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A group of teenagers are sentenced to community service for past mistakes only to find their lives changed after a storm gives them strange new powers and new problems to overcome.


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  • Matt Stokoe

    Matt Stokoe

    Alex (Season 4+)

    Nathan McMullen

    Nathan McMullen

    Finn (Season 4+)

    Robert Sheehan

    Robert Sheehan

    Nathan (Season 1-2)

    Iwan Rheon

    Iwan Rheon

    Simon (Season 1-3)

    Nathan Stewart-Jarrett

    Nathan Stewart-Jarrett

    Curtis (Season 1-4)

    Lauren Socha

    Lauren Socha

    Kelly (Season 1-3)

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    • They should have stopped after season 2

      It just goes downhill quickly from then on and you'll remember how great the misfits once was. The first two season were fantastic.

      Season 1-2 9/10

      Season 3 2/10
    • Seasons 1-2

      I've given the high score for seasons 1-2 only (maybe season 3) after that, all the characters you had grown to care about are gone and it's just kinda crap.
    • Major plot snafu

      I know that a premise like this show cannot be without holes. Mostly I don't mind. However. One really stupid one has to do with selling powers. If you have the power of immortality or to be able to rewind time and make other choices you could sell those powers for 1 Billion Dollars, and that would be cheap. Its beyond absurd. Not to get killed? Are you kidding me. Took me right out of my willful disbelief. Silly. So I went back in time and forgot I saw it.moreless
    • Surprisingly Fresh !

      Misfits has been described in a lot of reviews as a cross between Skins and Heroes, however, in my opinion, it doesn't contain the biggest flaws of these shows- pretentiousness or unoriginality. I'm *not* slating these shows, I'm just saying that as quite a comic-book fan, it's difficult to watch or read something about characters with superpowers without ripping it apart- getting irritated by the plot lines that are taken, or 'influenced' from other sources and neither does it have an impossibly good looking set of people living a life you can't help but envy, no matter what drama has unfolded in their life due to partying too hard. Misfits is very unique and while you can guess some plot lines of the show, you can never guess what'll happen next episode.

      What Misfits provides is a group of interesting, likable and believable characters involved in well thought-out stories that are not over-complicated but still challenge the audience.

      To complete the show, the episodes are also full of thick, dark humour.

      Overall, it is an excellent show.moreless
    • Not sure if I should continue watching?

      I started watching Misfits a few weeks ago and really loved the show, it's a little formulaic at times but the writing is solid and the characters are great. That is, until I finished season 2. Nathan leaving has been a big let down since his arc seemed to the show's arc: growing in maturity and responsibility. I keep expecting him to pop back up, but I see now he's gone for good. I could get over that (despite the terrible way he just met a girl and left in the end) but I'm having a real hard time getting over how bad season 3 has been so far. I don't want to spoil anything but the whole power-switch is TERRIBLE!!!

      I've been trying to get through season 3 in the hopes of season 4 being more like seasons 1 & 2, but I don't know if I'll be able to make it... The episode where Curtis runs track again was horrendous, and the following episodes haven't been better. Just wondering if I should stick with it?

      I'd give the first 2 season an 8.5 - 9

      Season 3 has been a 2.5 at best


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