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  • Season 1
    • 7/24/06
      The White Shadow and Minoriteam team up but fail to stop Balactus. Fasto's father summons spirits who tell Fasto that he can go back in time and learn the true name of Balactus. He does so and uses that name to compel Balactus to leave Earth just as Balactus is about to destroy it.moreless
    • 7/17/06
      Alluding to hero lore as disparate as Superman I and Superman II, this episode sees a coming of age of sorts for Fasto as he learns the truth about his past. Meanwhile, a galactic power forward known as Balactus with a mad inside game prepares a doomsday machine for earth.
    • The Assimilator
      Episode 17
      The White Shadow uses a secret weapon to take on others' cultural traits.
    • Tremendous Class
      Episode 16
      Beyond business class, beyond first class, there is only tremendous class. While Nonstop nurses his body cavities in a terrorist shakedown room at the airport, Wang, Neil, and Landon revel in an elite flight class reserved for the likes of African Warlords and Charles Durning.
    • Le Black Coq
      Episode 15
      Every villain has a back-story, and one time successful restaurant owner John Le Zoq is no exception. Watch as, in exciting flashback form, White Shadow recounts the rise and fall of the Black Coq.
    • Landon In Love
      Episode 14
      Fasto's loyalites are put to the test when his mild-mannered alter ego, Landon, is romantically pursued by a beautiful fellow professer.
    • Evilfellas
      Episode 13
      As far back as he can remember, Corporate Ladder always wanted to be a minion. Follow his rise from a step-stool in White Shadows boardroom to a full-blown minion.
    • The Internet
      Episode 12
      The White Shadow has a new secret weapon – a tool known to technology aficionados as the Internet. The Minoriteam must stop him before he uses deadly search engines to uncover their true identities.
    • FOG
      Episode 11
      A grape-flavored fog turns everyone's worst nightmares into reality.
    • 5/22/06
      The White Shadow learns from his book of prophicies that if the Bahamas win 69 gold medals in the Universal World Games, the world will end. So the WS buys the Bahamas. Well, Minoriteam learns of this and faces off against WS as Chek Bania.
    • Space Driftin'
      Episode 9
      Dr. Wang ponders his existence after reading news of White Shadow's latest accomplishments. The Space Drifter, high above in space sees Wang's plight and decides to take him on a trippy journey to see what it would be like if he never existed.
    • 5/8/06
      One woman holds the key to saving summer when questionable weather forecasting becomes deadly.
    • 5/1/06
      The White Shadow tricks the Minoriteam in to entering a mirror world where everything is backwards. The team is quickly put on trial for not being racist.
    • Illegal Aliens
      Episode 6
      The Minoriteam is abducted by other-worldy creatures who wish to learn more about stereotypes. Back on Earth, the White Shadow and company get a little bored without the Minoriteam to fight.
    • Tax Day
      Episode 5
      The White Shadow is audited by a more evil corporation then his own, the IRS! After years of shady schemes and poor funds he finds his own corporation is in trouble.
    • His Story
      Episode 4
      The White Shadow creates a celestial white sphere to travel back in time to various moments in history to prevent major events from ever happening. Dr. Wang and Dr. Brilliant use their powers to send the rest of the Minoriteam back in time to keep the past from being altered.
    • Heaven Can Wait
      Episode 3
      After a racist bomb blows Fasto right past the black exit to Heaven and lands him in Valhalla. El Jefe is the only one, with this 1/19 Viking blood, to go and save Fasto from the dead Nordic women.
    • El Dia Gigante
      Episode 2
      Corporate City holds a lifetime achievement award in honor of El Jefe. During the ceremony, El Jefe's father and famous wrestler, El Yo attacks the team with a giant salsa puking Piñata. After Fasto and Jewcano are captured, it's up to El Jefe to confront his father and defeat him in a grueling wrestling match.moreless
    • 3/20/06
      After the Shysta Gumfat Indian Reservation Parking Lot Tribe's construction of a new casino is halted, due to it being built on a Pilgrim burial ground, the Minoriteam is called in to investigate. Upon searching the catacombs beneath the construction site they soon discover the true plan set forth by the White Shadow and his army of Zombie Pilgrims.moreless
    • Operation Blackout
      The Minoriteam set out to rescue Sebastian Jefferson after The White Shadow kidnaps him. His plan is to stop black business' from gaining power. The Minoriteam does battle with The Corporate Ladder and The Standardized Test along the way.