Mischief City

Tuesday 12:30 PM on YTV Premiered Jan 01, 2005 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Sugar Crash/Cra-Z-Boy
      When Duane gets hold of Winchell's Super Secret Special Sauce, he threatens to destroy all of Mischief City./Duane brainwashes the monsters.
    • Smarty Pants/Winchell Vision
      Winchell comes up with a plan to make the monsters smarter. The plan is working to perfection until the unthinkable happens - somebody kidnaps their brains./When Duane steals the gang's TV, Winchell comes introduces them to something much better - Winchell Vision!
    • The Lost Resort/Space Race
      Winchell and Maxine travel to The Lost Resort to find the monsters' dolly. They have a great time discovering lost items, until they discover that they are now lost themselves./The gang makes an exciting discovery... a brand new, untouched planet that nobody's ever seen before. Unfortunately, somebody else discovers it too - Duane.moreless
    • Monster Pound/It Aint Easy Staying Green
      Accused of littering in the first degree, Cube and Hey Hey get tossed in the monster pound. Winchell and Maxine decide to stage a daring, no holds barred, Monster Pound Breakout!/Accused of littering in the first degree, Cube and Hey Hey get tossed in the monster pound. Winchell and Maxine decide to stage a daring, no holds barred, Monster Pound Breakout!moreless
    • The Winchell Factor/Quest for Cube
      The gang has a blast with Winchell's new weather machine - until Duane commandeers it to help him with his paper route./The gang travels back in time to the stone ages so they can attend Mr. Cube's family reunion.
    • Two Heads Are Better/Scavenger Hunt
      When Duane converts Maxine's room into "Duane's Museum of World Records" the gang devises a plan to get him out./The gang participates in the Mischief City scavenger hunt. They all work together like a well-oiled machine, until Duane turns the monsters against Winchell and Maxine and recruits them for his own scavenger hunt team.moreless
    • Rise of the Machines/Dream Machine
      When a vending machine devours Cube and Hey Hey, Winchell and Maxine have to figure out how to rescue their buddies... complicated by the fact that other machines are coming to life as well!/The gang has a great time when they travel into Mr. Cube's dream... until they take a wrong turn and end up in Duane's dream instead!moreless
    • The Key To Mischief City/No Fleas, Please
      The gang discovers a magical key that opens the doors to fun and joy. But when the key falls into the wrong hands, it also opens the door to trouble./Cube gets fleas. Big nasty fleas that refuse to leave. Winch has to figure out how to get rid of them.
    • Food Fighters/Sludge Monkeys
      When Duane over-nukes his lunch, it comes to life and comes after the gang./The monsters' new lucky broccoli proves to be anything but. It leads the gang into a perilous adventure in the Jungle of Sludge.
    • -Me Cube, You Lint/Beast In Show
      Cube and Hey Hey befriend a ball of lint that emerges from Cube's bellybutton, but soon wish he'd just go back where he came from./A pet show pits Mr. Cube against Hey Hey and, even worse, Winchell against Maxine.
    • Super Juice/Fun Day
      Winchell gives the monsters Super Juice to boost their confidence, transforming them into Captain Cucumber and Tomato Boy./The gang enters in the Mischief City Festival of Fun. But, thanks to Duane, the Fun Festival becomes anything but.
    • Robotoe/Frankenfurter
      Winchell suffers a debilitating toe injury at the Mischief City Toe Down, and the monsters turn him into Robo Toe./Maxine's new "dare chair" forces Winchell to face some of his darkest fears and, ultimately, go head-to-head with Frankenfurter, a gruesome creature that emerges from the Salami Swamp.
    • Pinball Blizzard/Flush-a-by-baby
      Duane traps the gang inside a giant pinball machine in an attempt to get the high score./Duane builds a huge water park and forces the gang to become water park performers.
  • Season 1