Season 1 Episode 5

The Bone Scatterer

Aired Unknown Mar 10, 2003 on ABC
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The Bone Scatterer
After receiving a terrified confessional phone call from a small town in Michigan, Sodalitas Quaerito sets out to uncover the truth behind several mysterious murders. Upon arrival, Paul immediately makes contact with a troubled young man, Travis, who believes that he is the cause of the violent deaths. Paul learns that his father is none other than the town Sheriff, whose abusive treatment of Travis' late mother led not only to her death, but also the death of Travis' unborn twin brother. With the assistance of Alva and Evelyn, Paul discovers that the entity responsible for the brutal murders is not Travis, but the spirit of his brother, punishing those who failed to protect Travis from his abusive father. Paul tries to warn Travis' father of the mystical threat but only his death sets Travis free from his brother's ghostly wrath.moreless

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  • The group gets a mysterious phone call from Deer Park, MI where bizarre murders are happening. When the caller says they believe they are doing the killing, the groups decides to investigate.moreless

    While Alva and Paul are playing chess, Evelyn gets a call from someone in Deer Park, MI claiming they are the one killing people when they fall asleep. Through tabloid "research", the group decides that it might be beneficial to check it out. The group talks to the local sheriff at the school and find a note on their car when they exit, asked to meet the people in the library. The boy turns out to be Travis, the sheriffs son, and he says that every time he falls asleep, someone he knows dies. The story begins to reveal that Travis is abused by his father and the father had also abused the mother. This lead to her miscarriage of Travis' fraternal twin in utero. When a death happens while Paul is watching Travis, the group starts to think that Travis' friend in the woods is actually the spirit of Jeremy, his brother who was buried by the sheriff in the woods. While being detained, Paul instigates the sheriff, who "accidentally" knocks Travis out. This allows Jeremy to come and he finally kills his father. The episode ends with Travis going to live with his aunt.

    This was the first average episode of the show, in my opinion. It was a semi-interesting story, but nothing that was overall gripping. Marquette as Travis did some very good acting and I can see how he went on to other shows/movies. The end also seemed to wrap up a bit too easy. Wouldn't they be suspected of what happen to the sheriff? Was there no questioning at all because it looked too impossible to be human? It just left me with some questions that didn't get answered.moreless
  • Who’s responsible for all the murders?

    Not one of my favorites, but I definitely thought this episode was better than a few others. I liked the twist in the storyline in the middle of the episode, where we shift our focus from him to someone, or something else. At first you really think Travis is behind the whole thing, but then out of the blue, there’s another explanation to it. Gregory Harrison acted well as the horrible father. Christopher Marquette was average as Travis, nothing memorable. The only downside to this episode was that they didn’t continue with the main ‘God is now here’ storyline. Other than that, this was a fun and exciting episode to watch.moreless
Myrton Running Wolf

Myrton Running Wolf

Chippewa Man

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Christa Nelson

Christa Nelson

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Saginaw Grant

Saginaw Grant

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    • Paul: He knew their names, which he could have gotten from the same tabloid that gives us "Baby born with two heads bites off nose to spite face".

    • Evelyn: Would you say that Travis has any violent tendencies?
      Fred Norris: I wish. (Evelyn looks concerned) No, I mean for the wrestling team.

    • Alva: Colorful establishment you have here.
      Chippewa Man: There's a bar outside of town for guys like you. Called "The Rainbow". Maybe you should go there.
      Alva: (speaking Chippewa) They have a bar exclusively for investigators of the paranormal?

    • Evelyn: ...the sheriff's at the high school now.
      Alva: Let's start with him: Present our credentials; Try not to ruffle any local feathers.
      Paul: What credentials?
      Evelyn: (ignoring Paul) ...the high school is east of Main on Grandville...
      Paul: No, seriously! We don't have credentials!

    • Alva: "Big foot is a myth, created so that white people would stay out of the woods."

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