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  • If you find this show racist, congrats -- you're an idiot.

    "Minoriteam" isn't racist. All of the "racial" characters live varied, non-stereotypical lives, only becoming their racist stereotypes to fight off white stereotypes. The show isn't meant to be serious inventory of stereotypes, unless you honestly consider Frankenstein a racist and associate the Jewish people with volcanoes.

    Still think it's racist? Fine. What makes it more than simple, racist humor is that the stereotypes which they are fighting -- the Standardized Test, for example -- aren't meant to poke fun at whites, but instead the "racial" excuses given for failing to succeed. This is contrasted, of course, with the team itself, since each member, although stereotyped when in costume, defies these excuses and are each successful in their own right sans race.

    If you aren't convinced yet, just ask yourself this -- why do the characters only turn into stereotypes when presented with stereotypical "racial" problems? That's the real point here, that belittling one's problems into race eventually turns everything into an exaggerated fight of color versus the lack thereof.

    Hopefully you "get it" now and will sit back and enjoy. If not, there's still the Jewcano and Racist Frankenstein. Not all humor has to be deep.