Season 1 Episode 2

The Friendly Skies

Aired Unknown Feb 03, 2003 on ABC
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The Friendly Skies
A commercial airliner disappears for one minute and 4 seconds and Sodalitas Quaerito including their new recruit, Paul, is called in to investigate. During the course of that minute and 4 seconds, each passenger experienced a different phenomenon and it's up to Paul, Keel & Evelyn to explain the "paranormal ramifications" of this bizarre occurrence. They interview, among others, a child who has seen her own bleak future, a paralyzed woman who has regained her ability to walk and talk, and a flight attendant who is now speaking in tongues and lecturing on the physics of world destruction. They determine that the aircraft somehow entered a higher realm, one where what a person thinks becomes reality. Each passenger experienced with great realism whatever was on their mind at that moment. However, after only a few hours it becomes obvious that these visions and abilities are fading. Paul tries desperately to reunite the crippled woman with her husband while she can still talk to him but the NSA won't allow it. He watches as she returns to a vegetative state but sneaks a tape to her husband so that he can hear what she had wanted to tell him.moreless

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  • Paul has now come to Alva Keel to see what him and his organization does. Though he doesn't seem to be interested at first, he joins Alva and Evelyn on an investigation into a plane that went missing for 64 seconds.moreless

    In this second episode, Paul Callan is still hesitant to join Alva Keel's cause, especially after he feels Alva has been following him. However, he does decide to join Alva and Evelyn as they investigate a problem at Logan Airport. It seems that a flight went missing as it was coming in to land. The people now have strange issues. One little girl saw her whole life laid out for her. A couple who never met before are now lovey-dovey with each other. A woman was burned to death in the bathroom. A woman who can't walk or speak suddenly can. A steward begins to babble about a possible way to destroy the world. As the group investigates further, it seems like the people are slowly reverting back to normal. By the end of the night, the various anomalies correct themselves, though Paul is particularly effect by the handicapped woman. Allowed not to see her husband, Paul swipes the video recording to give to the man after so he can see and hear his wife express her gratitude.

    This was a really good episode with an interesting plot. It was a bit of a guessing game up until you realized the woman that burned had been thinking about it. While I mentioned that I liked the acting of the principle cast in the first episode, this one was really a stand out because of the guest stars as the passengers. The little girl and the handicap women were of particular interest. It was a sad ending until you figured out that Paul and Evy had managed to smuggle the tape out for the husband. A good follow up to the pilot episode.moreless
  • Passengers with special gifts

    This episode would really make you cry in the end. Imagine your deepest desire coming true for just a few hours, and not being able to share it with someone. That’s how it was for the Karen, the paralyzed woman, and your heart just goes out to her. Of course, there were the other cases like Joyce and the flight attendant, who probably wouldn’t have wanted their thoughts to come true. I wish they had also emphasized a little more on Deanna, the young girl who sees her future. But other than that, this episode was just perfect, and is one of my favorites in this series!moreless

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  • TRIVIA (3)

    • It is revealed that Alva attended Cambridge University.

    • At the end of the episode, Paul is caught going through the metal detector with a video tape. Evelyn stole the correct tape and this one Paul had was most likely to make the government think they recovered the tape when they realize it was stolen.

    • Nobody does anything about the woman in the bathroom, even though flight attendants are required to clear people out of the bathrooms during a descent.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Charlie: What the hell took you so long?
      Alva: Pleasure to see you too, Charlie.

    • Michael Garcia: We're trying to establish what exactly happened when the plane ...
      Paul: Disappeared?
      Michael Garcia: ... Encountered difficulty.

    • Mrs. Longview: I have severe frontal and parietal lobe damage. At least I did when I got on that plane.
      Paul: You have a brain injury?
      Mrs. Longview: Oh, a whopper of a brain injury. Akinetic mutism, do you know what that means? I can't move, walk, stand, or speak. (twirls around)

    • Paul: I am guessing it's not the cure for cancer.
      Alva: No, it's not. It's a methodology and it seems sound to me for disassembling reality as we know it.
      Evelyn: Disassembling reality? What are you saying?
      Alva: I'm saying that that flight attendant knows how to destroy the world.

    • Paul: Why were you following me?
      Alva: You're a good investigator... something which I desperately need in light of the coming darkness. I also believe that your former employer did not fully appreciate your rather unique gifts.
      Paul: Gifts? Like seeing 'God is now here' written in my own blood.
      Alva: Yes. You do play a significant role in all of this, Paul.
      Paul: All of what? The large event you spoke of? I don't believe in
      the end of the world, Keel.
      Alva: t's not exactly a comforting thought. In fact, it's probably better if you don't.
      Paul: What do I have to do with all of this?
      Alva: Isn't that what you came here to find out? Why are you here, Paul?

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