Season 1 Episode 6

Hand of God

Aired Unknown Mar 31, 2003 on ABC
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Hand of God
Paul comes under investigation by the police after a woman is found murdered in her home, leaving behind her diary where she had sketched his name and image, along with the words "God is nowhere". Shocked by this irrefutable reference to his own paranormal experience and unable to get a straight answer from Alva, Paul breaks into the locked files on hemography and discovers that three other individuals who experienced the same phenomenon have also been murdered. Angry with Alva for keeping such vital information secret, Paul sets out on his own for Denver to warn a fifth person, a woman, of the unknown threat. Before he is able to reach her, he is apprehended by the police and taken in for questioning. While there, he receives word of her murder. Paul is released from custody, and goes to find the killer's final target, a man living in Oregon. Paul hurries to the man's house where both he and the intended victim are accosted by a boy, Chad Goodwell. He is shocked to learn that this young man has also been visited by Tommy Ferguson, and that a voice he believes is God, has sent him on this holy crusade the wipe out the evil that was his past victims. Before killing himself, Chad tells Paul "it's up to you now".moreless

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  • Good episode

    Finally, we get another episode that focuses on the main storyline. Even though this wasn’t as suspenseful as the other episodes, it reveals a lot about what Paul’s purpose would be. We also learn that there aren’t 6 but 9 people who know about Paul and have had experiences like him. Blake Bashoff is a little spooky as Chad, and did a good job playing that character. It’s too bad that Paul didn’t learn much about himself here. Otherwise, this was a good episode.moreless
Blake Bashoff

Blake Bashoff

Chad Goodwell

Guest Star

John Thaddeus

John Thaddeus

Detective Victor Krantz

Guest Star

Pat Skipper

Pat Skipper

Detective Bander

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    • Paul: Where'd Keel take off for?
      Evelyn: He's at a physics lecture at Boston University with some old friends.
      Paul: He has friends? (Evelyn laughs)

    • Alva: Paul is on a spiritual journey. This is something few of us ever take and, in Paul's case, it is not that one chooses, but rather one is chosen.

    • Alva: She'd been dead for over a year when I heard her voice speak my name on that tape. (sigh) No train and I didn't see God's name written in my own blood. It doesn't take much to change the course of a life. Sometimes a single word will do it.

    • Paul: (Explaining to Evelyn why he feels he needs to go to meet one of the other people who experienced hemography, even though he might be on the killer's list, too) She knows my father. Or she might. On the transcripts I found in Keel's office she talks about three dreams she had. The first is about me getting pneumonia when I was seven. That happened, back at St Jerome's. I spent two weeks in the hospital, almost died. Second is about me getting in a car accident and being healed by a boy. She had that dream in 1983. (He hands Evelyn a paper) that's the third.
      Evelyn: (reading) The man whose name is Paul Callan is sitting at a sidewalk café. There's a fountain behind him. He's talking to a man. That man is his father. The man is saying something. Paul is angry. And then the water in the fountain turns red.
      Paul: I never even met my father… I don't know a single thing about him.

    • Alva: ...I've never seen anything like this before. People are being murdered simply because they all shared a paranormal experience. Now is a time for keeping one's head down.

    • Alva: (Explaining to Evelyn why he kept the information from Paul) What would you have me tell him? That he is capable of great evil or great good? The worst thing that could possibly happen is for Paul to somehow believe that his path is predestined for evil. Once that idea's been planted, it's almost impossible to uproot.
      Evelyn: So let's plant the idea that he's predestined for good!
      Alva: Ugh…Even those who walk the path of right often come to a bad end, JFK, Martin Luther King, Joan of Arc, even John Lennon.

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