Terry and Des come to the rescue
  • Dead Men Do Tell Tales
    A crooked travel agent , Monte Wiseman gets Arthur and Terry to pick up a coffin at the airport and store it at the lock up. But when the coroner needs to perform an autopsy, Monte moves it from the lock up and despite Arthur's objections stores it at Terry's flat.moreless