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  • The show has the right idea but its a bit corny at much.

    Wow. Just wow. This show is what you would typically find in any adult swim show but its lacking that aqua teen hunger force like personality or the insanely creative thinking of the squidbillies. The characters are all minorities except there missing an arab. I don't like the 4 evil leaders of that white supramist organization. They would be better off left as humans. The plots are well pretty much well thought. The animation is really awful. I mean its done in that comic book format but still it looks so ugly at the same time. In conclusion this show really needs to be redone. This version is just terrible.
  • Its barely watchable.

    Its pretty clear its using racial stereotypes of minorities to paint white people as evil. I think thats why it turns alot of people off. While at the same time ticking off minorities because they use stereotypes like the Chinese guy with laundromat or Mexican with a leafblower.

    The only really funny episode was the one one where they split up and went back in time and one group gave Civil War Confederate soldiers M-16 machine guns and another group showed up with the Ark of the Covenant and gave it to the Union to defeat the South in a scene stolen out of INDIANA JONES.

    Hasnt been on in months and I dont miss it at all. I could take it or leave it most of the time.
  • this show is very bornig and i can't nerly get it

    this show is very bornig i can't get it at all this show is very very bad and why do they use comic animatshon this show very bad i can a better show then this i don't get it at all i mean what just happen this show is a 2 defenle but i din'ent give a 1 because its going to take a very bad show to get a 1 and this show is close well thats my review bye.
  • A thrilling and comical show.

    This show is quite a mixture of different themes. There's action, comedy, and strangely, mystery. The action packed moments in the episode will draw you closer and closer to following the show. The characters can be quite unique. Take Wang for instance, he can be a sarcastic but yet serious character. If you want to relieve your ennui, watch an episode from this series. It will keep you laughing.
  • Minoriteam... what a show. I can't believe that I'm watching it, it may be the worst show I've ever seen, though, this is what makes it worth watching. When I say it for the first time, I couldn't believe it, and whenever I see that its on, I watch.

    Minoriteam... what a show. I can't believe that I'm watching it, it may be the worst show I've ever seen, though, this is what makes it worth watching. When I say it for the first time, I couldn't believe it, and whenever I see that its on, I watch.

    I don't know if I would ever recommend this show, but it is interesting, I'll atleast say that.
  • Pokes fun at racism and at the often naive or clumsy responses to racism, and shows an attempt to understand the complexities and absurdities of racism which many Americans don't seem to get. Comments on this board show why a show like this is needed.

    Along with movies like Blazing Saddles, Minoriteam is one of very few American comedies that confronts racism head-on. Because Blazing Saddles was written by Mel Brooks and Richard Pryor, it is by far the superior (and funnier) work. Blazing Saddles is true social satire. Minoriteam is not. In fact, some of the most amusing moments in Minoriteam occur when the show spoofs superhero cartoons of the 60s.

    Still, Minoriteam is one of few shows taking on the subject of racism in a time when Americans are trying to pretend that racism does not exist, even as its effects are undermining every effort to make American society live up to its paper promises. Sadly (as some of the comments on this board prove), racism is so deeply ingrained in the American psyche that those who think this show is biased against whites cannot express that belief without insulting non-whites.

    Case in point: After complaining that Minoriteam was "racist tv against white people," Spardeous cited the DOJ statistics on black violence. Clearly, the citation didn't prove his/her original premise, rather, it was meant to "prove" that blacks were somehow morally inferior to whites. Reality check--urban poverty and violence go hand-in-hand. That's really all those statistics tell you. So, those of us who are capable of critical thought should avoid drawing any unwarranted conclusions. Everyone else, well, they're the ones Minoriteam is making fun of, aren't they?

    One more thing: For those who have said that this show is "racist against whites," let's just clarify something: the term "racism" means either a belief that there are differences among the races that render one superior to another, or a set of discriminatory practices based on race (institutionalized manifestations of racist belief that create societal and legal definitions of and obstacles to members of the disfavored so-called "races"). Minoriteam does not suggest that non-whites are superior to whites, nor does it espouse discrimination against whites. Rather, it exaggerates and exploits American racist stereotypes, standards, and practices--like the corporate ladder, the standardized test, the model minority, and middle-manager syndrome--for the sake of absurdist comedy. Because American racism is, of course, aimed at non-whites, attacks on racism might seem to be aimed at whites—but, obviously, such a belief is based on backward reasoning. We need to get over this misconception so that a real dialog about racism can finally take place. Thus endeth the sociology lesson.

    In conclusion, Minoriteam is hardly the best TV program I've ever seen, and I don't watch it very often. But it's one of very few shows that discusses racism without simply censuring white America or promoting a touchy-feely agenda. It ridicules racist beliefs and practices as well as some of the overly simplistic, band-aid remedies America throws at the problem. The funny thing is, Minoriteam isn't even about race half the time. And even when it is, it's POV isn't particularly liberal. Often, it doesn't seem to have any opinion at all. It offers no solutions ... but then, in the 50 years since American has attempted to address institutionalized racism, we have been unable to cleanse this country of racism or racists. Sometimes the best you can do is bring a problem to light and hope one of the world's great minds can take it from there.

    Anyway, like much social satire, Minoriteam isn't usually laugh-out-loud funny, but it's sometimes surprisingly brilliant.
  • It was alright, I don\'t see what everyone thinks about it being racist.

    Well, I watched one episode, And Justice For Some, and was mildly entertained by it. Which I\'m guessing that goes for every episode.

    The show is about 5 superheroes, Dr. Wang, Fasto, El Effe, Jewcano, and Nonstop, who use their steriotypes to defeat the evil and racist White Shadow.

    The show was okay, it definately was not The Boondocks, but I think it deserves a couple of other seasons. Not too many, though. 3 or 4. That sound good? Good. Now...
  • The most postmodern show on television

    Ah, Minoriteam. It\'s tucked in a funny timeslot, making it very difficult to record with your tivo. Filled to the brim with self reference, meaning within meaning within meaning, dadaist absurdism. If you think this show is attacking minority stereotypes, look deeper. This isn\'t a public service announcement or a very special episode. If you think this show is racist against white people, look WAY deeper. Trust me, I\'m half white.

    Laugh! It\'s funny! But it\'s absurdly funny. Don\'t laugh at the jokes, laugh at the delivery. If you find yourself laughing at the jokes (or offended by them), look deeper.

  • Now what would people say if this was a Team of Whites humoring off of minorities ways?

    This show does not offend me, but for the ignoramous who stated that this show represents White America, you need to open your eyes and realize that this show has NOTHING to with the way real life is. Frankly if you base your opinions on us whites off this show, you truly need to surface from your hole. My only opinion is imagine if this show was made about whites combating minorities? IMAGINE the reaction! Now, when someone of White ethnics may claim to be offended by this show, they are the racist one? Too funny! Anyway, if people of mild open minded nature watch this show, it can be amusing, yet I find it kind of dry.
  • Exposes white America.

    Man this show is great. It really shows how lame white America is. Full of Ignorant,Dull, greedy people who hold the rest down. But in the end its just Comedy.I also love how white people are reacting to It. Thats just how you would expect them to react. Thats the great thing about shows like these. Seriously if you are offended by this show you really need to lighten up. I guess Most white people can\'t take a joke when it is directed at them. That just shows how much america is changing. Shows like these would have never survived in the 1950s.
  • not offensive as they say it is,but not funny either

    alot of people are calling this show racist against whites,im white and i wasnt offended by it,its all in good fun.too bad the show just isnt funny,i never even found myslef chuckling at any of the jokes,they all fell flat on their face,not 2 mention how horrible the animation is,they try 2 give it an old shcoolish superhero cartoon feeling 2 it,but it just looks like absolute crap,just dont watch it,dont support crappy shows like this.
  • I think imvaudeville is the only one with a sense of humour on this thing! Props! Minoriteam is my hero!

    This show is amazing and my sense of color has been put into overdrive!!! I absolutely love Dr. Wang, he\'s hilarious and for some reason reminds me of Kahn from King of the Hill! Hahaha! Jokes were great, very funny episode!!! Loved the ending of this episode, cracked me up! Can\'t wait for more!!!
  • If you find this show racist, congrats -- you're an idiot.

    "Minoriteam" isn't racist. All of the "racial" characters live varied, non-stereotypical lives, only becoming their racist stereotypes to fight off white stereotypes. The show isn't meant to be serious inventory of stereotypes, unless you honestly consider Frankenstein a racist and associate the Jewish people with volcanoes.

    Still think it's racist? Fine. What makes it more than simple, racist humor is that the stereotypes which they are fighting -- the Standardized Test, for example -- aren't meant to poke fun at whites, but instead the "racial" excuses given for failing to succeed. This is contrasted, of course, with the team itself, since each member, although stereotyped when in costume, defies these excuses and are each successful in their own right sans race.

    If you aren't convinced yet, just ask yourself this -- why do the characters only turn into stereotypes when presented with stereotypical "racial" problems? That's the real point here, that belittling one's problems into race eventually turns everything into an exaggerated fight of color versus the lack thereof.

    Hopefully you "get it" now and will sit back and enjoy. If not, there's still the Jewcano and Racist Frankenstein. Not all humor has to be deep.
  • another one of those shows slamming the white guy... i bet if a show like this making fun of minorities was made it wouldn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t be allowed on tv.

    i\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'d just like to say that while i\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m not a white supremacist it goes both ways. if they don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t want us being racist then why the hell do they make shows like this? anyways my word out is low so i\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m ganna fill in the rest of the space with this sentence.
  • Screw this show! I am pride to be white!!

    Yet again a show against White people. I am white and watching this show gives me a bad name. I am proud to be white and my race is loosing its identinty. We have invinted alot of major machines and crost seas. But its shows like these that give my people a bad name
  • Racist.

    Hooray for racist tv against white people.
    Too bad facts prove otherwise:

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  • Minoriteam is no one trick pony!

    With as many colors as there are in the rainbow so to are the levels to be found in Minoriteam. At first is an offensive jokefest that will split your sides. But then you see its deep levels of satire, which is what gives this show it's staying power. This is a definite one to watch. The visuals are incredible, and the voices are the icing on the cake. Adult Swim has chosen correctly to nurture this puppy.