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E4 (ended 2013)
So... I have been a fan of the show ever since I watched it on Netflix that one weekend a year ago. This series has had its ups and downs, no doubt about that. And I may alienate some of those few individuals that are actually reading this when I say that I got tired of Nathan's antics by the end of season 2. I'm not entirely sure why. It just happened. Nathan made way as Simon took the 'Favorite character' spot as Simon, against all the odds, rose as the moral center of the show.

Then came the 3rd season. Nathan was nowhere to be seen and Rudy & Rudy Too were introduced. Luckily (at least for me) Rudy became something more than a blatant Nathan-surrogate (because even though Nathan's charm was wearing off for me, nobody could fill his role). Rudy has, in my opinion, the most interesting power. Physical embodiment of suppressed emotions... Or something like that. There's the dominant Rudy (The womanizing douchebag) and there's the not-so-dominant Rudy Too (The emotional side of Rudy. The embodiment of suppressed emotions, like sadness and insecurity) and then there was the third Rudy... Aptly named "Psycho Rudy", who was just that... A psychopath. This provided one of the most absurd fights in the show (Rudy and Rudy Too fighting in the bathroom and trying to stab each other with a pair of scissors). It helps that Joe Gilgun is amazing as every Rudy. Overall a great season, IMO.

Season four was the... Step backwards. Even the show's creator admitted it. This was appearently because of some behind-the-scenes drama concerning Lauren Socha and her sudden departure from the show IIRC. The fourth season introduced us to Finn, the buttmonkey, and Jess, the ice/sarcasm queen. Then there was Alex (and that story was so not for me). The quality did go down but Jess and Finn were interesting characters. Jess mostly. Finn was just... Hilariously incompetent at everything he did (Following Nathan's footsteps and living in the Community Centre). This season wasn't bad but it wasn't that good either.

Some sidenotes as the fifth and the last series is halfway through *might contain spoilers*:

- Karla Crome is veeery pretty when she smiles. It came so out of the bushes. I knew she was pretty but during one of the scenes where she actually laughs out loud, I had my first celebrity crush in a loooong time. And I think she's a great actress! Though I don't know much about acting!

- Alex is much better this season. Serving as the 'voice of logic'm he is absolutely hilarious with his deadpan delivery. He actually acknowledged how weird some of the things the Misfits do are.

- Abbey had a great episode but ever since that she has kinda just... been there. Pretty much like Curtis. He was a so-so character but his episodes were great.

- Rudy's womanizing side is starting to show some (a lot of) emotions and Rudy's emotional side is starting to show some self-confidence!
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Mar 11, 2014
Wait what? They made more after season 3? Wow.
Nov 23, 2013
absolutely agree with you about Alex he's really grown on me this season! His deadpan "we kill people....frequently" after Fins rant about the garbage was absolutely brilliant hahaha
Nov 24, 2013
Haha! That was excactly what I was thinking about when I wrote that! That line was delivered perfectly.
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