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  • It started off great, but ended abruptly.

    I just finished watching the entire series of “Miracle” on DVD and I must say I was really impressed on how good this show was. I wish it had run for a few more seasons, because it had a lot of potential. Skeet Ulrich acted great as Paul Callan and so did Angus Macfadyen (as Alva Keel). I hoped Marisa Ramirez’s character would have had a little more involvement in the show, but otherwise this show was great. Some of my favorite episodes include “The Ferguson Syndrome”, “The Friendly Skies”, “Mother’s Daughter” and “You are my sunshine”. Although all the episodes were intriguing and exciting, I wish they had focused on the main storyline and given it a proper end. There are still a lot of questions unanswered, and you feel frustrated on not knowing what they were supposed to mean. I hope they at least bring a spin-off or something of this show so that we can get to see what happens. Until then, at least the Season DVD is available for us to enjoy.
  • Not the best for its time, or kind.

    The show had tons of potential, but... all of Hollywood is just wasted potential so that's not really saying much. The writing was bad from episode to episode, but the back stories and character arcs were solid ideas badly implemented by the writers. I still think it's better than 90% of TV today though.
  • Big Disappointment For A great potential!!!

    Well I must agree that "Miracles" had such a good potential but each episode were getting worse and worse... there is no connection between the episodes and the main point of this TVshow was forgotten... I realy thought it would better. Now its make sense why there is only one season released....in one word Disappointment :(
  • Whether you are a God fearing person or if you believe in the paranormal or not, you would find this series so moving! We just want this series back! We hope that we can get all of the fans of Miracles to join us in getting this series back on the air!!!!

    This show was a cool show. It seemed very interesting, at least that is what I got from the few episodes that I saw. My wife and I saw the first three episodes and we were waiting to see what happened after the accident where there was a note for him in the glass. The story lines and the scenes were really good. I wanted to see what ended up happening with the little girl and with Skeet. I felt that the show never got a fair shake and I believe that if it is brought back today it's ratings would very high. I think this show was better than some of these other ones that still on the air. The network only played 3 episodes, and we just want to find out what happens next. Actually, we want the show to be put back on the air for good! Let's band together and get this show put back on the air! AMEN!!!
  • Paul an investigator sees God is Now here written in his own blood after a serious accident in which a young boy saves his life.

    This was one of the best shows on TV that never got a chance. I think most of this was due to the timing of its release. Many of the show were pre-empted for news. This show was great and Skeet Ulrich really got to show what he could do. During the episodes he really got to show his versatility. The subject matter was very interesting and kept me up on my toes as to what was going to happen next. The show never got a chance to get into the real juicy stuff about the God is Now Here vs. God is nowhere slogan of the show. At the very end what Paul sees changes, I really wish that we would have gotten to see what would have come of this.
  • Though this show only had one season, the episodes are strong, the plots well developed, the characters are truly passionate.

    Though this show only had one season, the episodes are strong, the plots well developed, the characters are truly passionate. Skeet Ulrick, who play Paul Callan makes the show. He is compassionate and real as he investigates miracles and paranormal events. In the pilot after his claim of a true miracle is disputed by his superiors. You feel his loss and anger of his job in the Catholic Church. He is a man of honor who you quickly respect and see as a reluctant hero. No matter what the cost to himself, he can be counted on to do morally what is right. I love this show and am disappointed that it did not even get a full first season.
  • This show is another slant on the X-Files concept. No government plot, but plenty of supernatural that is written to make you think.

    The main character, played beautifully by Skeet Ulrich, is introduced while working for the Catholic Church. His job is to disprove apparent miracles and to report back to the church. He has become disillusioned and fears losing his faith. When approached by a private group that does almost the same thing, he is drawn in and travels extensively in pursuit of more miracles. The writing is very intelligent and the plots really are intriguing and involved. Each story stands alone while continuing the odyssey of a man trying to find the ultimate truth. After a brief run, the show was suddenly cancelled, leaving us holding our breath. Given time, it could have been a classic.
  • i'm just dying to know what happens next, this show keeps me wondering.

    god is now here? god is nowhere?

    i love the show, the storylines, the secrets, teh characters. i love it, theres no other reason why i would stay up that late. Miracles is a classier more serious and adrker version of mysterious ways which really brings faith into question. plus has a major hot male lead to keep many satisfied.
    thabkgod they put it back on, deserves an earlier time slot (i'm judging the oz time slot, which is like past midnight).

    worth the watch if you like paranormal shows, deginatly has a lcassic yet original idea about it. if you can, watch it.
  • Possibly the best supernatural drama EVER.

    ABC's short-lived "Miracles" is - as I stated in the summary - probably THE best supernatural dramas in the history of television. This is TV at its very finest. Forget "The X-Files", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Angel", and "Kolchak: The Night Stalker", which are all good. This show blows them out of the water.

    Genius writer Richard Hatem is behind this heaven sent spook show. "Miracles" stars Skeet Ulrich, Angus Macfayden, and Marisa Ramirez.

    Ulrich plays Paul Callan, a man who works for the Catholic church as an investigator of miracles. He has begun to lose his faith as a result of debunking miracle after miracle as frauds. He takes a sabbatical for a few months and then receives a call to investigate a boy named Tommy Ferguson, who supposedly has the power to heal the sick. He soon discovers Tommy is the real thing, and in a car wreck that leaves Paul on the brink of death, Tommy gives his life saving Paul. During the process, Paul sees the words "God is Now Here" written in his own blood.

    His life changed forever, he quits working for the church after they dismiss his claims of this being a true miracle. He soon joins a group called Sodalitis Querito, which investigates miracles and other panormal-related incidents.

    What makes "Miracles" so fantastic is its spooky feel, camera work, brilliant writing, perfectly delivered lines, and an atmosphere that completely envelops the viewer. It is a visual and imaginative feast. No wonder this show managed to find such a loyal but small fanbase. ABC advertised this show poorly, but it's premiere still did rather well, considering, but after constant preemptions, "Miracles" and its sister show "Veritas: The Quest" were both quickly canceled.

    Also note that even non-religious people can find enjoyment in this show. It doesn't preach at all and several episodes don't even dwell on religious subjects.

    Fortunately "Miracles" is now available on DVD, which is a must buy for any fan of supernatural dramas.
  • This is one of the most intriguing shows that have started it, compared to revelations this show rocks. Even with the underlying subplot "God is now here" or is it "God is no where", your choice.

    This is one of the most intriguing shows that have started it, compared to revelations this show rocks. Even with the underlying subplot "God is now here" or is it "God is no where", your choice. The war messed this series up, if it is possible please bring it back, just show the whole season.
  • The loss of this show is in my opinion the single biggest loss in TV history

    Miracles was an excellent show that recieved critical praise, a huge fan base, and even awards - but was still cancelled. This is due to being moved around and interrupted constantly by the war in Iraq, and if left on its own it probably would have become a huge hit. When cancelled, the fans even launched one of the biggest campaigns to get it back in history, and were eventually rewarded with a great dvd. In Europe, the show had more success and actually had its whole season aired many times. This was the origional supernatural/religious/creepy drama, which is the fad in television lately. however, all these new shows are just trying to become the great program Miracles was.
  • This is another one of those shows that got screwed, and not in a good way..

    This was basically a show that was very good the story was intriguing and all seamed to flow very well together but shadily the show was canceled. Not its fault by the way it happened to show up right during the time the War in Iraq Started. Just like Vertas: The Quest. Another good show hurt by War. At least it was released on DVD. You must at least rent it if you can.