Miracle's Boys

Noggin (ended 2005)


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Miracle's Boys

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Show Title: Miracle's Boys Show Type: Drama, Mini-Series First Telecast: December 17, 2004 Last Telecast: February 20, 2005

This is the 6-part mini-series event on the N called "Miracle's Boys." Miracle's Boys revolves around three half-Puerto Rican, half-African-American, orphaned teenage brothers living in Harlem, NY and their struggle to hold their family together. The drama reflects the everyday lives of the Bailey brothers : Lafayette (14 years old), Charlie (16 years old) and Ty'ree (20 years old), whose beloved mother, Milagros (Spanish for 'Miracle'), has recently died and whose father is also deceased. Miracle's Boys is also the story of Harlem and the many ways the boys are impacted by their community, friends and their school. The brother's world revolves around everyday life, the school that Lafayette and Charlie attend, Ty'ree's job, and their block of apartment buildings where everyone knows everyone's business. But, the Bailey brothers live together as a family on a trial basis -- one false move and all will be lost. Miracle's Boys is a series reflecting the humor and drama of their everyday lives as they struggle to hold their new family together. (from the-n.com)

Other cast members include Louie Torellas, Sasha Toro, Shvona Washington, Derek Aucoin, and Jordan Puryear.

Characters: Ty'Ree Bailey is the oldest of the Bailey brothers. He's the kid you want to date your daughter and the older brother kids wish they had. He was supposed to go to MIT but with the absence of their parents, Ty'Ree wanted to keep the family together. Although he is tough on his brothers at times, he is a good brother because he has to play the role of mommy, daddy and brother.

Charlie Bailey is the middle child of the Bailey brothers. He robbed a store in the neighborhood which got him sent to the juvenile detention center and everybody knows about it, so he must face school now that he's back. It's like when he's at school, he becomes really tough but when he is at home, he becomes so calm.

Lafayette Bailey is the youngest of the Bailey brothers. He is the lovable little kid that tries to break up the fights between Ty'Ree and Charlie, but watch out, this little boy gets into fights with Charlie too and isn't so lovable at times.

Based on the award-winning book by Jacqueline Woodson

Filmed on location in Harlem, NY

Theme song written and performed by Nasmoreless

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African-American Drama