Monday 8:30 PM on BBC Two Premiered Nov 09, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • Amazing!

    It is hilarious! No matter how many times I watch it it is always sooo funny. I love Miranda!
  • I love this show...

    I see what others are saying and I am majorly surprised. I catch myself laughing so hard I almost cry at somethings and I have been watching this show by myself. I guess I like an underdog story and I think she catches some of the quirky things us underdogs sometimes do... LOL
  • A classic example of how British comedy has gone downhill...

    I just want to claw my eyes out after just watching ten minutes of this "comedy". I can't stand it.
  • Did someone edit out the funny parts?

    Could someone PM me and tell me which bits I should be laughing at?
  • 'I'm just hanging with my homies'

    When my mum first told me about this show i was really interested, but after I watched the next episode with my mum, i can not stop laughing about it.Its on my school laptop and when i ever have free study i always watch it and try not to laugh, but its impossible. I wish there were more episode and i hope there will be one day.
  • Long live "Queen Kong"

    Miranda Hart's comedic timing and genuine humour is unparalleled. Her ability to have fun with herself is fantastic although I am sure she secretly loves getting her kit off for the camera. She also ensures that her rapier wit is directed at the clicks that we see in everyday life and is to be admired. Her ability to to make the pretty "posh's" and "porche's" look like the misfits is Brilliant. The small cast works so well it is hard to find fault. All her co-stars are simply "brill" and I have started using the term "bare with" at every opportunity. This show has just made a splash in Australia and I hope it will continue for a long time, Such Fun.
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