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  • Season 1
    • Episode 1
      Episode 1
      Episode 1
      Crisscrossing deep under Tokyo is the subway system. Among those subway lines is a train filled with handsome young men known as the Miracle Train. Passengers are met by the six human manifestations of Oedo Line stations Roppongi, Tocho-mae, Shinjuku, Tsukishima, Shiodome, and Ryogoku. Finding and resolving the troubles of their passengers is their calling. Today's stop is Roppongi station. Who will be their first passenger?moreless
    • A Passport for You
      Looking up at the towering Metropolitan Government Office, businesswoman Mai sighs. With hesitant steps, she enters the building. Meanwhile, inside the Miracle Train, Tocho is worried about the time, saying their next passenger is late. Leaving Tocho to worry by himself, the other stations find ways to pass the time. Mai finally gets on at the Tocho-mae station, but claims to have solved her problem herself already.moreless
    • 130 Thousand Departures
      Unhappy girl Michi makes her way through the crowds of the Oedo Line's Shinjuku station only to find herself on the Miracle Train. The stations run into trouble when Michi demands to be let off the train after hearing the conductor's explanation. With her policy of strictly following her life plan, Michi refuses to participate in unexpected activities. When Michi is told her well organized life resembles the accurate subway schedules, she says she hates trains. Shinjuku takes Michi out into the city to find the root of her problem.moreless
    • Departing From the Future for the Past
      While watching the crowds come and go at Ryogoku station, a strange young women catches Ryogoku's eye. She is Mirai, a fortune teller working with her good friend Asuka. The stations try to talk to her, but Mirai insists that a fortune teller listens to other people's problems and does not discuss her own. When Ryogoku discovers the day's lucky spot is his very own neighborhood, he hatches a plan.moreless
    • Mile Marker Zero of Love
      'No way! I'm on the Miracle Train?' Noriko takes the stations by surprise with her excited outburst. Self-proclaimed train fanatic Noriko is overjoyed to find herself on the legendary Miracle Train after getting on at Shiodome station. Closet train maniac Shiodome tries to be helpful by talking to Noriko about trains, but she cannot keep up with him, leading Noriko to reveal her plan to get her revenge on her train fanatic classmate.moreless
    • Railway From Tsukishima
      A woman dressed in an extravagant gown tries to get through the Tsukishima station ticket gate. Behind her are suspicious men in black. At the last minute, Tsukishima guides the woman to safety on the Miracle Train. The woman turns out to be Himero, daughter of an extremely wealthy family, and she has never ridden the subway before. Suspicious of the motives of the men in black and the not entirely truthful Himero, Tsukishima takes her out to explore the area and find answers to his questions.moreless
    • Oedo Mystery Train
      The stations learn they won't be getting any passengers any time soon. When they try to find out why, the conductor evades their question, and the stations choose to use their unexpected break to relax. Roppongi wanders off on his own to think, but his thoughts are interrupted when the Miracle Train suddenly gains speed and inexplicably enters overdrive. At the end of their ride through space, the stations find themselves in a strange place.moreless
    • The Little Passenger
      The stations try to give a warm welcome to their young passenger from Roppongi station, Airi. As the stations try to figure out why she ran away from home, Airi latches on to the late arrival Tocho, calling him "daddy." The surprised Tocho decides to act as her father for the time being.moreless
    • The Men's Miracle Train
      The stations' next passenger turns out to be not a lost lady, but a lost gentleman. By some accident, businessman Sakuraba finds himself on the Miracle Train. Despite the circumstances, the Miracle Train must stick to its promise, and the stations are forced to solve Sakuraba's problem. At first he insists nothing is wrong, but before long he reveals a secret he has been keeping from everyone.moreless
    • Bark at the Oedo Line
      Tocho's favorite police drama "Oedo Cops" is being revived 10 years after the original series first aired. Despite his irrepressible excitement, Tocho is paralyzed with shock when he sees the Miracle Train's next passenger Makoto, the rising actress cast to act in "Oedo Cops Part 2." The stations are filled with excitement in the presence of a rising star, but Makoto is weighed down by her concerns surrounding the filming.moreless
    • Proposal Three Years Later
      A single girl named Mayu rushes onto the train at Azabu Juban station. As an extremely kindhearted person, she always helps those in need, making her late to all of her appointments. Today, she is determined to meet her boyfriend at Roppongi station on time. Without signs of any other problems, the stations escort her to Roppongi station.moreless
    • The Other Passenger
      It's another ordinary day on the Miracle Train. While waiting for the next passenger, Roppongi takes a nap and has a strange dream about the mysterious train station. Roppongi's toughts are interrupted when the train goes into overdrive again. The problem is quickly resolved, but with the cause still unclear the stations cannot hide their unease when the conductor announces he is putting the Miracle Train out of service.moreless
    • Miracle on Christmas Eve
      Akari finally regains her memory, but remains unable to remember her all-important problem. The conductor returns to announce the Miracle Train will resume running on its diagram. The Miracle Train resumes regular service with Akari once again working as a guide.