Season 1 Episode 3

The Patient

Aired Unknown Feb 10, 2003 on ABC
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The Patient
A doctor's work with a patient suffering from a paralyzing disease yields unusual results when it appears that the patient can suddenly communicate through his computer. The patient, Sherwood Nichols, displays remarkable abilities and knowledge about curing the disease. The doctor's daughter, Raina, is both intrigued and alarmed by these findings, and enlists Paul's aid in discovering the truth about what it going on. Paul and Alva determine the patient is possessed by an entity, a demon who calls himself "Mr. Friendly". In the guise of Sherwood, this creature convinces the doctor to knock Paul out and overdose the other patients. Alva shuts down the patient's life support long enough to drive the entity out. Later in the hospital, the doctor reveals that his desperation to cure the disease resulted from Raina's death of the same disease two years earlier.moreless

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  • A doctor, working with severely disabled patients of a disease, has had a breakthrough when one is patients is able to communicate using a computer. However, things are not what they seem with the man, so Paul and Alva investigate.moreless

    Alva and Paul attend a scientific forum headed by a brilliant neurosurgeon, who is working on a cure for a disease that leaves its patients unable move or even breathe. The previous night, one of the patients, Sherwood, began to communicate at length with the doctor about a better treatment. During the lecture, Alva asks questions relating to the paranormal while Paul hides in the back. It is here that he meets Rayna, the doctors daughter. As things become weirder with Sherwood, Rayna contacts Paul and asks him to investigate a bit into what is going on. Around the same time, the doctor contacts Paul and asks him to meet him at the hospital. Sherwood had requested that Paul join them and he reveals that he knows a lot more about Paul than meets the eye. Sherwood instigates both the doctor and Paul to the point where the doctor knocks Paul out. At Sherwood's suggestion for the truth, the doctor then goes to "cure" certain people in the hospital. Alva and Evelyn show up in time to revive Paul. He and Evelyn go to find the doctor while Alva tries to expel the demon in Sherwood. Both are successful and in the waning moments, it is revealed that Rayna had died two years previously from the very disease the doctor is trying to cure. Despite the demons intrusions, the doctors treatments are beginning to work.

    This was another very good episode. The only thing I found curious was they had two episodes back to back with a severely disabled character being a central character, albeit in different ways. It certainly was very interesting to see Paul interact with Mr. Friendly, since he says that everyone knows who Paul is where he comes from. This was very foreboding and I liked it a lot. I have not been disappointed with the interesting story lines so far and look forward to what is in store for Paul next.moreless
  • Suspenseful!

    I found this episode terrifying, mainly because of Sherwood. Even though he was paralyzed and couldn’t show much emotion, just the sheer silence and his gaze were horrifying. This is why I think that Jade Carter, the man who played Sherwood did an excellent job. Even though I had already predicted on who Raina was (before we actually learn the truth about her in the end), it was fun to watch Paul actually getting serious with someone. Gina Ravera played her part well as Raina. All in all, this episode was great!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Keel takes a picture of the patient, it shows him sitting in one position. When it shows the "same" picture later, he's in a different position.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Alva: (to Paul) In terms of handling the darkness, I was just wondering is it everyone you're worried about or just you?

    • Paul: I guess I'm drawn to the dark corner of things.
      Raina: How come? What are you looking for in all of that dark?
      Paul: I keep hoping that I'll see some light.
      Raina: Maybe you're not looking hard enough.

    • Raina: You keep looking for that light. You'll find it.
      Paul: (slight pause) Can I kiss you?
      Raina: Please.

    • Alva: I have just one question. Do you have a name?
      Sherwood/Mr. Friendly: They call me "Mr. Friendly."
      Alva: (Unplugging Sherwood's respirator) Goodbye, Mr. Friendly.

    • Sherwood/Mr. Friendly: Oh sure - shove a cripple.

    • Paul: How do you know my name?
      Sherwood/Mr. Friendly: It's on everybody's lips where I come from.
      Paul: Where's that?
      Sherwood/Mr. Friendly: (laughs)

  • NOTES (2)

    • Raina jokes casually with Paul when she finds him parked in front of his house, "Here's to hoping you're just wicked shy and not a serial killer." One of the most memorable roles that Skeet Ulrich has played, to date, is a psychotic serial killer in the 1996 movie Scream.

    • In "previously on Miracles," this episode shows clips from "The Ferguson Syndrome," and not "The Friendly Skies." This is to show how this one and the first one are linked, such as with Mr. Friendly mentioning Tommy's sacrifice in order for Paul to live.