Season 2 Episode 1

Episode 1

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 11, 2010 on E4
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Kelly, Alisha, Curtis and Simon still grieve over Nathan when the mysterious masked man reappears helps them discover that Nathan is still alive. Back at the community centre, the gang awaits a new probation worker and a shape shifter who causes some troubles for the gang.

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  • Misfits is back! So is Super Hoodie!

    I have nothing negative to say about this episode. All of the characters were on top form and I am so happy it has returned. Nathan is and will always remain my favourite out of the group as he is the strange glue that holds them all together in some ways. The writing for the episode was great and vreated a stable episode which blew me away. I love the question posed by the new series and the fact that they have created someone unique and brand new. I refer to Super Hoodie. Who is he and how does he know about the Misfits? And why is he so obsessed with them?

    I would recommend this anyone and i look foward to what surprises the new season has for us.moreless
  • An excellent return to form, proving there is scope for the raw and bumbling superpowered young offenders...

    This is difficult. I don't want to give anything away. After the individually focussed episodes of the first series and the slow reveal of some of the characters powers, a worry would be that the stories would falter not being able to focus on one individuals abilities.

    This isn't the case, and the action moves along at an entertaining pace, coupled with the much enjoyed Misfits take on the abuse of a staple superpower.

    The introduction of a new antagonist (if they are indeed such) is done with a light touch, involved in the story but not pushing in the viewers face. The writing is as raw as ever, and retains its distinctly British flavour.

    No specific negative I can draw upon, I only give the episode a 9 as I expect great things of the rest of the series.moreless

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    • Featured Music:
      "Echoes" by The Rapture
      "Take My Time/Rifles" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
      "Darlin'" by Richard Hawley
      "Natural's Not In It" by Gang Of Four
      "Lullaby" by The Cure
      "All Come Down" by Steve Mason

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Curtis: Who are they?
      Shaun: It's an art therapy class.
      Alisha: Er, you mean they're mentals?
      Shaun: Do you want to say that a bit louder? I don't think the weird looking one at the back heard you.

    • Shaun: Now, I know this is where I'm supposed to make a big speech about you paying your debt to society and making a difference. But seriously, we've all got things we'd rather be doing. Going to see your mates? A little recreational drug use? Making love to your beautiful Italian girlfriend, yeah? I'm talking about me. Now, let's just get through it and get out of here, all right?

    • Curtis: He's dead.
      Kelly: I heard him. I think he was knocking one out.
      Simon: That does sound like him.

    • Nathan: You should see the looks on your faces. Classic! Hey, guess what? I'm immortal! Can you believe this shit? I told you I had a power. Oh! Looks like they saved the best for last, huh? Immortality. That's off the A list.

    • Nathan: Man, that was a bad scene in there. I thought I was gonna starve to death.
      Curtis: You're immortal, you can't starve to death.
      Nathan: You're an expert, are you?

    • Nathan: So my mum opens the door and she's like, "Argh!" And I'm like, "I'm immortal!" And then she fainted. Face plants on the radiator. There's blood and teeth everywhere.
      Kelly: Is she all right?
      Nathan: Yeah, she is fine. She's fine. Apart from the whole face. Kinda put a downer on the whole thing.

    • Nathan: Can we please stop killing our probation workers?

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