Mirror Mirror

Network Ten (ended 1995)


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Mirror Mirror

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Created by Posie-Graeme Evans, "Mirror Mirror," a half-hour adventure series tells the story of an old antique mirror that has been brought in the lives of Jo Tiegan and Louisa Iredale, both living in the same house in New Zealand, but in the different time age. Jo Tiegan lives in 1995 with her adopted parents Catherine and Andrew; and her little brother Royce, while Louisa lives in 1919 with her parents Primrose and Joshua; and her brother Titus. The story begins with Jo receiving an old antique mirror from an old strange man. Couple of hours later Jo sees a strange girl wearing old-fashioned clothes, and soon they both come to a conclusion that they can travel through time. While working on her assignment, Jo will have to face the evil Sir Ivor Creevey-Thorne and help his ward Nicholas Alexi Romanov. Jo's friends, Mia and Jesse end up in hospital because of a toxic poison that they found on their archeology classes in a well, which just happens to have appeared in the well after Jo took her first trip to 1919. Jo decides to go on a big adventure in the past so she can stop the poison from getting into the well.moreless