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Season 1 Episode 13

Paul is Dead

Aired Unknown Dec 26, 2003 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Paul is Dead
As Paul begins seeing the ghost of Tommy around, SQ investigates a TV psychic. They soon discover he's fake, but the psychic then has a real vision/revelation regarding Paul. Later, after Matty disappears, Paul decides to contact Tommy to find out what he wants and how to help Matty. But the only way to that is...to die.moreless

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  • The last episode of "Miracles".

    The first question that you can see when you want to write your own review is "How would you classify this episode?". I was looking at the possible options and finally I chose "series finale". Maybe you're asking yourself why I'm writing about this kind of things. Well, I'm going to answer... This episode is the last episode of "Miracles" but at the same time this is not the "series finale". We don't get any answers. We only see a wonderful show with a great potential ending too soon. As most of you knows - this episode wasn't meant to be the last one and that's why we don't get our answers. It's really sad to watch this, see how good it is, how the relation between main characters keep changing and... see it's over. This episode was originally the first one I saw. It's interesting, it makes you start to think about some things that we don't have much time to think about normally. If you didn't see this episode yet - you should do it, but I must say that it's better to watch those 13 episodes in the right order - the connection between them makes it even more interesting. At the very end of this review I would like to put here a link to Save Miracles international petition: http://www.petitiononline.com/msq2008/petition.html

    We have a problem with finding a way to tell "Miracles" fans about it, so if you can help us it would be great. Let's try to get our answers and the REAL series finale. Greetings and thank you for reading!moreless
  • The last episode of a great show

    I was happy that the show finally decided to focus a little more on Evelyn. Well, better late than never. Anyway, coming to the story, Tommy starts haunting Paul again. Paul meets a TV psychic, and gets a prediction from him. The psychic’s prediction comes true, and Matty (Evelyn’s son) is missing. Paul thinks it’s his fault and decides to get Matty back, but doesn’t know how, except to contact Tommy again. The only way he can do this is if he dies. I wouldn’t say this was the perfect end to the season, because a lot of things are still unexplained. This was a great episode in general, but if the show writers were planning on ending the season, at least they could have filled up some gaps. Otherwise, it wasn’t so bad. The scenes where Paul dies to contact Tommy were really exciting, and you aren’t sure whether he will come back alive again. All in all, this was a great episode, but not a good series conclusion.moreless
Jacob Smith

Jacob Smith

Thomas "Tommy" Ferguson

Guest Star

Peter Outerbridge

Peter Outerbridge

Jason Herlock/TV Psychic

Guest Star

Spencer Garrett

Spencer Garrett

Det. Freemont

Guest Star

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    • Jason Herlock: (to Keel) A man of your age has generally lost a parent or at least a friend or a relative if you'd said no, I would have kept going until I hit. I do have a gift, Mr. Keel, it's called finding people's pain and helping them to release it. (sighs) Look, my name's not "Jason Herlock". At least, that's not the name I was born with, anyway. I grew up in some really bad foster homes. And I got beaten, okay? A lot. Went to bed terrified. Every night. All of that is nothing compared to what I felt when I touched your friend. I don't even know how he's walking around with that kind of pain and I felt it. And everybody else's, it seems -- like all of humanity's. So, it's not my reputation I'm afraid for, Mr. Keel. I'm afraid that if I go back to that place, it will kill me.

    • Agent: (to Keel) Mr. Herlock is not going to see you or anyone. He fell on you at the taping. Great. Sue us. Your friend is different. You believe he's connected to Jason. Take it to the tabloids. Are we done here?

    • (regarding the psychic)
      Evelyn: You think he's a fake?
      Keel: He casts a wide net ... died violently, something painful in the head or torso which covers about ninety percent of ways you can die.

    • Paul: I feel like a client.
      Keel: Really? How so?
      Paul: I think I'm being haunted.
      Keel: By whom?
      Paul: Tommy.

    • Paul: Well, how'd it go?
      Evelyn: Oh, Doctor said I'll live forever. Thanks for watching the

    • Paul: (Speaking to Tommy's ghost) Why do you keep coming to me?
      Tommy: Because I'm ready to move on now and you won't let me.
      Paul: You're saying I'm haunting you?
      Tommy nods slowly

    • TV Psychic, Jason Herlock: (After touching Paul's shoulder and having a vision) First you'll see the saint, then you'll see the fisherman, then you'll see the "red T" floating. That's when it happens, when the "red T" is floating.

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