Season 1 Episode 4

Little Miss Lost

Aired Unknown Mar 03, 2003 on ABC
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Little Miss Lost
Paul is shaken when a bus explodes after he sees the visage of a young girl aboard. After the tragedy, Paul learns that the unidentified body of a small girl is being held in the local morgue. The body is amazingly without any scars or evidence of the explosion, although he is certain that she is the girl he saw. Soon another disaster occurs, also accompanied by a vision of the girl and another identical unclaimed body. After further visitations and tragedies, Paul realizes that the girl's ghostly appearance is causing these catastrophes and he searches for a way to placate the disturbed spirit. The investigation leads the team to Rosanna Wye, the now aged mother of the young girl. The telling of her story and their ultimate reunion finally puts the little girl's spirit to rest.moreless

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  • Paul searches for his father and notices a little girl on a bus before it explodes. When he sees her again before an arena collapses, he knows something is wrong. Turns out she is linked all the way back to the 1940s through tragedies.moreless

    The episode begins with Paul at City Hall trying to find information on his parents. When he gets off the bus on the way home, he notices a strange looking little girl right before the bus drives away only to explode. While recovering from injuries he sustained from the blast, Paul notices the little girl again on the television during a pre-game broadcast at an arena. Seeing the little girl in the morgue unclaimed, he dismisses that he may have seen her on television until he hears that the arena has collapsed. Flying to San Antonio, in the morgue he sees the body of the same little girl after finding out it was cremated in Boston. He reveals all of this to Evelyn and Alva. Alva tells him that it is most likely related to the "Miss Lost", an urban myth from around the world about a little girl whose body is always found in major disasters that is never claimed. He connects it with a tragic circus tent fire from 1944 and suggests they investigate it anew in Connecticut. Through their research, they track down the surviving mother who failed to claim her because if she did, her family would know she was alive as well. It turns out she was on the run from her husband, who either was emotionally or physically abusive to the wife and may be to the child as well. Allowing the woman to claim the body of the little girl, all turns out right. At the end of the episode, however, Tommy visits Paul to tell him that the Darkness is real and that it wants everything.

    This was an interesting little story, more mystery than anything. It was a little less good in cohesion then the previous episodes, but the writing and acting makes up for some of the problems. I think it was really curious how much Alva was pushing for Paul to possibly meet his father. Is it general concern or does he know something more? It was good to see Tommy again and get a sense of what may be coming for Paul.moreless
  • Not as good as the other episodes.

    This episode started off really well, but I feel it went downhill towards the end. So ‘Little Miss Lost’ keeps causing accidents etc. What does that have anything to do with wanting to be recognized by her mother? It just doesn’t add up. How could her mother know she was causing all those accidents? True, there were some really spooky scenes like when Paul sees the girl on the TV news, or sees her in the train where Alva is in, but other than that, I feel like the ending was a bit of a disappointment. Anyway, it was also interesting to see Tommy make an appearance in the end, although, after watching the entire series, I can say that nothing happens with that storyline until the last episode. So in conclusion, that wasn’t my favorite episode, but it is good to watch at least one for character development etc.moreless

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    • Alva: It could mean that she is coming into our world more strongly, more powerfully than before, and if that's true then it means the veil is getting thinner.

    • Delwin: (To Paul) You two married?
      Evelyn: No.
      Delwin: I wouldn't let her get away, heh.

    • Delwin: Have you ever heard a horse scream? I was overseas during World War II. I saw a lot of things I wish I hadn't. But this was as bad as any of it. Maybe worse.

    • Tommy: Help us. It's real.
      Paul: What is? The Darkness?
      Tommy: (Nods) It wants.
      Paul: What? What does it want?
      Tommy: Everything.

    • Alva: This girl is not a harbinger spirit.
      Paul: She's not warning me of these tragedies?
      Alva: No.
      Evelyn: She's causing them.
      Paul: Why would the ghost of a little girl be killing people?
      Alva: She's probably not even aware that she is. This is just some sort of by-product of her materializations. Any situation has the potential for tragedy... every time a plane takes off... every time we get into a car... Wherever this little girl appears she tips the scales. Her presence turns the potential into the actual.

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