Season 1 Episode 0

Operation Blackout

Aired Monday 12:00 AM Nov 06, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Operation Blackout
The Minoriteam set out to rescue Sebastian Jefferson after The White Shadow kidnaps him. His plan is to stop black business' from gaining power. The Minoriteam does battle with The Corporate Ladder and The Standardized Test along the way.

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  • A rather funny Pilot that introduces the Minoriteam and their villians.

    Operation Blackout is a funny Pilot that is a combination of South Park meets Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

    White Power and his evil team devise a plan to stop the blacks from gaining influence. Kidnap Sebastian Jefferson. Jefferson owns business' in the music industry, movie industry, restaurants and car washes. The Minoriteam hears that Jefferson was kidnapped and so they set out to get him back.

    After Doctor Wang uses his extreme intellect to found out that White Power's hideout is below the cities golf course, The Minoriteam devises a plan . Fasto is to go instead the clubhouse and distract the people there with his break dancing. El Jeffe is to go search for Jefferson. The rest are to go look for clues about White Shadow's plan. Fasto goes inside the Clubhouse and starts playing some hip music and dancing. The entire room is mesmerized by him. While El Jeffe is using his leaf blower to detect signs of blackness, he comes upon something. His leaf blower starts making noises, revealing the location of Jefferson. Suddenly a burrito appears and El Jeffe runs to it. A hole opens up below him and he falls in to the darkness.

    Meanwhile, Doctor Wang, Jew-Cano and Nonstop find clues that reveal White Shadow's plan to drain the black from Jefferson. Upon reading this, Racist Frankenstein enters the room with his minions. The minions attack with their guns only to have the bullets reflect off Nonstop back at them. More of Racist Frankenstein's minions enter has Jew-Cano and Nonstop hitch a ride on Doctor Wang's wheelchair. Back at the clubhouse, Fasto is still distracting the people as Doctor Wang along with Jew-Cano and Nonstop burst in to the room. The people in the clubhouse come out of their daze as Racist Frankenstein's minions reveal that the Minoriteam are not members. Fasto does a head spin and uses his amazing speed to drill a hole in the ground and escape the angry mob.

    Below the Clubhouse, the Minoriteam find a dazed El Jeffe. They wake him up right as the White Shadow appears and sucks them in to his Pyramid of Ignorance. They have to pass each of the 4 levels inside. Level 1 contains the hot, stuck up girl from high school who wouldn't take to you. Fasto easily handles this one by pimping the entire room out in to a Love Shack. The girl falls in love with Fasto while he "tames" the white devil.

    Level 2 contains a ladder. Jew-Cano, El Jeffe and Nonstop start to climb the ladder but get nowhere. Doctor Wang reveals to them that they have been getting nowhere because you get nowhere in the corporate ladder! The ladder reveals it's true form, The Corporate Ladder. He tells the Minoriteam that Jefferson's time is almost up. Then the ladder flies away as a giant robot breaks down a wall and enters. It's The Standardized Test! He asks the Minoriteam questions of racism until they are all beaten. Just as it looks like The Standardized Test has them beaten, Doctor Wang gets back up. He his asked a question of racism and answers correctly. The Standardized Test overloads upon hearing this answer and falls over, destroyed.

    The Minoriteam goes through the hole left behind from The Standardized Test. In the room is The White Shadow, who quickly escapes along with The Corporate Ladder. Sebastian Jefferson is saved by the Minoriteam. They tell Jefferson who they are only to have him shout words of hate at them. He says that they didn't save him and to leave him alone. Sadly, the Minoriteam gets no respect for their work.moreless

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