Miracle Girls

(ended 1993)


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Miracle Girls

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Toni and Mika Morgan are identical in everyway (but if you ask, Mika will say she is much cuter) But Toni and Mika are what you call a 1-in-a-million miracle. They have psychic powers that allow them to teleport and coverse mentally with each other.

The only people who know about their miracle is Mr. Kageura ( a nutty science teacher), Jackson, and Chris. But they have to watch out for the evil Mr. X!

Based on the hit manga by Nami Akimoto

Here is the lowdown on the characters:

Toni Morgan
Toni is the atletic twin. She origianlly attend an all girls school, but after a mishap in which she swapped rolse with Mika, she decided to attend Mika's school. Toni has a secret crush on Jackson.

Mika Morgan
Mika is the brightest student at her school, she is very smart and can do almost anything - except sports! Mika has a secret crush on Chris and a not-so-secret hatred of Jackson.

Mr. Kageura ( Mr. K. ) Mr. K. is a nutty scuence teacher who is obssessed with psychic powers. At the beginning of the story he appears to be a bad guy, but later it is revealed that he is a harmless nutball. Mr. K. is married to Rika.moreless