Miracles - Season 1

ABC (ended 2003)


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  • Paul is Dead
    Paul is Dead
    Episode 13
    As Paul begins seeing the ghost of Tommy around, SQ investigates a TV psychic. They soon discover he's fake, but the psychic then has a real vision/revelation regarding Paul. Later, after Matty disappears, Paul decides to contact Tommy to find out what he wants and how to help Matty. But the only way to that is...to die.moreless
  • The Letter
    The Letter
    Episode 12
    A friend of Paul's begins to receive letters from her deceased father. Paul tracks them back to an inmate on death row for murder (he was a hit-man). Paul learns that the inmate is responsible for the death of his friend's father. The inmate, who is illiterate, has been convulsively writing letters to the relatives of all the people he ever killed, and he believes that this is a sign that God has redeemed him.moreless
  • The Ghost
    The Ghost
    Episode 11
    Paul and the gang investigate a haunted real estate office. Everyone who works there is convinced that there is a ghost, all except Larry Kittredge, the owner. Paul and the others discover that Larry believes the ghost is his dead son who has come back to him. As the haunting worsens, SQ must convince him that it is he, not his son, who is responsible.moreless
  • Saint Debbie
    Saint Debbie
    Episode 10
    SQ are called to investigate when a woman seems to be miraculously healed after a diner robbery where her neck was sliced. Keel begins to fall for her, but Paul suspects she's lying, and he and Evelyn soon discover "Saint Debbie"'s secret. But they soon discover that there are such things as small miracles.moreless
  • Mother's Daughter
    Mother's Daughter
    Episode 9
    Paul and Alva come to investigate a young Amish girl, Hannah, who drowned as a child and was resuscitated by her mother. When she came back to life, her body was no longer inhabited by only one soul. Attempting to reincarnate, the soul of a suicide victim, Lucinda Morgan-Bryant, who had died on the same day as Hanna's drowning accident 10 years ago, somehow became bound to Hanna's body. The two souls cannot inhabit the same body, and slowly it becomes apparent that one of them must depart...moreless
  • The Battle at Shadow Ridge
    After two young kids spot the ghost of a Confederate soldier, Paul and Keel are sent to investigate. The soon discover that due to certain conditions, the small Virginian town is caught in a time slip, where the past and present are co-existing. They soon discover that to settle the soul of the soldier, they must send him a message.moreless
  • You Are My Sunshine
    Paul helps his ex-girlfriend get back to full capacity after she suffers from a fall in an old house she has rented. The house has a dark past, however, and Paul becomes possessed by the essence of a crazed killer who once lived there. This essence brings Paul's darkest character traits, like anger and jealousy, and he becomes scary and violent. Evelyn and Keel must rush to save him before something goes terribly wrong.moreless
  • Hand of God
    Hand of God
    Episode 6
    Paul comes under investigation by the police after a woman is found murdered in her home, leaving behind her diary where she had sketched his name and image, along with the words "God is nowhere". Shocked by this irrefutable reference to his own paranormal experience and unable to get a straight answer from Alva, Paul breaks into the locked files on hemography and discovers that three other individuals who experienced the same phenomenon have also been murdered. Angry with Alva for keeping such vital information secret, Paul sets out on his own for Denver to warn a fifth person, a woman, of the unknown threat. Before he is able to reach her, he is apprehended by the police and taken in for questioning. While there, he receives word of her murder. Paul is released from custody, and goes to find the killer's final target, a man living in Oregon. Paul hurries to the man's house where both he and the intended victim are accosted by a boy, Chad Goodwell. He is shocked to learn that this young man has also been visited by Tommy Ferguson, and that a voice he believes is God, has sent him on this holy crusade the wipe out the evil that was his past victims. Before killing himself, Chad tells Paul "it's up to you now".moreless
  • The Bone Scatterer
    The Bone Scatterer
    Episode 5
    After receiving a terrified confessional phone call from a small town in Michigan, Sodalitas Quaerito sets out to uncover the truth behind several mysterious murders. Upon arrival, Paul immediately makes contact with a troubled young man, Travis, who believes that he is the cause of the violent deaths. Paul learns that his father is none other than the town Sheriff, whose abusive treatment of Travis' late mother led not only to her death, but also the death of Travis' unborn twin brother. With the assistance of Alva and Evelyn, Paul discovers that the entity responsible for the brutal murders is not Travis, but the spirit of his brother, punishing those who failed to protect Travis from his abusive father. Paul tries to warn Travis' father of the mystical threat but only his death sets Travis free from his brother's ghostly wrath.moreless
  • Little Miss Lost
    Little Miss Lost
    Episode 4
    Paul is shaken when a bus explodes after he sees the visage of a young girl aboard. After the tragedy, Paul learns that the unidentified body of a small girl is being held in the local morgue. The body is amazingly without any scars or evidence of the explosion, although he is certain that she is the girl he saw. Soon another disaster occurs, also accompanied by a vision of the girl and another identical unclaimed body. After further visitations and tragedies, Paul realizes that the girl's ghostly appearance is causing these catastrophes and he searches for a way to placate the disturbed spirit. The investigation leads the team to Rosanna Wye, the now aged mother of the young girl. The telling of her story and their ultimate reunion finally puts the little girl's spirit to rest.moreless
  • The Patient
    The Patient
    Episode 3
    A doctor's work with a patient suffering from a paralyzing disease yields unusual results when it appears that the patient can suddenly communicate through his computer. The patient, Sherwood Nichols, displays remarkable abilities and knowledge about curing the disease. The doctor's daughter, Raina, is both intrigued and alarmed by these findings, and enlists Paul's aid in discovering the truth about what it going on. Paul and Alva determine the patient is possessed by an entity, a demon who calls himself "Mr. Friendly". In the guise of Sherwood, this creature convinces the doctor to knock Paul out and overdose the other patients. Alva shuts down the patient's life support long enough to drive the entity out. Later in the hospital, the doctor reveals that his desperation to cure the disease resulted from Raina's death of the same disease two years earlier.moreless
  • The Friendly Skies
    The Friendly Skies
    Episode 2
    A commercial airliner disappears for one minute and 4 seconds and Sodalitas Quaerito including their new recruit, Paul, is called in to investigate. During the course of that minute and 4 seconds, each passenger experienced a different phenomenon and it's up to Paul, Keel & Evelyn to explain the "paranormal ramifications" of this bizarre occurrence. They interview, among others, a child who has seen her own bleak future, a paralyzed woman who has regained her ability to walk and talk, and a flight attendant who is now speaking in tongues and lecturing on the physics of world destruction. They determine that the aircraft somehow entered a higher realm, one where what a person thinks becomes reality. Each passenger experienced with great realism whatever was on their mind at that moment. However, after only a few hours it becomes obvious that these visions and abilities are fading. Paul tries desperately to reunite the crippled woman with her husband while she can still talk to him but the NSA won't allow it. He watches as she returns to a vegetative state but sneaks a tape to her husband so that he can hear what she had wanted to tell him.moreless
  • The Ferguson Syndrome
    Paul Callan works as an investigator of miracles for the Archdiocese of Boston. Growing weary of his job and the tests it places on his faith, he takes a leave of absence and travels to Arizona to work on an Indian Reservation. While there, Father Calero calls him and asks him to investigate a young boy, Tommy Ferguson, who supposedly has the power to heal others. Skeptical at first, Paul meets with Tommy and witnesses his abilities. He discovers that the young boy is dying, and that every time he heals another, his own health deteriorates. He also learns that his path and Tommy's are somehow inexorably linked. When Paul is in a potentially fatal car crash, Tommy uses his power for the last time, and gives his own life to save Paul. As Tommy heals him, Paul sees the words, "God Is Now Here" written in his own blood. His faith renewed, Paul returns to the church but the Monsignor dismisses his findings, causing him to resign. Paul is then approached by a stranger named Alva Keel who tells him that he is not alone in his experience. There have been 6 others who witnessed hemography, but they instead saw the words, "God is Nowhere." Keel urges Paul come to work with him at Sodalitas Quaerito, an organization devoted to searching for the truth.moreless
  • Pilot
    Paul Callan, an investigator of miracles for the Catholic church, meets Tommy Ferguson, a young boy with the power to heal.