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God Is Coming... Paul Callan (Skeet Ulrich, Scream) is an investigator of modern miracles. While consistently disappointing hopeful believers by finding simple explanations for "miraculous phenomena", Paul finds his own faith sorely tested. Then something happens. While investigating Tommy Ferguson, a young boy with the power to heal, Paul is given a new lease on life, literally. An accident puts Paul near death, and Tommy uses his power to save him – but Tommy pays for this miracle with his life. Just before this happens, they both see the words "God Is Now Here" written in Paul's blood. When Paul's superiors refuse to acknowledge that a genuine miracle has occurred, Paul resigns his position and tries to understand what has happened to him. He is approached by Alva Keel (Angus Macfadyen), a former Harvard professor and current investigator of the paranormal. Alva confides in Paul that there is a rapidly growing number of "strange occurrences" happening all over the world, which may point to an impending, frightening, and deadly "large event". Believing that Alva may have the answer to his vision in blood, Paul agrees to join forces. Former police officer, Evelyn Santos (Marisa Ramirez) rounds out the team that calls itself Sodalitas Quaerito. They work to uncover the unexplained, and try to find a solution to the coming "darkness"…before it's too late. Miracles premiered as part of ABC's 2002-2003 midseason, after having received tons of praise from critics all across the country. The show is beautifully written, more captivating than FOX's hit paranormal drama, The X-Files. The show immediately gathered a large and very dedicated fan base, which was impressive for a new series, especially on ABC. However, the show was constantly being pre-empted, along with its Monday night sister show Veritas: The Quest, due to the war in Iraq, and ABC finally canceled the show after only showing six episodes out of the thirteen-episode first season. As soon as the fans heard that ABC had canceled the show, dozens of "Save Miracles" sites began popping up on the web. Now, over a year after the show's ending, fans are still fighting strong to get Miracles back, and to prove that miracles really do happen.moreless
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  • It started off great, but ended abruptly.

    I just finished watching the entire series of “Miracle” on DVD and I must say I was really impressed on how good this show was. I wish it had run for a few more seasons, because it had a lot of potential. Skeet Ulrich acted great as Paul Callan and so did Angus Macfadyen (as Alva Keel). I hoped Marisa Ramirez’s character would have had a little more involvement in the show, but otherwise this show was great. Some of my favorite episodes include “The Ferguson Syndrome”, “The Friendly Skies”, “Mother’s Daughter” and “You are my sunshine”. Although all the episodes were intriguing and exciting, I wish they had focused on the main storyline and given it a proper end. There are still a lot of questions unanswered, and you feel frustrated on not knowing what they were supposed to mean. I hope they at least bring a spin-off or something of this show so that we can get to see what happens. Until then, at least the Season DVD is available for us to enjoy.moreless
  • Not the best for its time, or kind.

    The show had tons of potential, but... all of Hollywood is just wasted potential so that's not really saying much. The writing was bad from episode to episode, but the back stories and character arcs were solid ideas badly implemented by the writers. I still think it's better than 90% of TV today though.
  • Big Disappointment For A great potential!!!

    Well I must agree that "Miracles" had such a good potential but each episode were getting worse and worse... there is no connection between the episodes and the main point of this TVshow was forgotten... I realy thought it would better. Now its make sense why there is only one season released....in one word Disappointment :(
  • Whether you are a God fearing person or if you believe in the paranormal or not, you would find this series so moving! We just want this series back! We hope that we can get all of the fans of Miracles to join us in getting this series back on the air!!!!moreless

    This show was a cool show. It seemed very interesting, at least that is what I got from the few episodes that I saw. My wife and I saw the first three episodes and we were waiting to see what happened after the accident where there was a note for him in the glass. The story lines and the scenes were really good. I wanted to see what ended up happening with the little girl and with Skeet. I felt that the show never got a fair shake and I believe that if it is brought back today it's ratings would very high. I think this show was better than some of these other ones that still on the air. The network only played 3 episodes, and we just want to find out what happens next. Actually, we want the show to be put back on the air for good! Let's band together and get this show put back on the air! AMEN!!!moreless
  • Paul an investigator sees God is Now here written in his own blood after a serious accident in which a young boy saves his life.

    This was one of the best shows on TV that never got a chance. I think most of this was due to the timing of its release. Many of the show were pre-empted for news. This show was great and Skeet Ulrich really got to show what he could do. During the episodes he really got to show his versatility. The subject matter was very interesting and kept me up on my toes as to what was going to happen next. The show never got a chance to get into the real juicy stuff about the God is Now Here vs. God is nowhere slogan of the show. At the very end what Paul sees changes, I really wish that we would have gotten to see what would have come of this.moreless

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