Season 1 Episode 10

Saint Debbie

Aired Unknown Dec 05, 2003 on ABC



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    • Paul: I'm not a one-boxer. You can live your life that way, but I can't. I have to have a "good" box and things that I put into that box have to be real, or else what's the point.
      Alva: What about the other box, the box of evil, of hatred, of anger, of pain?
      Paul: That one seems to fill up on its own.

    • Paul: (talking about Alva) He's like James Bond and Tarzan rolled into one.

    • Mayor: Three Springs actually has its very own parking problem. I think it's terrific.
      Eveyln: Terrific for business, in other words.
      Mayor: No, those exact words.

    • Alva: I don't see the point of assigning moral distinctions to phenomena that mankind doesn't fully understand. I'm sure that the priests of Neanderthal culture preached that lightning was evil. Well, now we know better.
      Poppy: Not if it hits you!
      Alva: Well, now you've struck upon my concern. Not whether a phenomena is good or bad, but rather how close is it getting to us.
      Poppy: (laughs)…back in my college days we called guys like you "one boxers". Good, Bad, God, Devil…all in one box...it's all just information…

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