Season 1 Episode 15

Le Black Coq

Aired Monday 12:00 AM Jun 26, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • A french chef who loses his restaurant due to the health craze sweeping the nation, becomes the villain Black Coq, and goes about hypnotizing women into eating unhealthy food and growing fat. The whole story is told in flash-back by White Shadow.

    Yet another reason why I watch the show.

    Except maybe for "Venture Brothers", "Family Guy",
    and "Boondocks", very few shows would ever engage
    in this level of risque humor.

    The whole show basically revolves around the
    double entendre of the villain's name, "Black Coq",
    and all the resulting racy uses of it by the
    hypnotized women. Very porn-like.

    Also of great interest is that we got to learn a
    little more about Jewcano, who was the main hero
    of the episode, an unusual and wlecome change to
    Dr.Wang's pre-eminence in screen time and dialogue.

    Funniest bit: Nonstops in a state of shock due to
    too much "booty" as a result of the women of the
    city gaining weight.

    Over-all, although not exactly representative of
    the series in general, which tends to concentrate
    more on racial/social satire than sexual humor,
    this episode nevertheless does well to show the
    edginess and risk-taking of the show over-all.