Miranda - Season 2

Monday 8:30 PM on BBC Two Premiered Nov 09, 2009 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • 12/20/10
    Miranda does her best to have the perfect Christmas but a number of circumstances forces her back to her parents who aren't precisely conventional. Far from making things easier, she will have to salvage the situation and try even harder to have her wished merry Christmas.
  • Just Act Normal
    Episode 5
    After an incident in a park that ends up with Miranda and Penny in the police station, they are both forced to see a therapist. However, convincing people that she is not actually having a breakdown and that her relationship with her mother is as sane as that of any other bickering couple won't be an easy task for Miranda.moreless
  • A New Low
    Episode 4
    When Miranda befriends Tamara, a waitress at the restaurant, Stevie decides to compete for the new girl's attention. However, trying to keep up with the young girl's lifestyle proves a challenge for both women who find themselves involved in activities out of their comfort zone.
  • Let's Do It
    Episode 3
    As Tilly is all over the place with her upcoming wedding preparations, Miranda's love life takes an unexpected turn when she finds herself with two dates. However, having several men vying for her affections will prove to be a complicated situation with an unexpected outcome.
  • Before I Die
    Episode 2
    Miranda starts to wonder about people's opinion on her life after attending a funeral service. As a consequence, she decides to do some good deeds and help around but her good intentions will not go as well as she had imagined.
  • The New Me
    Episode 1
    Trying to get over Gary, Miranda decides to move on and reinvent herself. She meets a handsome new chef called Danny who eventually asks her out. When they come back to her place, elaborate contortions ensue as Penny has temporarily moved in. To complicate things further, Gary returns from Hong Kong.moreless
  • Sport Relief

    Miranda, Penny and Stevie stumble into a VIP room while attending an indoor tennis tournament at the Royal Albert Hall. However, their visit turns out to be not as pleasant as they would have anticipated.

  • Comic Relief

    After creative director Louie Spence departs London's famous Pineapple Dance Studios, Miranda takes over and employs Stevie on reception and her mother as a dance teacher. However, Stevie has failed to arrange the auditionees required to perform as boyband JLS' backing dancers.