Misfits of Science

NBC (ended 1986)



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Misfits of Science

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Semi-superhero TV show that revolved around a group of young people with superpowers who are members of an American think tank and fight crime. Members included head scientist and fast talker Dr. Billy Hayes, who worked at the Humanidyne Institute and had no powers but led his team of patients and colleagues, including: Fellow scientist 7'4" Dr. Elvin "El" Lincoln, who hates basketball and sought a way to become normal height and developed a way to shrink to 7" for 14 minutes once/hour by injecting himself with a growth serum and tapping a nerve center in his neck; John "Johnny B" Bukowski, a rock musician who gained freak electrical powers when he was caught in an accident with a set of amplifiers. He uncontrollably absorbed electricity and could fire it as lightning bolts or channel it into super-speed, but water caused him to short circuit, burning him with potentially fatal results and forcing him to retire as a musician; Gloria "Glo" Dinallo, A 17 year old street delinquent, whose father was supposedly an alien, who could move anything she could see with her mind via telekinesis and was romantically interested in Johnny. Arnold Biefneiter, aka The Iceman, a cyrogenically frozen worker from 1937 who was brought back to life and had the power to radiate extreme cold as well as an obsession with Amelia Earhart and a love of frozen candy bars (Iceman was dropped after the premiere movie). The Misfits were aided (and sometimes hindered) by Billy's long-suffering supervisor Stetmeyer, Gloria's truancy officer (and Billy's love interest) Jane Miller, and obnoxious Humanidyne secretary Miss Nance. (clockwise from left - Mark Thomas Miller, Kevin Peter Hall, Dean Paul Martin, Kevin Peter Hall, Courteney Cox)


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  • Dean Paul Martin

    Dean Paul Martin

    Dr. Billy Hayes

    Kevin Peter Hall

    Kevin Peter Hall

    Dr. Elvin "El" Lincoln

    Mark Thomas Miller

    Mark Thomas Miller

    Johnny "Johnny B" Bukowski

    Courteney Cox

    Courteney Cox

    Gloria "Glo" Dinallo

    Jennifer Holmes

    Jennifer Holmes

    Jane Miller

    Max Wright

    Max Wright

    Dick Stetmeyer

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    • It Was A Very Cool Show

      I Loved The Show When I Was A Teenager!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Still Love The Show!!!!!
    • A Super Hero Team Show canceled All too soon.

      I liked this show.

      Well, okay, but why?

      Besides the fact that is was fun, and was the first live action superhero team series ever done.

      It was full of potential.

      Hints were dropped about the various origins of characters.

      Who they were.

      Where they came from.

      The pity is, they lacked the time to develop them.
    • Group of freaks make themselves look even freakier by having super powers, ala X-men

      I never really watched this show a lot because it was simply put, poorly made. There was no magic or a strenght essence in this show, it was a rather boring and lame Tv show. The only nice thing i liked about this show was the guy with the electricity powers, well that one was a nice super power, the others were just dumb and poorly reproducd on screen. The black guy who could become into a tiny version of himself was not used enough by the team and i find him the character with the best supoer power, well, atleast the most useful one.

      A very lame show.moreless
    • A very cool show.

      This show revolves around super heroes, its compelling premise is enough to make you want to watch it. The idea of superheroes figuring what to make up with their powers. The use it to solve mysteries, fight crime and protect the neighborhood. I like the fact that the characters work as a team, each character using his ability to help out the other and together solve a problem as a team. This group thinking is explored every week and makes you wonder if they're ever gonna get out of a situation alive. Miraculously they do, this show is fun, you don't have to take it seriously, you just have to enjoy watching it.moreless
    • i thought it was cool back then

      when this show first came out i thought it was really cool. of course i was only like ten years old so what the hell did i know. i saw a part of an episode about 12 years ago on the sci fi channel and thought it was pretty lame by todays standards.

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